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1. 未来团队还将继续拓展门店,以及拓展产品品类。
2. 为防止御史府的权力过大,汉武帝于元狩五年(公元前118年)在御史府系统之外设立了丞相司直。丞相司直是由丞相直接领导的监察官员,代表丞相对行政系统的官吏进行监督。丞相司直的秩位比御史中丞高,凡属政府官吏,无论是州郡官,还是中都官,甚至副丞相和皇帝的近臣,都在其监察范围之内。
3.   Very soon two merchants stopped before the pile, and when they had turned it over, one said to the other:
4. 想一想再看
5. We will continue to reform fiscal and tax systems.
6.   "By George, if he knows I'll have it out of him!" cried Lestrade. Hedarted into the hall, and a few moments later his bullying voicesounded from the back room.


1. 总体来看,村里大多数人参与到打牌之中,但是日常生活并没有被打乱。
2. 为了鼓励广大群众参与举报,全国扫黄打非办公室按照《扫黄打非工作举报奖励办法》规定,加大举报奖励力度,及时兑现举报奖金。
3. 至于常程离开联想的原因,联想官方回复称,其长期奋斗在竞争激烈的手机一线,承受了巨大的业务压力,家庭聚少离多。
4. 网友AYGreyson表示沃伦一举手,他们就叫她,而杨安泽举手就会被忽视,另一名网友也写道他未获得任何发言时间,这让人觉得沮丧。
5. A door stood somewhat ajar; it opened into a most attractive bathroom, copiously provided with towels, soap, mirrors, and all such convenient comforts, with indeed our toothbrushes and combs, our notebooks, and thank goodness, our watches--but no clothes.
6.   "Didn't think!" said Carrie, now angered to the core by the man'speculiar attitude. "Of course not. You thought only of whatwould be to your satisfaction. You thought you'd make a toy ofme--a plaything. Well, I'll show you that you won't. I'll havenothing more to do with you at all. You can take your old thingsand keep them," and unfastening a little pin he had given her,she flung it vigorously upon the floor and began to move about asif to gather up the things which belonged to her.


1. 对此,360方面回应称,没有裁员计划,实际上是为了鼓励创新,大胆试错。
2.   Philostratus had no sooner concluded his Novell, and the wholeAssembly laughed Madame thereat: but the Queen gave command toMadame Philomena, that shee should follow next in order; whereuponthus shee began. Worthy Ladies, as Philostratus, by calling to memoriethe name of Maso del Saggio, hath contented you with another merryNovell concerning him: In the same manner must I intreat you, toremember once againe Calandrino and his subtle by a pretty talewhich I meane to tell ow, and in what manner they were revenged onhim, for going to seeke the invisible Stone.
3. 《最高人民法院关于确定民事侵权精神损害赔偿责任若干问题的解释》第三条也规定了死者肖像受法律保护。
4. 湖南金州律师事务所合伙人、律师邢鑫告诉澎湃新闻,根据《治安管理处罚法》规定,若该男子发帖内容与事实不符,比如捏造了租赁两套廉租房等事实,那么他涉嫌散布谣言,扰乱公共秩序,公安机关可以对其处五日以上十日以下行政拘留。
5. 据报道,尼可斯的言论也进一步引发食物对移民经验影响的讨论。
6. 比如352就需要两个边后卫很厉害,攻的时候需要像左右前锋一样,守的时候变成两个边后卫,有这样的材料才能做325这盘菜。


1. 沿着廊子走去蹲伏于薄暗的光线里,承受着微茫的幛子门窗的反射,沉浸在冥想之中。
2.   And all were of the same age, save one; who was advanced in years, though no less gay in demeanour than the rest. While he stood admiring the richness and beauty of the place, and the fairness of the ladies, which had the notable gift of enduring unimpaired till death, the poet was accosted by the old lady, to whom he had to yield himself prisoner; because the ordinance of the isle was, that no man should dwell there; and the ladies' fear of breaking the law was enhanced by the temporary absence of their queen from the realm. Just at this moment the cry was raised that the queen came; all the ladies hastened to meet her; and soon the poet saw her approach -- but in her company his mistress, wearing the same garb, and a seemly knight. All the ladies wondered greatly at this; and the queen explained:
3.   'It's so stupid at home,' she replied, 'and Miss Murdstone is so absurd! She talks such nonsense about its being necessary for the day to be aired, before I come out. Aired!' (She laughed, here, in the most melodious manner.) 'On a Sunday morning, when I don't practise, I must do something. So I told papa last night I must come out. Besides, it's the brightest time of the whole day. Don't you think so?'
4. 据KrASIA报道,除了从JayZ的基金Arrive和SerenaVentures获得资金之外,KopiKenangan还获得了几位知名天使投资人的投资,包括Facebook联合创始人EduardoSaverin,NorthstarGroup联合创始人兼管理合伙人PatrickWaluyo,和Sweetgreen首席执行官JonathanLeman。
5. 狗狗:你不知道我的颜值全靠毛来撑的吗?人家现在一点都不可爱了。
6. "I will beg your pardon for laughing, if it was rude," she said then; "but I won't beg your pardon for thinking."


1. 做号者也有一些群,和同行群一样,主要交流做号的心得,分享收益,以及共享最新的小道信息和平台最新的政策。
2. 自由民主看起来越来越像老年白人帝国主义者的专属俱乐部,已经无法对世界其他地方,甚至对自己国家的青年有任何贡献。华盛顿自诩为自由世界的领导者,但大多数盟友却都是专制独裁的国王(比如沙特阿拉伯的哈立德国王、摩洛哥的哈桑国王和伊朗国王),或是军事独裁者(比如希腊的上校军团、智利的皮诺切特将军、西班牙的弗朗哥将军、韩国的朴正熙将军、巴西的盖泽尔将军)。
3. 郭秋林/摄15岁的小刘(化名)没有想到,刚刚走进高中生活的他竟遭遇噩梦,被同宿舍同学拿刀捅伤。

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      Continuing still in feare of the losses he had sustained bytraffique, and minding never more to imploy his money that way, but tokeep this light vessell, which had holpen him to all his wealth: hecommanded his men to put forth their Oares, and shape,their course forhis owne dwelling. Being aloft in the higher Seas, darke nightover-taking them, and a mighty winde suddainly comming upon them: itnot onely was contrary to their course, but held on with suchimpetuous violence; that the small vessell, being unable to endure it,made to land-ward speedily, and in expectation of a more friendlywind, entred a little port of the Sea, directing up into a smallIsland, and there safely sheltred it selfe. Into the same port whichLandolpho had thus taken for his refuge, entred (soone after) twogreat Carrackes of Genewayes, lately come from Constantinople. Whenthe men in them had espied the small Barke, and lockt up her passagefrom getting forth; understanding the Owners name, and that report hadfamed him to be very rich, they determined (as men evermore addictednaturally, to covet after money and spoile) to make it their owne as aprize at Sea.

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      The Sompnour in his stirrups high he stood, Upon this Friar his hearte was so wood,* *furious That like an aspen leaf he quoke* for ire: *quaked, trembled "Lordings," quoth he, "but one thing I desire; I you beseech, that of your courtesy, Since ye have heard this false Friar lie, As suffer me I may my tale tell This Friar boasteth that he knoweth hell, And, God it wot, that is but little wonder, Friars and fiends be but little asunder. For, pardie, ye have often time heard tell, How that a friar ravish'd was to hell In spirit ones by a visioun, And, as an angel led him up and down, To shew him all the paines that there were, In all the place saw he not a frere; Of other folk he saw enough in woe. Unto the angel spake the friar tho;* *then 'Now, Sir,' quoth he, 'have friars such a grace, That none of them shall come into this place?' 'Yes' quoth the angel; 'many a millioun:' And unto Satanas he led him down. 'And now hath Satanas,' said he, 'a tail Broader than of a carrack<1> is the sail. Hold up thy tail, thou Satanas,' quoth he, 'Shew forth thine erse, and let the friar see Where is the nest of friars in this place.' And *less than half a furlong way of space* *immediately* <2> Right so as bees swarmen out of a hive, Out of the devil's erse there gan to drive A twenty thousand friars *on a rout.* *in a crowd* And throughout hell they swarmed all about, And came again, as fast as they may gon, And in his erse they creeped every one: He clapt his tail again, and lay full still. This friar, when he looked had his fill Upon the torments of that sorry place, His spirit God restored of his grace Into his body again, and he awoke; But natheless for feare yet he quoke, So was the devil's erse aye in his mind; That is his heritage, *of very kind* *by his very nature* God save you alle, save this cursed Frere; My prologue will I end in this mannere.

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