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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Dangerous, Watson, very dangerous. No, I hardly see them doingthat. Pull up, cabby! This is evidently the undertaker's, for wehave just passed the pawnbroker's. Would you go in, Watson? Yourappearance inspires confidence. Ask what hour the Poultney Squarefuneral takes place to-morrow."
2.  The summons was a brief and urgent one.
3.  Holmes had disappeared.
4.  "As you can imagine, I was utterly taken aback by such an address.My companion was a powerful, broad-shouldered young fellow, and, apartfrom the weapon, I should not have had the slightest chance in astruggle with him.
5.  "'No, no, Jack, for God's sake!' she gasped in uncontrollableemotion. Then, as I approached the door, she seized my sleeve andpulled me back with convulsive strength.
6.  "If he waits a little longer he will get no price at all. The treatywill cease to be secret in a few months."


1.  "Very good. I want to start by the 11:10 from Waterloo.""That would give me time."
2.  "Because it is my desire. Is that not enough?"
3.  "Yes; he was the last to pass me."
4.  "This is not danger,' said he. 'It is inevitable destruction. Youstand in the way not merely of an individual but of a mightyorganization, the full extent of which you, with all yourcleverness, have been unable to realize. You must stand clear, Mr.Holmes, or be trodden under foot.'
5.  "'On the contrary,' I answered, 'I think it is fairly evident that Ido. Pray take a chair. I can spare you five minutes if you haveanything to say.'
6.  "I have another appointment," said I.


1.  "'Then it must be the other way that the thief took,' cried thefellow, tugging at my sleeve.
3.  "'How would fifty guineas for a night's work suit you?' he asked."'Most admirably.'
4.  "Well, well, no offence, Sam. We can't afford to quarrel. Comeover to the window if you want to see the beauty properly. Now hold itto the light! Here!"
5.   "...face bled considerably from the cuts and blows, But it wasnothing to the bleeding of his heart as he saw that lovely face, theface for which he had been prepared to sacrifice his very life,looking out at his agony and humiliation, She smiled- yes, byHeaven! she smiled, like the heartless fiend she was, as he lookedup at her. It was at that moment that love died and hate was born. Manmust live for something. If it is not for your embrace, my lady,then it shall surely be for your undoing and my complete revenge.""Queer grammar!" said Holmes with a smile as he handed the paperback to the inspector. "Did you notice how the 'he' suddenly changedto 'my'? The writer was so carried away by his own story that heimagined himself at the supreme moment to be the hero.
6.  "And then there was another thing. It comes back to me now as Ithink it over. There was some evidence that just at the time thelion roared and the woman screamed, a man began shouting in terror.""This man Ronder, no doubt."


1.  "Certainly it will come out."
2.  "Why did you come to me," he cried, "and, above all, why didyou not come at once?"
3.  "Well, if we can't we can't," said Holmes, cheerfully.
4、  "The knees of his trousers."
5、  "No one else?"




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      "Yes; I shall not feel easy until I have told my story.""Then my servant will call a cab, and I shall be with you in aninstant." I rushed upstairs, explained the matter shortly to mywife, and in five minutes was inside a hansom, driving with my newacquaintance to Baker Street.

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      Holmes sat motionless by the fire, his hands buried deep in histrouser pockets, his chin sunk upon his breast, his eyes fixed uponthe glowing embers. For half an hour he was silent and still. Then,with the gesture of a man who has taken his decision, he sprang to hisfeet and passed into his bedroom. A little later a rakish youngworkman, with a goatee beard and a swagger, lit his clay pipe at thelamp before descending into the street. "I'll be back some time,Watson," said he, and vanished into the night. I understood that hehad opened his campaign against Charles Augustus Milverton, but Ilittle dreamed the strange shape which that campaign was destined totake.

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       "It so happens that I did," I answered with some pride. "Itchanced to be my old school number, thirty-one, and so is stuck inmy head."

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      "I foresaw this situation," I explained, "and I have brought with mea friend whose discretion may absolutely be trusted. I was able onceto do him a professional service, and he is ready to advise as afriend rather than as a specialist. His name is Sir James Saunders."The prospect of an interview with Lord Roberts would not haveexcited greater wonder and pleasure in a raw subaltern than was nowreflected upon the face of Mr. Kent.

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    {  "I should not think so."

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      -THE END-}

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      "I did exactly what you advised."

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      Our acquaintance looked surprised, and then, glancing down, he beganto laugh.

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       "An old-established one?"

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    {  "I would guarantee you against any claim of the sort."

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      "Yes, yes, I am Mr. Nathan Garrideb. Is Mr. Holmes there? I shouldvery much like to have a word with Mr. Holmes."