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1. 接警后,民警通过现场视频资料快速确定嫌疑车辆,12时许便成功将犯罪嫌疑人抓获。
2.   She went quietly round to the back, where the bank rose up; she had an excuse, to see the daffodils.
3.   Villefort rose, or rather sprang, from his chair, hastilyopened one of the drawers of his desk, emptied all the goldit contained into his pocket, stood motionless an instant,his hand pressed to his head, muttered a few inarticulatesounds, and then, perceiving that his servant had placed hiscloak on his shoulders, he sprang into the carriage,ordering the postilions to drive to M. de Saint-Meran's. Thehapless Dantes was doomed.
4. 周梅红通过老苏提供的小宁的QQ号以及密码成功登录,并与其中30名好友一一打招呼:你们见到过小宁吗?有一次,她登录小宁QQ号被强迫下线,再次登录已无法成功。
5.   A faint smile like a sneer came on the man's face. `Nay, yo mun ax 'er,' he replied callously, in broad vernacular.
6.   I am sure Andrea, that you greatly marvell at me, in gracing youwith this solemne and kinde entertainment, and why I should so melt myselfe in sighes and teares, at a man that hath no knowledge of mee, orperhaps, sildome or never heard any speeches of mee: but you shallinstantly receive from mee matter to augment your greater marvaile,meeting heere with your owne Sister, beyond all hope or expectation ineyther of us both. But seeing that Heaven hath beene so gracious tome, to let mee see one of my Brethren before I dye (though gladly Iwould have seene them all) which is some addition of comfort to me,and that which (happily) thou hast never heard before, in plaine andtruest manner, I will reveale unto thee.


1. 2020年~2021年为固元阶段,公司进一步将盈亏平衡点降低至15万辆以下,将销量逐步提升到25万辆的水平,实现稳定的盈利。
2. 孝感不是特例,湖北省另一个地级市——荆门市一家定点医院的医生介绍,荆门市的患者大多是来自武汉市返乡的输入性病例。
3. 由此,你在640亿的增量中想取得100亿的市场份额,比一个原本就是1140亿,但没有增长的市场取得100亿的市场份额要简单得多。
4. 这两年来,他已先后被多达几十名受害者告上了法庭,有些最终未能立案,有些暂时处于搁置状态,有些正由曼哈顿地检署和洛杉矶地检署在分头收集证据,计划立案,还有一些则已经靠钱解决了问题——据传他已经以2500万美元的价格,与三十多位受害人达成了一揽子和解协议。
5. 在我国,不少城市的企业也退出了共享汽车业务。
6.   'From what, then?'


1. Bunning)就危言耸听地说,财政部提出的计划将驱走自由市场,在美国建立社会主义。
2. 日本法院已了结此案,但是美国警方还在持续调查之中
3.   I thought so too; and my self-esteem being wounded by the falsecharge, I answered promptly, 'I never cried for such a thing in mylife: I hate going out in the carriage. I cry because I am miserable.'
4. 冒出这么多梗的原因很简单:企业宣传和推广投入巨大,转化和成交额却低得可怜,运营小伙伴自然要被老板拿来祭旗了。
5. 小虎这事出了以后,他爸(朱海龙)就像变了个人。
6.   "What!"


1.   'You naughty little thing!' she said. 'Why don't you come whenyou are called?'
2. 心理健康,特别是儿童青少年心理健康,已日益成为重大公共卫生问题。
3.   `I hope you care to live?'
4. 民警辗转电话联系到王某的母亲,18日上午,在征得王某父母的同意,民警将王某送上返程的大巴。
5. 那么,什么工具能够帮助你高效远程办公呢?我们关注到,结合疫情防控的社会需求,腾讯文档在春节期间紧急进行了服务升级,不仅上线六类疫情统计模板,更是免费开放会员服务,将同时在线编辑人数提升至200人,帮助大家提升信息收集管理效率的同时,还能保障远程多方高效协作。
6. 一年365天,只有年初一是休息的,年初二鱼摊就开张了。


1.   Then he began grumbling again:
2. 想一想再看
3. 关于中国下一步的道路怎么走,至少笔者现在讲不清。不过,笔者觉得有五个限制,是我们必须面对并努力克服的。

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      Matters proceeding on in this manner, and continuing longer thentheir love-sick passions easily could permit, yet neither being ableto finde out any other meanes of helpe; it fortuned that the King ofThunis promised his daughter in marriage to the King of Granada,whereat she grew exceedingly sorrowfull, perceiving, that not onelyshe should be sent further off, by a large distance of way from herfriend, but also be deprived utterly, of all hope ever to enjoy him.And if she could have devised any meanes, either by secret flight fromher Father, or any way else to further her intention, she would haveadventured it for the Princes sake. Gerbino in like maner bearing ofthis purposed marriage, lived in a hell of torments, consultingoftentimes with his soule, how he might be possessed of her bypower, when she should be sent by Sea to her husband, or privatestealing her away from her Fathers Court before: with these andinfinite other thoughts, was he incessantly afflicted, both day andnight.

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      I lay down in the old little bed in the stern of the boat, and the wind came moaning on across the flat as it had done before. But I could not help fancying, now, that it moaned of those who were gone; and instead of thinking that the sea might rise in the night and float the boat away, I thought of the sea that had risen, since I last heard those sounds, and drowned my happy home. I recollect, as the wind and water began to sound fainter in my ears, putting a short clause into my prayers, petitioning that I might grow up to marry little Em'ly, and so dropping lovingly asleep.

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