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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  disappointment and annoyance.
2.  .
3.  "We met the dog-cart on the road. There was no one in it. We droveback to help the young lady."
4.  "This has been done," said I, examining the wound, "by a veryheavy and sharp instrument."
5.  "Well, well, you did your best," said Holmes as we walked into ourroom. "It's very annoying, though, Watson. I was badly in need of acase, and this looks, from the man's impatience, as if it were ofimportance. Hullo! that's not your pipe on the table. He must haveleft his behind him. A nice old brier with a good long stem of whatthe tobacconists call amber. I wonder how many real ambermouthpieces there are in London? Some people think that a fly in it isa sign. Well, he must have been disturbed in his mind to leave apipe behind him which he evidently values highly."
6.  "One is enough, Lady Hilda. I know of your visit to Eduardo Lucas,of your giving him this document, of your ingenious return to the roomlast night, and of the manner in which you took the letter from thehiding-place under the carpet."


1.  "Tuesday was to-day, and I had meant to meet him to-night."I turned over the paper. "This never came by post. How did you getit?"
2.  "He is below and would wish to see you."
3.  It was a tremendously virile and yet sinister face which wasturned towards us. With the brow of a philosopher above and the jaw ofa sensualist below, the man must have started with great capacitiesfor good or for evil. But one could not look upon his cruel blue eyes,with their drooping, cynical lids, or upon the fierce, aggressive noseand the threatening, deep-lined brow, without reading Nature'splainest danger-signals. He took no heed of any of us, but his eyeswere fixed upon Holmes's face with an expression in which hatred andamazement were equally blended. "You fiend!" he kept on muttering."You clever, clever fiend!"
4.  Holmes led us along the passage with as much certainty as if hehad lived in the house and halted at the open door of the strong-room."Pooh! What an awful smell of paint!" cried the inspector."That was our first clue," said Holmes. "You can thank Dr.Watson's observation for that, though he failed to draw the inference.It set my foot upon the trail. Why should this man at such a time befilling his house with strong odours? Obviously, to cover some othersmell which he wished to conceal- some guilty smell which wouldsuggest suspicions. then came the idea of a room such as you seehere with iron door and shutter- a hermetically sealed room. Put thosetwo facts together, and whither do they lead? I could only determinethat by examining the house myself. I was already certain that thecase was serious, for I had examined the box-office chart at theHaymarket Theatre- another of Dr. Watson's bull's-eyes- andascertained that neither B thirty nor thirty-two of the upper circlehad been occupied that night. Therefore, Amberley had not been tothe theatre, and his alibi fell to the ground. He made a bad slip whenhe allowed my astute friend to notice the number of the seat taken forhis wife. The question now arose how I might be able to examine thehouse. I sent an agent to the most impossible village I could thinkof, and summoned my man to it at such an hour that he could notpossibly get back. To prevent any miscarriage, Dr. Watsonaccompanied him. The good vicar's name I took, of course, out of myCrockford. Do I make it all clear to you?"
5.  "But he had no pipe."
6.  "From this starting-point I proceeded to step, having first takenthe cardinal points by my pocket-compass. Ten steps with each foottook me along parallel with the wall of the house, and again Imarked my spot with a peg. Then I carefully paced off five to the eastand two to the south. It brought me to the very threshold of the olddoor. Two steps to the west meant now that I was to go two pacesdown the stone-flagged passage, and this was the place indicated bythe Ritual.


1.  "We have had some fresh evidence this morning," said Lestrade. "Apassenger who passed Aldgate in an ordinary Metropolitan train about11:40 on Monday night declares that he heard a heavy thud, as of abody striking the line, just before the train reached the station.There was dense fog, however, and nothing could be seen. He made noreport of it at the time. Why, whatever is the matter with Mr.Holmes?"
2.  "It's merely taking your money, for I know that I am right.But I'll have a sovereign on with you, just to teach you not to beobstinate."
3.  "'Come! come!' she cried breathlessly. 'They will be here in amoment. They will see that you are not there. Oh, do not waste theso-precious time, but come!'
4.  "Good-evening. It's a cold night"' said Holmes.
5.   "What is it, then?' I asked, for his manner suggested that it wassome strange creature which he had caged up in my room."It's a new patient," he whispered. "I thought I'd bring him roundmyself; then he couldn't slip away. There he is, all safe and sound. Imust go now, Doctor; I have my duties, just the same as you." Andoff he went, this trusty tout, without even giving me time to thankhim.
6.  "There is the coachman, Macphail."


1.  "To Milverton's housemaid."
2.  "Women of the De Merville type do not act like that. She wouldlove him the more as a disfigured martyr. No, no. It is his moralside, not his physical, which we have to destroy. That book will bringher back to earth- and I know nothing else that could. It is in hisown writing. She cannot get past it."
3.  "Well, sir, it's this lonely, silent house and the queer thing inthe kitchen. Then when you tapped at the window I thought it hadcome again."
4、  "It is very rough, of course, and it only deals with the pointswhich seem to me to be essential. All the rest you will see laterfor yourself. Now, first of all, presuming that the assassin enteredthe house, how did he or she come in? Undoubtedly by the garden pathand the back door, from which there is direct access to the study. Anyother way would have been exceedingly complicated. The escape musthave also been made along that line, for of the two other exits fromthe room one was blocked by Susan as she ran downstairs and theother leads straight to the professor's bedroom. I thereforedirected my attention at once to the garden path, which wassaturated with recent rain, and would certainly show any footmarks."My examination showed me that I was dealing with a cautious andexpert criminal. No footmarks were to be found on the path. Therecould be no question, however, that someone had passed along the grassborder which lines the path, and that he had done so in order to avoidleaving a track. I could not find anything in the nature of a distinctimpression, but the grass was trodden down, and someone hadundoubtedly passed. It could only have been the murderer, sinceneither the gardener nor anyone else had been there that morning,and the rain had only begun during the night."
5、  The European Secretary burst excitedly into the room.




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      "Oh, yes, she will," said Holmes. He scribbled a few lines upon asheet of paper. "You at least have the entree, Watson. Will you havethe goodness to give the lady this note?"

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      "It is, I am afraid, not very encouraging to his supporters,though there are one or two points in it which are suggestive. Youwill find it here, and may read it for yourself."

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       "That is Leonardo," she said.

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      "Yes, I am doing so."

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    {  "One of a pair? Where is the other?"

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      And my words were true, for shortly after eight a hansom dashed upto the door and our friend got out of it. Standing in the window wesaw that his left hand was swathed in a bandage and that his facewas very grim and pale. He entered the house, but it was some littletime before he came upstairs.}

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      "You don't use bars, then?" he asked.

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      "Good heavens!" cried Holmes in amazement. "How did he die?""Perhaps you would care to step in, sir, and see his brother,Colonel Valentine?"

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       It was about ten minutes before we regained our cab and drove backinto Ross, Holmes still carving with him the stone which he had pickedup in the wood.

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    {  "It was a slight, sir, a public slight," said Lord St. Simon,tapping his fingers upon the table.

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      "In the Italian Quarter?"