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1.   And she answer'd; "Let be thine arguing, For Love will not counterpleaded be <30> In right nor wrong, and learne that of me; Thou hast thy grace, and hold thee right thereto. Now will I say what penance thou shalt do For thy trespass;* and understand it here: *offence Thou shalt, while that thou livest, year by year, The moste partie of thy time spend In making of a glorious Legend Of Goode Women, maidenes and wives, That were true in loving all their lives; And tell of false men that them betray, That all their life do naught but assay How many women they may do a shame; For in your world that is now *held a game.* *considered a sport* And though thou like not a lover be, <31> Speak well of love; this penance give I thee. And to the God of Love I shall so pray, That he shall charge his servants, by any way, To further thee, and well thy labour quite:* *requite Go now thy way, thy penance is but lite. And, when this book ye make, give it the queen On my behalf, at Eltham, or at Sheen."
2. 去年我们进入到深圳这个城市,他们告诉我们深圳没有大学生干这个活儿的。
3. 孩子可以哄,工作不能哄。
4. 同一种疾病,不同患者的康复结果可能大相径庭,患者不能主观上认为疾病一定会治好,只要治不好就是医生的责任。
5. 总说老太太有事了,谁都别想活。
6. 获得N95认证的呼吸器对于非油性颗粒物的过滤效率不低于95%,口罩上必须标注NIOSH和N95字样。


1.   "And have you never tried to understand them?"
2.   He crossed the court, ran up the two flights to Athos'sapartment, and knocked at the door enough to break it down.Grimaud came, rubbing his half-open eyes, to answer thisnoisy summons, and D'Artagnan sprang with such violence intothe room as nearly to overturn the astonished lackey.In spite of his habitual silence, the poor lad this timefound his speech.
3. 关于租值消散及其中的谬误,是下一章的话题。但谬误归谬误,收入享受权若不被界定为私有,会有使用权公用的效果,是对的。上文引用的最后一段——以股份界定私有产权——是重要的。我将会在谈转让权时再分析。这里的要点,是私有产权必须包括有清楚界定的私人收入享受权。这观点还有另一些重要的变化。
4. 这涉及到横向行业、品类维度的划分,和纵向的商家头部、腰部、尾部的分层。
5. 展开全文因此,企业在给产品功能进行定位时应主推一个主要功能。
6. 第一节:庇古的分析


1.   "The boy's, then?"
2.   The two girls, therefore, were from an early age not the least daunted by either art or ideal politics. It was their natural atmosphere. They were at once cosmopolitan and provincial, with the cosmopolitan provincialism of art that goes with pure social ideals.
3.   When daylight dawned I went down again. My first visit wasto the thicket. I hoped to find some traces which hadescaped me in the darkness. I had turned up the earth over asurface of more than twenty feet square, and a depth of twofeet. A laborer would not have done in a day what occupiedme an hour. But I could find nothing -- absolutely nothing.Then I renewed the search. Supposing it had been thrownaside, it would probably be on the path which led to thelittle gate; but this examination was as useless as thefirst, and with a bursting heart I returned to the thicket,which now contained no hope for me."
4. 长沙市2019年政府工作报告称,反炒房攻坚战取得阶段性胜利,持续保持房价洼地优势。
5. 为防止意外,他第一时间奔赴女子所在的小区。
6.   `I don't know that you "never will."'


1. 但是亚马逊合作的运输公司并不都提供门到门的送货服务。
2.   Albert de Morcerf.
3. 也有人来了灵魂一问:自己有过这么多钱吗?看来,花钱时的感觉有一个词可以形容,那就是痛快。
4. 信是这样写的:兹奉告先生知晓,欢迎先生到苏联来,我们将尽一切努力,使先生和先生的家庭有一安身之处。现在,我们已具备从事科学工作的一切必要条件。信是他的俄国朋友彼得·卡皮查写来的。
5. 早在2013年,通惠国际传媒广场在建时,便曾被周边居民投诉,存在竣工后的建筑上加盖的情况,后被朝阳市规划局确定为违建。
6.   "I stayed there for seven years and got together much money amongthe Egyptians, for they all gave me something; but when it was nowgoing on for eight years there came a certain Phoenician, a cunningrascal, who had already committed all sorts of villainy, and thisman talked me over into going with him to Phoenicia, where his houseand his possessions lay. I stayed there for a whole twelve months, butat the end of that time when months and days had gone by till the sameseason had come round again, he set me on board a ship bound forLibya, on a pretence that I was to take a cargo along with him to thatplace, but really that he might sell me as a slave and take themoney I fetched. I suspected his intention, but went on board withhim, for I could not help it.


1.   Possibly at home, but of a certainty impossible for hand-maid to anticipate intentions of Miss Pross, as to admission or denial of the fact.
2.   The Mistresse understanding now apparantly, the full effect of thewhole businesse, and in what manner it had bene carried, revealed tothe Maide her husbands speeches, concerning the glasse of sleepieWater, which was the onely engine of all this trouble, clearlyacquitting Ruggiero of the robbery, howsoever (in desparate fury,and to make an end of a life so contemptible) he had wrongfullyaccused himselfe. And notwithstanding this his hard fortune, whichhath made him much more infamous then before, in all the dissolutebehaviour of his life: yet it could not quaile her affection towardshim; but being loath he should dye for some other mans offence, andhoping his future reformation; she fell on her knees before herMistresse, and (drowned in her teares) most earnestly entreated her,to advise her with some such happy course, as might be the safety ofpoore Ruggieroes life. Mistresse Doctor, affecting her Maidedearely, and plainely perceiving, that no disastrous fortunewhatsoever, could alter her love to condemned Ruggiero; hoping thebest hereafter, as the Maide her selfe did, and willing to save liferather then suffer it to be lost without just cause, she directedher in such discreet manner, as you will better conceive by thesuccesse.
3.   Villefort interrupted him; he had neither listened norheard. "Oh, I will find it," he cried; "you may pretend heis not here, but I will find him, though I dig forever!"Monte Cristo drew back in horror. "Oh," he said, "he ismad!" And as though he feared that the walls of the accursedhouse would crumble around him, he rushed into the street,for the first time doubting whether he had the right to doas he had done. "Oh, enough of this, -- enough of this," hecried; "let me save the last." On entering his house, he metMorrel, who wandered about like a ghost awaiting theheavenly mandate for return to the tomb. "Prepare yourself,Maximilian," he said with a smile; "we leave Paristo-morrow."

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