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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'Some little time ago I bought a small place-a very smallplace-within ten miles of Reading. I was fortunate enough todiscover that there was a deposit of fuller's-earth in one of myfields. On examining it, however, I found that this deposit was acomparatively small one, and that it formed a link between two verymuch larger ones upon the right and left-both of them, however, in thegrounds of my neighbours. These good people were absolutely ignorantthat their land contained that which was quite as valuable as agold-mine. Naturally, it was to my interest to buy their land beforethey discovered its true value, but unfortunately I had no capitalby which I could do this. I took a few of my friends into thesecret, however, and they suggested that we should quietly andsecretly work our own little deposit, and that in this way we shouldearn the money which would enable us to buy the neighbouring fields.This we have now been doing for some time, and in order to help usin our operations we erected a hydraulic press. This press, as Ihave already explained, has got out of order, and we wish youradvice upon the subject. We guard our secret very jealously,however, and if it once became known that we had hydraulic engineerscoming to our little house, it would soon rouse inquiry, and then,if the facts came out, it would be good-bye to any chance of gettingthese fields and carrying out our plans. That is why I have made youpromise me that you will not tell a human being that you are goingto Eyford to-night. I hope that I make it all plain?'
2.  "But has this impediment been removed?"
3.  "Then he could not have retreated down the road, and you say thatthere are no side roads?"
4.  "There are the lights of my house," he murmured, pointing to aglimmer among the trees. "And here is the cottage which I am goingto enter."
5.  "What do you want with the coffin? It is in use. There is a bodyin it."
6.  "Too clear!" said Holmes. "That was my miscalculation. It is evidentthat his memory is much more reliable than I had thought. By theway, can we, before we go, see the window of Miss Presbury's room?"Mr. Bennett pushed his way through some shrubs, and we had a view ofthe side of the house.


1.  "Yes," he said in answer to my remark, "you have seen me miss mymark before, Watson. I have all instinct for such things, and yet ithas sometimes played me false. It seemed a certainty when first itflashed across my mind in the cell at Winchester, but one drawbackof an active mind is that one can always conceive alternativeexplanations which would make our scent a false one. And yet- and yet-Well, Watson, we can but try"
2.  1922
3.  "There was one sheet of paper which I may have torn from the manthat I grasped. It was lying all crumpled on the floor. It is in myson's handwriting."
4.  A vague thrill ran through me as I listened to my companion'swords and saw the stern gravity which had hardened his features.This brutal preliminary seemed to shadow forth some strange andinexplicable horror in the background. Lestrade, however, shook hishead like a man who is only half convinced.
5.  "Exactly. Neligan was my father."
6.  "I was wondering, Watson, what on earth could be the object ofthis man in telling us such a rigmarole of lies. I nearly asked himso- for there are times when a brutal frontal attack is the bestpolicy- but I judged it better to let him think he had fooled us. Hereis a man with an English coat frayed at the elbow and trousersbagged at the knee with a year's wear, and yet by this document and byhis own account he is a provincial American lately landed in London.There have, been no advertisements in the agony columns. You know thatI miss nothing there. They are my favourite covert for putting up abird, and I would never have overlooked such a cock pheasant asthat. I never knew a Dr. Lysander Starr, of Topeka. Touch him whereyou would he was false. I think the fellow is really an American,but he has worn his accent smooth with years of London. What is hisgame, then, and what motive lies behind this preposterous search forGarridebs? It's worth our attention, for, granting that the man is arascal, he is certainly a complex and ingenious one. We must nowfind out if our other correspondent is a fraud also. Just ring him up,Watson."


1.  "Ah, that is just what I want to know. And here, I expect, is theman who can tell us."
2.  "So, a rich man? No; you smiled- a rich woman. Now we have got sofar, you may as well give the name and earn the tenner.""I'll see you in hell first."
3.  "The Duke is here," said he. "The Duke and Mr. Wilder are in thestudy. Come, gentlemen, and I will introduce you."
4.  "Oh! a joke, was it? You won't find the laugh on your side, I promiseyou. Take him down, and keep him in the sitting-room until I come. Mr.Holmes," he continued, when they had gone, "I could not speak beforethe constables, but I don't mind saying, in the presence of Dr.Watson, that this is the brightest thing that you have done yet,though it is a mystery to me how you did it. You have saved aninnocent man's life, and you have prevented a very grave scandal,which would have ruined my reputation in the Force."
5.   "We must wire to Mawson's."
6.  "Now, Watson, confess yourself utterly taken aback," said he."I am."


1.  "Well, that is not final- is it? One can understand that a womanplaced in so awful a position might hurry home still in herbewilderment holding the revolver. She might even throw it downamong her clothes, hardly knowing what she was doing, and when itwas found she might try to lie her way out by a total denial, sinceall explanation was impossible. What is against such a supposition?""Miss Dunbar herself."
2.  "We had a dreadful scene. She is a most loving woman, Mr. Holmes. Ifever a woman loved a man with all her heart and soul, she loves me.She was cut to the heart that I should have discovered thishorrible, this incredible, secret. She would not even speak. Shegave no answer to my reproaches, save to gaze at me with a sort ofwild, despairing look in her eyes. Then she rushed to her room andlocked herself in. Since then she has refused to see me. She has amaid who was with her before her marriage, Dolores by name- a friendrather than a servant. She takes her food to her."
3.  "Any silver?"
4、  -THE END-
5、  "I must have a peep through that, Watson. If you bend your backand support yourself upon the wall, I think that I can manage."An instant later, his feet were on my shoulders, but he was hardlyup before he was down again.




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      "This case grows upon me, Watson," said he. "There are decidedlysome points of interest in connection with it. In this early stage,I want you to realize those geographical features which may have agood deal to do with our investigation.

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      "You have probably never heard of Professor Moriarty?" said he."Never."

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       10th. John Swain cleared.

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      "I know which is her room. It is accessible from the top of anouthouse. My suggestion is that you and I go to-night and see if wecan strike at the very heart of the mystery."

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    {  "I cannot believe my eyes!" He ran wildly to the door. "Where ismy wife? I must tell her that all is well. Hilda! Hilda!" we heard hisvoice on the stairs.

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      "A lamb, I should say, or a kid."}

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      "But Mr. Fowler being a persevering man, as a good seaman should be,blockaded the house, and having met you succeeded by certainarguments, metallic or otherwise, in convincing you that yourinterests were the same as his."

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      "All right," said Jones with a stare and a snigger. "Well,would you please, sir, march upstairs, where we can get a cab tocarry your Highness to the police-station?"

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       "That's right. Maybe somebody's behind a curtain. Too manycurtains in this room." As he looked round he suddenly saw for thefirst time the effigy in the window, and stood staring and pointing,too amazed for words.

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    {  "A little patience, Mr. Bennett. Things will soon develop. UnlessI am mistaken, next Tuesday may mark a crisis. Certainly we shall bein Camford on that day. meanwhile, the general position isundeniably unpleasant, and if Miss Presbury can prolong her visit-"That is easy."

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      "'Three passages!' screamed my companion. 'You fool! You unutterablefool!'