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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Accordingly, when he arrived, he was disappointed to find Carrieout. He trifled about, hoping that she was somewhere in theneighbourhood and would soon return. He constantly listened,expecting to hear her foot on the stair.
2.  "Any answer?"
3.  The elevator door was open.
4.  "I'm old enough to play poker and do something with it. I'll trymy hand to-night."
5.  "Who's on there?" asked the second officer, referring, of course,to its complement of policemen.
6.  "Just do that. She'll look better there than the woman you'vegot."


1.  "I'm not hungry," she answered.
2.  "Well, that's funny," said Drouet. "He did, you know. It was inall the papers."
3.  "Those that want to go with the show next season," said themanager, "will have to sign this week."
4.  "Oh, isn't that too bad?" said Carrie.
5.  "Oh, I have," said Mrs. Vance. "He's written lots of things.This last story is pretty good."
6.  "I say, Drouet," said Mr. Harry Quincel, an individual who wasvery prominent in this local branch of the Elks, "you're the manthat can help us out."


1.  When she came to her own rooms, Carrie saw their comparativeinsignificance. She was not so dull but that she could perceivethey were but three small rooms in a moderately well-furnishedboarding-house. She was not contrasting it now with what she hadhad, but what she had so recently seen. The glow of the palatialdoors was still in her eye, the roll of cushioned carriages stillin her ears. What, after all, was Drouet? What was she? At herwindow, she thought it over, rocking to and fro, and gazing outacross the lamp-lit park toward the lamp-lit houses on Warren andAshland avenues. She was too wrought up to care to go down toeat, too pensive to do aught but rock and sing. Some old tunescrept to her lips, and, as she sang them, her heart sank. Shelonged and longed and longed. It was now for the old cottageroom in Columbia City, now the mansion upon the Shore Drive, nowthe fine dress of some lady, now the elegance of some scene. Shewas sad beyond measure, and yet uncertain, wishing, fancying.Finally, it seemed as if all her state was one of loneliness andforsakenness, and she could scarce refrain from trembling at thelip. She hummed and hummed as the moments went by, sitting inthe shadow by the window, and was therein as happy, though shedid not perceive it, as she ever would be.
2.  "Out for a little stroll, are you, this evening?"
3.  "Now, I'll tell you what you do," he said, "you go out there andget whatever you want and come away."
4.  "I couldn't help it," he said, "I wanted you too much."
5.   "Will you?" said Carrie.
6.  Hurstwood listened to its progress, wondering when Carrie wouldcome on. He had not long to wait. The author had used theartifice of sending all the merry company for a drive, and nowCarrie came in alone. It was the first time that Hurstwood hadhad a chance to see her facing the audience quite alone, fornowhere else had she been without a foil of some sort. Hesuddenly felt, as she entered, that her old strength--the powerthat had grasped him at the end of the first act--had come back.She seemed to be gaining feeling, now that the play was drawingto a close and the opportunity for great action was passing.


1.  At a corner farther up a man stood by the track and signalled thecar to stop.
2.  "Couldn't you have sent me word?" asked Carrie.
3.  "Well, by foolishness of my own. It isn't anything to talk aboutnow. You could find out if you wanted to. I'm 'broke' now and,if you will believe me, I haven't eaten anything to-day."
4、  "Do you think so?"
5、  The firm in question was Alsbery & Co., whiskey brokers.




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      In the bedroom, off the front room, was Carrie's trunk, bought byDrouet, and in the wardrobe built into the wall quite an array ofclothing--more than she had ever possessed before, and of verybecoming designs. There was a third room for possible use as akitchen, where Drouet had Carrie establish a little portable gasstove for the preparation of small lunches, oysters, Welshrarebits, and the like, of which he was exceedingly fond; and,lastly, a bath. The whole place was cosey, in that it waslighted by gas and heated by furnace registers, possessing also asmall grate, set with an asbestos back, a method of cheerfulwarming which was then first coming into use. By her industryand natural love of order, which now developed, the placemaintained an air pleasing in the extreme.

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      Carrie gazed without exactly getting the import of what he meant.

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       "No?" said Mrs. Hurstwood, inquiringly, and wondering why heshould be using the tone he did in noting the fact that she hadnot been to something she knew nothing about. It was on her lipsto say, "What was it?" when he added, "I saw your husband."

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      "Just think of that!" said Jessica.

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    {  "Jessica must have a new dress this month," said Mrs. Hurstwoodone morning.

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      "It's not so," said Carrie, "and I'm not going with anybody else.You have been as miserable and inconsiderate as you can be. Ihate you, I tell you, and I wouldn't live with you anotherminute. You're a big, insulting"--here she hesitated and used noword at all--"or you wouldn't talk that way."

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      Carrie instantly brightened up, thinking he had meant it as arebuke.

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       He came lightly in, thinking to smooth over any feeling thatmight still exist by a kindly word and a ready promise, but Mrs.Hurstwood said nothing. He seated himself in the large chair,stirred lightly in making himself comfortable, opened his paper,and began to read. In a few moments he was smiling merrily overa very comical account of a baseball game which had taken placebetween the Chicago and Detroit teams.

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    {  "I wish I could travel," said the girl, gazing idly out of thewindow.

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      He pushed her before him at the gate, stood between her and theticket man while the latter punched their tickets, so that shecould not see, and then hurried after.