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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, of you."
2.  Then gloom settled heavily upon him. Dantes was a man ofgreat simplicity of thought, and without education; he couldnot, therefore, in the solitude of his dungeon, traverse inmental vision the history of the ages, bring to life thenations that had perished, and rebuild the ancient cities sovast and stupendous in the light of the imagination, andthat pass before the eye glowing with celestial colors inMartin's Babylonian pictures. He could not do this, he whosepast life was so short, whose present so melancholy, and hisfuture so doubtful. Nineteen years of light to reflect uponin eternal darkness! No distraction could come to his aid;his energetic spirit, that would have exalted in thusrevisiting the past, was imprisoned like an eagle in a cage.He clung to one idea -- that of his happiness, destroyed,without apparent cause, by an unheard-of fatality; heconsidered and reconsidered this idea, devoured it (so tospeak), as the implacable Ugolino devours the skull ofArchbishop Roger in the Inferno of Dante.
3.  "To no one."
4.  "I cannot believe it," murmured the banker. Madame Danglarswhispered a few words in the ear of Debray, who approachedMonte Cristo, saying, "The baroness wishes to know what youpaid her husband for the horses."
5.  "Madame," replied Villefort, with a mournful smile, "I havealready had the honor to observe that my father has -- atleast, I hope so -- abjured his past errors, and that he is,at the present moment, a firm and zealous friend to religionand order -- a better royalist, possibly, than his son; forhe has to atone for past dereliction, while I have no otherimpulse than warm, decided preference and conviction."Having made this well-turned speech, Villefort lookedcarefully around to mark the effect of his oratory, much ashe would have done had he been addressing the bench in opencourt.
6.  "And so, in fact, he is," said the owner.


1.  "Come, come, my friend," interrupted the marquise, "do notneglect your duty to linger with us. You are the king'sservant, and must go wherever that service calls you."
2.  The delighted builder then offered his services in providinga suitable crew for the little vessel, but this Dantesdeclined with many thanks, saying he was accustomed tocruise about quite alone, and his principal pleasureconsisted in managing his yacht himself; the only thing thebuilder could oblige him in would be to contrive a sort ofsecret closet in the cabin at his bed's head, the closet tocontain three divisions, so constructed as to be concealedfrom all but himself. The builder cheerfully undertook thecommission, and promised to have these secret placescompleted by the next day, Dantes furnishing the dimensionsand plan in accordance with which they were to beconstructed.
3.  "How can I?"
4.  "Oh, all this is a family history, as Chateau-Renaud toldyou the other day," observed Maximilian. "This humblepicture would have but little interest for you, accustomedas you are to behold the pleasures and the misfortunes ofthe wealthy and industrious; but such as we are, we haveexperienced bitter sorrows."
5.  The two men turned round, and saw Morrel standing at thedoor, pale and terror-stricken. This is what had happened.At the usual time, Morrel had presented himself at thelittle door leading to Noirtier's room. Contrary to custom,the door was open, and having no occasion to ring heentered. He waited for a moment in the hall and called for aservant to conduct him to M. Noirtier; but no one answered,the servants having, as we know, deserted the house. Morrelhad no particular reason for uneasiness; Monte Cristo hadpromised him that Valentine should live, and so far he hadalways fulfilled his word. Every night the count had givenhim news, which was the next morning confirmed by Noirtier.Still this extraordinary silence appeared strange to him,and he called a second and third time; still no answer. Thenhe determined to go up. Noirtier's room was opened, like allthe rest. The first thing he saw was the old man sitting inhis arm-chair in his usual place, but his eyes expressedalarm, which was confirmed by the pallor which overspreadhis features.
6.  "And was he not so?" asked the abbe.


1.  "That is in strict accordance with the Spanish character; anassassination they will unhesitatingly commit, but an act ofcowardice, never."
2.  When Franz had finished reading this account, so dreadfulfor a son; when Valentine, pale with emotion, had wiped awaya tear; when Villefort, trembling, and crouched in a corner,had endeavored to lessen the storm by supplicating glancesat the implacable old man, -- "Sir," said d'Epinay toNoirtier, "since you are well acquainted with all thesedetails, which are attested by honorable signatures, --since you appear to take some interest in me, although youhave only manifested it hitherto by causing me sorrow,refuse me not one final satisfaction -- tell me the name ofthe president of the club, that I may at least know whokilled my father." Villefort mechanically felt for thehandle of the door; Valentine, who understood sooner thananyone her grandfather's answer, and who had often seen twoscars upon his right arm, drew back a few steps."Mademoiselle," said Franz, turning towards Valentine,"unite your efforts with mine to find out the name of theman who made me an orphan at two years of age." Valentineremained dumb and motionless.
3.  "How is King Otho getting on?" asked Albert in the mostsprightly tone. Danglars cast another suspicious looktowards him without answering, and Monte Cristo turned awayto conceal the expression of pity which passed over hisfeatures, but which was gone in a moment. "We shall gotogether, shall we not?" said Albert to the count.
4.  "`The same deadly silence succeeded these words. Then thegeneral advanced, and making a violent effort to control hisfeelings, -- "I have a son," said he, "and I ought to thinkof him, finding myself among assassins."
5.   "And what is that?"
6.  "But," replied Madame Danglars, "the Count of Monte Cristocan know nothing, or he would not seek our society as hedoes."


1.  "It seems that your memory is equally short in everything,Vampa," said the count, "and that not only do you forgetpeople's faces, but also the conditions you make with them."
2.  "No, no, my dear Edmond -- my boy -- my son! -- no; but Idid not expect you; and joy, the surprise of seeing you sosuddenly -- Ah, I feel as if I were going to die."
3.  "I should die; yes, my lord."
4、  "And what is his especial talent?"
5、  "Listen to me, mother, and do not yield too much toagitation." And Albert, rising, kissed his mother on bothcheeks, then stood looking at her. "You cannot imagine,mother, how beautiful I think you!" said the young man,impressed with a profound feeling of filial love. "You are,indeed, the most beautiful and most noble woman I ever saw!"




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      Debray mechanically stopped and looked at the baroness,whose face became covered with blushes. "Read," she said.

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      "Oh, my lord," said she, "why are you writing thus at suchan hour? Why are you bequeathing all your fortune to me? Areyou going to leave me?"

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       "Yes," said Valentine, "he was very fond of me."

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      Monte Cristo was engaged in examining this portrait with noless care than he had bestowed upon the other, when anotherdoor opened, and he found himself opposite to the Count ofMorcerf in person. He was a man of forty to forty-fiveyears, but he seemed at least fifty, and his black mustacheand eyebrows contrasted strangely with his almost whitehair, which was cut short, in the military fashion. He wasdressed in plain clothes, and wore at his button-hole theribbons of the different orders to which he belonged. Heentered with a tolerably dignified step, and some littlehaste. Monte Cristo saw him advance towards him withoutmaking a single step. It seemed as if his feet were rootedto the ground, and his eyes on the Count of Morcerf."Father," said the young man, "I have the honor ofpresenting to you the Count of Monte Cristo, the generousfriend whom I had the good fortune to meet in the criticalsituation of which I have told you."

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    {  "Ah, indeed?" said Monte Cristo.

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      At twelve this man was replaced by another functionary, andDanglars, wishing to catch sight of his new guardian,approached the door again. He was an athletic, giganticbandit, with large eyes, thick lips, and a flat nose; hisred hair fell in dishevelled masses like snakes around hisshoulders. "Ah, ha," cried Danglars, "this fellow is morelike an ogre than anything else; however, I am rather tooold and tough to be very good eating!" We see that Danglarswas collected enough to jest; at the same time, as though todisprove the ogreish propensities, the man took some blackbread, cheese, and onions from his wallet, which he begandevouring voraciously. "May I be hanged," said Danglars,glancing at the bandit's dinner through the crevices of thedoor, -- "may I be hanged if I can understand how people caneat such filth!" and he withdrew to seat himself upon hisgoat-skin, which reminded him of the smell of the brandy.}

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      "Will you not embrace me, sir?" said Andrea.

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      "And you understand what brings me here?"

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       "Yes; I left it in the pantry, because I was called away."

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    {  "In the name of heaven!"

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      He waited silently, striving to pierce through the darkness.