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1. 城云利用区块链的数据不可篡改的特点,实现危化品全链条监管和溯源,极大提升城市安全水平,具有很强的社会意义。
2. 据《重庆晨报》报道,经调查后,荣昌警方于4月29日以危害公共安全的罪名逮捕了周某。
3. 艾森豪威尔结束欧洲战事讲话的第二天,即当年的5月9日,按照杜鲁门的指令,旨在处理原子弹事务的最高权利结构“临时委员会”成立。随后,旨在选择轰击日本目标的“目标委员会”成立。
4.   'I have no cause to do otherwise than like him; and I believe he isconsidered a just and liberal landlord by his tenants: but he hasnever lived much amongst them.'
5. 令人唏嘘的是,就在该消息发布后的当天就收到了网友保护好身体,不要熬夜的叮嘱。
6. 去年11月30日北京初雪,故宫角楼一夜之间白了头,一片银装素裹,捎来多少人久等的欢悦。


1. 一是立法层面,在刑事诉讼法里面,对取保候审的条件规定不是特别明确,这导致公检法机关在具体操作中对标准的把握有所不同。
2. 目前,事故具体原因,还在进一步调查中。
3. 开庭半小时后,一名自称陇东公司职员的男子赶到法庭,其虽未出示任何委托手续,但法庭仍同意其以陇东公司委托人身份参加庭审。
4. 而其中25%已经关门大吉,只有4.17%的创业公司成功筹资。
5. Common 和 Day 将会演绎电影《马歇尔》中的歌曲《Stand Up For Something》还有Settle会演唱电影《马戏之王》中的歌曲《Thisis me》。
6.   "No, I use your generosity, that's all. But be of good cheer;with certain people, everything comes round."


1.   Proceeding on still, even to the highest part of the Citie, heeespyed a Lanthorne and light, as also a man carrying it, and anotherman with him in company, both of them comming towards him. Now,because he suspected them two of the watch, or some persons that wouldapprehend him., he stept aside to shunne them, and entred into an oldehouse hard by at hand. The other mens intention was to the very sameplace; and going in, without any knowledge of Andreaes beeing there,one of them layde downe divers instruments of Iron which he hadbrought thither on his backe, and had much talke with his fellowconcerning those Engines. At last one of them saide; I smell themost abhominable stinke that ever I felt in all my life. So, liftingup the Lanthorn, he espied poore pittifull Andrea, closely couchedbehinde the wall. Which sight somewhat affrighting him, he yetboldly demaunded, what and who he was? Whereto Andrea answerednothing, but lay still and held his peace. Neerer they drew towardshim with their light, demanding how hee came thither, and in thatfilthy manner.
2. 而近半个月来,他们并没有投放药物。
3. Sara nodded.
4. 政府(实际上是共产党的领导者)作出种种基本的决定,如某项特定的计划是应全力以赴生产武器还是建立重工业,是应全力以赴生产更多的消费品还是减少粮食作物以增加工业作物。国家计划委员会以这些方针为指导,动手处理源源不断地汇集到总部的大量统计资料。苏联所有的组织——不论是农业、工业、军事还是文化组织——部必须依法向国家计划委员会提供有关资源和经营的具体资料。大量资料先由一批受过高度训练的统计学家、经济学家和技术专家进行处理,由他们进而制订出临时的五年计划。在经过评议和听取有关组织的不同建议之后,再起草制定最后的计划。这些五年计划中的第一个虽然与现在由计算机制定的计划相比非常原始,但也有三大卷,达1600页之多,其中包括的表格和统计资料涉及到重工业、轻工业、金融、合作社、农业、运输、通讯、劳力、工资、学校、文学、公共卫生和社会保险等各方面。
5. Krishna说:我很高兴、也很荣幸地当选IBM下任首席执行官,并感谢Ginni和董事会对我的信心。
6.   Jacques Three, with his usual craving on him, and evidently disappointed by the dialogue taking a turn that did not seem to promise bloodshed, held by Defarge's arm as he held by the turnkey's. Their three heads had been close together during this brief discourse, and it had been as much as they could do to hear one another, even then: so tremendous was the noise of the living ocean, in its irruption into the Fortress, and its inundation of the courts and passages and staircases. All around outside, too, it beat the walls with a deep, hoarse roar, from which, occasionally, some partial shouts of tumult broke and leaped into the air like spray.


1. 她在今天出院后,将由铜川市委、市政府安排专人照顾生活起居
2. 据戴振光透露,这部分业务目前已经有明显增幅,其中体温监测模块已经卖爆。
3.   (Mephistopheles enters.)
4.   Then Dolius put out both his hands and went up to Ulysses. "Sir,"said he, seizing his master's hand and kissing it at the wrist, "wehave long been wishing you home: and now heaven has restored you to usafter we had given up hoping. All hail, therefore, and may the godsprosper you. But tell me, does Penelope already know of your return,or shall we send some one to tell her?"
5. 本来已经不抱啥希望的红杉资本,忙不迭地又投了300万美金A轮。
6. 2、博主与内容生产者生命周期和创意的枯竭之间的矛盾博主或者内容生产者还写不写得动


1. 到家两分钟后,程兆东接到女朋友邓佳电话,她在电话里说找不到我,一再问我在哪,我知道她喝醉了,就告诉她,让她别动,我去找她。
2. 2016年的政治动荡——英国退欧和唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)当选美国总统——是民主的胜利还是对民主的威胁?民主政体必须对合法的抱怨做出回应。
3. "`Dear Sara must come into the drawing room and talk to Mrs. Musgrave about India,'" mimicked Lavinia, in her most highly flavored imitation of Miss Minchin. "`Dear Sara must speak French to Lady Pitkin. Her accent is so perfect.' She didn't learn her French at the Seminary, at any rate. And there's nothing so clever in her knowing it. She says herself she didn't learn it at all. She just picked it up, because she always heard her papa speak it. And, as to her papa, there is nothing so grand in being an Indian officer."

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