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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  What?
2.  Burgher
3.  Who's that, pray?
4.  Joy still must sorrow, sorrow joy attend.
5.  Faust
6.  Is it permitted here with you to sit? Then though good wine is not forthcominghere, Good company at least our hearts will cheer.Altmayer


1.  On German boards, you're well aware, The taste of each may have full sway;Therefore in bringing out your play, Nor scenes nor mechanism spare!Heaven's lamps employ, the greatest and the least, Be lavish of the stellarlights, Water, and fire, and rocky heights, Spare not at all, nor birds, norbeast, Thus let creation's ample sphere Forthwith in this our narrow boothappear, And with considerate speed, through fancy's spell, Journey fromheaven, thence through the world, to hell!
2.  Shall I yield, thing of flame, to thee? Faust, and thine equal, I am he!Spirit
3.  Wedded ones, would ye agree, We court your imitation: Would ye fondlylove as we, We counsel separation.
4.  Woe! Woe! Thou hast destroy'd The beautiful world With violent blow; 'Tisshiver'd! 'tis shatter'd! The fragments abroad by a demigod scatter'd! Nowwe sweep The wrecks into nothingness! Fondly we weep The beauty that'sgone! Thou, 'mongst the sons of earth, Lofty and mighty one, Build it oncemore! In thine own bosom the lost world restore! Now with unclouded senseEnter a new career; Songs shall salute thine ear, Ne'er heard before!Mephistopheles
5.  Faust
6.  Faith! he's a knowing one!


1.  The modest truth I speak to thee. Though folly's microcosm, man, it seems,Himself to be a perfect whole esteems: Part of the part am I, which at the firstwas all, A part of darkness, which gave birth to light, Proud light, who nowhis mother would enthrall, Contesting space and ancient rank with night. Yethe succeedeth not, for struggle as he will, To forms material he adhereth still;From them he streameth, them he maketh fair, And still the progress of hisbeams they check; And so, I trust, when comes the final wreck, Light will, erelong, the doom of matter share.
2.  Mephistopheles
3.  Faust
4.  Broom and pitch - fork, goat and prong, Mounted on these we whirl along;Who vainly strives to climb to - night, Is evermore a luckless wight!Demi - Witch (below)
5.   Mephistopheles
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  (With a gesture.)
2.  Mephistopheles (aside)
3.  (Plucking off the last leaf with fond joy.)
4、  He saw it splashing, drinking, And plunging in the sea; His eyes meanwhilewere sinking, And never again drank he.
5、  I have, alas! Philosophy, Medicine, Jurisprudence too, And to my costTheology, With ardent labour, studied through. And here I stand, with all mylore, Poor fool, no wiser than before. Magister, doctor styled, indeed,Already these ten years I lead, Up, down, across, and to and fro, My pupilsby the nose, - and learn, That we in truth can nothing know! That in my heartlike fire doth burn. 'Tis true I've more cunning than all your dull tribe, Magisterand doctor, priest, parson, and scribe; Scruple or doubt comes not to enthrallme, Neither can devil nor hell now appal me Hence also my heart must allpleasure forego! I may not pretend, aught rightly to know, I may not pretend,through teaching, to find A means to improve or convert mankind. Then Ihave neither goods nor treasure, No worldly honour, rank, or pleasure; Nodog in such fashion would longer live! Therefore myself to magic I give, Inhope, through spirit - voice and might, Secrets now veiled to bring to light,That I no more, with aching brow, Need speak of what I nothing know; ThatI the force may recognise That binds creation's inmost energies; Her vitalpowers, her embryo seeds survey, And fling the trade in empty words away.O full - orb'd moon, did but thy rays Their last upon mine anguish gaze!Beside this desk, at dead of night, Oft have I watched to hail thy light: Then,pensive friend! o'er book and scroll, With soothing power, thy radiance stole!In thy dear light, ah, might I climb, Freely, some mountain height sublime,Round mountain caves with spirits ride, In thy mild haze o'er meadows glide,And, purged from knowledge - fumes, renew My spirit, in thy healing dew!Woe's me! still prison'd in the gloom Of this abhorr'd and musty room! Whereheaven's dear light itself doth pass, But dimly through the painted glass!Hemmed in by volumes thick with dust, Worm - eaten, hid 'neath rust andmould, And to the high vault's topmost bound, A smoke - stained papercompassed round; With boxes round thee piled, and glass, And many auseless instrument, With old ancestral lumber blent This is thy world! a world!alas! And dost thou ask why heaves thy heart, With tighten'd pressure in thybreast? Why the dull ache will not depart, By which thy life - pulse isoppress'd? Instead of nature's living sphere, Created for mankind of old,Brute skeletons surround thee here, And dead men's bones in smoke andmould.




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      Good - morrow, gentlemen!

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      Now forth at once! thou dar'st not rest.

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       And how must I thy services repay?

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    {  Dancer

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       Your are upon the proper track, I find; Take heed, let nothing dissipate yourmind.

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    {  Faust And Margaret: The meeting of Faust and Margaret.]Faust

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      How all unlike the influence of this sign! Earth - spirit, thou to me art nigher,E'en now my strength is rising higher, E'en now I glow as with new wine;Courage I feel, abroad the world to dare, The woe of earth, the bliss of earthto bear, With storms to wrestle, brave the lightning's glare, And mid thecrashing shipwreck not despair.