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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Was he so sweet, then?"
2.  "No, monsieur, be satisfied; nobody saw her," replied D'Artagnan,and he related to M. de Treville how the affair came to pass."Oh, the women, the women!" cried the old soldier. "I know themby their romantic imagination. Everything that savors of mysterycharms them. So you have seen the arm, that was all. You wouldmeet the queen, and she would not know who you are?""No; but thanks to this diamond," replied the young man."Listen," said M. de Treville; "shall I give you counsel, goodcounsel, the counsel of a friend?"
3.  Felton took advantage of this moment, and plunged the knife into hisside up to the handle.
4.  Do not depend upon me, madame, for the next meeting. Sincemy convalescence I have so many affairs of this kind on myhands that I am forced to regulate them a little. When yourturn comes, I shall have the honor to inform you of it. Ikiss your hands.
5.  "No high-sounding words! Let us sit down and chat quietly, asbrother and sister ought to do."
6.  "And me, too!" said D'Artagnan.


1.  Porthos had discovered the means, the diamond.
2.  "Boisrenard."
3.  "The complexion of our fortune has changed very much since I sawyou, Madam Bonacieux, and I should not be astonished if in thecourse of a few months it were to excite the envy of many folks.""Yes, particularly if you follow the instructions I am about togive you."
4.  The reader hushed herself instantly. All the ladies rose, andthere was a profound silence. As to the king, he made nodemonstration of politeness, only stopping before the queen."Madame," said he, "you are about to receive a visit from thechancellor, who will communicate certain matters to you withwhich I have charged him."
5.  "And you forget one thing."
6.  The cavalier made a movement as if to follow the carriage;but D'Artagnan, whose anger, already excited, was muchincreased by recognizing in him the Englishman of Amiens whohad won his horse and had been very near winning his diamondof Athos, caught at his bridle and stopped him.


1.  "But there are four against you; leave off, I command you.""Ah, if you command me, that's another thing," said Bicarat. "Asyou are my commander, it is my duty to obey." And springingbackward, he broke his sword across his knee to avoid thenecessity of surrendering it, threw the pieces over the conventwall, and crossed him arms, whistling a cardinalist air.Bravery is always respected, even in an enemy. The Musketeerssaluted Bicarat with their swords, and returned them to theirsheaths. D'Artagnan did the same. Then, assisted by Bicarat,the only one left standing, he bore Jussac, Cahusac, and one ofAramis's adversaries who was only wounded, under the porch of theconvent. The fourth, as we have said, was dead. They then rangthe bell, and carrying away four swords out of five, they tooktheir road, intoxicated with joy, toward the hotel of M. deTreville.
2.  "Hold, hold, hold!" said Athos, wit his quiet tone; "that throwof the dice is extraordinary. I have not seen such a one fourtimes in my life. Two aces!"
3.  "Yes, that you sent me."
4.  She turned upon him, no longer like a furious woman, butlike a wounded panther.
5.   At this appeal D'Artagnan drew Kitty quietly away, andslipped into the chamber.
6.  "What is it, then?"


1.  "Ah, PARDIEU! Is that you?" said Porthos to D'Artagnan. "Youare right welcome. Excuse my not coming to meet you; but," addedhe, looking at D'Artagnan with a certain degree of uneasiness,"you know what has happened to me?"
2.  "You? When were you here?"
3.  And she flew to a little inlaid casket which stood upon thedressing table, opened it with a feverish and tremblingband, drew from it a small poniard, with a golden haft and asharp thin blade, and then threw herself with a bound uponD'Artagnan.
4、  "We believe like Mohammedans, and are as mute as tombstones,"said Athos.
5、  "Oh, ours is a theological quarrel," replied Aramis, making asign to D'Artagnan to keep secret the cause of their duel.Athos indeed saw a second smile on the lips of D'Artagnan."Indeed?" said Athos.




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      Athos divided them into three groups, assumed the command ofone, gave the second to Aramis, and the third to Porthos;and then each group went and took their watch near anentrance.

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      When this crisis was past, when Milady appeared to have resumedher self-possession, which she had never lost; when Felton hadseen her recover with the veil of chastity those treasures oflove which were only concealed from him to make him desire themthe more ardently, he said, "Ah, now! I have only one thing toask of you; that is, the name of your true executioner. For tome there is but one; the other was an instrument, that was all.""What, brother!" cried Milady, "must I name him again? Have younot yet divined who he is?"

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       "Monsieur d'Artagnan," said Athos, "what is the penalty you demandagainst this woman?"

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      "That is to say," stammered Milady, "I am not really very intimate withany of them. I know them from having heard one of their friends,Monsieur d'Artagnan, say a great deal about them.""You know Monsieur d'Artagnan!" cried the novice, in her turn seizingthe hands of Milady and devouring her with her eyes.Then remarking the strange expression of Milady's countenance, she said,"Pardon me, madame; you know him by what title?"

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    {  D'Artagnan tried with his sweetest smile to touch his lipsto Milady's, but she evaded him.

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      Scarcely had he descended the first stair, when a hand of ironseized him by the belt and stopped him.}

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      "De Wardes; I know it," cried D'Artagnan.

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      "Well, madame," said Porthos, "if he owed you more than fivecrowns, your horsedealer is a thief."

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       "Thanks, my brave friend!" cried Milady; "and when shall Ibe avenged?"

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    {  "My Lord, yes; it is possible that the influence of the place,the charm of the beautiful evening, the fascination of yourlook--the thousand circumstances, in short, which sometimes uniteto destroy a woman--were grouped around me on that fatal evening;but, my Lord, you saw the queen come to the aid of the woman whofaltered. At the first word you dared to utter, at the firstfreedom to which I had to reply, I called for help.""Yes, yes, that is true. And any other love but mine would havesunk beneath this ordeal; but my love came out from it moreardent and more eternal. You believed that you would fly from meby returning to Paris; you believed that I would not dare to quitthe treasure over which my master had charged me to watch. Whatto me were all the treasures in the world, or all the kings ofthe earth! Eight days after, I was back again, madame. Thattime you had nothing to say to me; I had risked my life and favorto see you but for a second. I did not even touch your hand, andyou pardoned me on seeing me so submissive and so repentant.""Yes, but calumny seized upon all those follies in which I tookno part, as you well know, my Lord. The king, excited by thecardinal, made a terrible clamor. Madame de Vernet was drivenfrom me, Putange was exiled, Madame de Chevreuse fell intodisgrace, and when you wished to come back as ambassador toFrance, the king himself--remember, my lord--the king himselfopposed to it."

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      "I am the son of him who served in the Religious Wars underthe great King Henry, the father of his gracious Majesty.""That is well. It is you who set out seven or eight monthsago from your country to seek your fortune in the capital?""Yes, monseigneur."