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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The tenth of your income -- that would be fine work."
2.  "Yanina?"
3.  "You see some one pays me a visit. Ah, my dear sir, you willsee whether a Cavalcanti is to be treated like a commonperson!" And Andrea, gliding through the court like a blackshadow, rushed out through the wicket, leaving his comrades,and even the keeper, lost in wonder. Certainly a call to thevisitors' room had scarcely astonished Andrea less thanthemselves, for the wily youth, instead of making use of hisprivilege of waiting to be claimed on his entry into LaForce, had maintained a rigid silence. "Everything," hesaid, "proves me to be under the protection of some powerfulperson, -- this sudden fortune, the facility with which Ihave overcome all obstacles, an unexpected family and anillustrious name awarded to me, gold showered down upon me,and the most splendid alliances about to be entered into. Anunhappy lapse of fortune and the absence of my protectorhave cast me down, certainly, but not forever. The handwhich has retreated for a while will be again stretchedforth to save me at the very moment when I shall thinkmyself sinking into the abyss. Why should I risk animprudent step? It might alienate my protector. He has twomeans of extricating me from this dilemma, -- the one by amysterious escape, managed through bribery; the other bybuying off my judges with gold. I will say and do nothinguntil I am convinced that he has quite abandoned me, andthen" --
4.  "He was there."
5.  "No matter! I could never agree to it."
6.  "Oh, M. de Morcerf," interrupted Morrel.


1.  "No, on my honor," said Maximilian; "but that will notaffect you. You have done your duty, and your consciencewill be at rest." Valentine fell on her knees, and pressedher almost bursting heart. "Maximilian," said she,"Maximilian, my friend, my brother on earth, my true husbandin heaven, I entreat you, do as I do, live in suffering;perhaps we may one day be united."
2.  "Ah, true," said Debray, "you did fight some time ago; aboutwhat?"
3.  "Yes, no doubt, but improved upon by ours. What is the useof time, rewards of merit, medals, crosses, Monthyon prizes,if they do not lead society towards more completeperfection? Yet man will never be perfect until he learns tocreate and destroy; he does know how to destroy, and that ishalf the battle."
4.  "In that box."
5.  "Nothing new; You have an hour; or To-morrow."
6.  This time Franz could contain himself no longer, but sank,half fainting, into a seat. Albert, with his eyes closed,was standing grasping the window-curtains. The count waserect and triumphant, like the Avenging Angel!


1.  "Then I saw that they took me for the assassin. I recoveredforce and energy enough to free myself from the hands ofthose who held me, while I managed to stammer forth -- `Idid not do it! Indeed, indeed I did not!' A couple ofgendarmes held the muzzles of their carbines against mybreast. -- `Stir but a step,' said they, `and you are a deadman.' -- `Why should you threaten me with death,' cried I,`when I have already declared my innocence?' -- `Tush,tush,' cried the men; `keep your innocent stories to tell tothe judge at Nimes. Meanwhile, come along with us; and thebest advice we can give you is to do so unresistingly.'Alas, resistance was far from my thoughts. I was utterlyoverpowered by surprise and terror; and without a word Isuffered myself to be handcuffed and tied to a horse's tail,and thus they took me to Nimes.
2.  "Ah," said Monte Cristo "the evening of the 3d of June,1829. Go on."
3.  "Oh," said Danglars, "I can, when circumstances render itdesirable, adopt your system, although it may not be mygeneral practice. I will therefore proceed. I have proposedto you to marry, not for your sake, for indeed I did notthink of you in the least at the moment (you admire candor,and will now be satisfied, I hope); but because it suited meto marry you as soon as possible, on account of certaincommercial speculations I am desirous of entering into."Eugenie became uneasy.
4.  "Well!" resumed the Catalan, as he saw the final glimmer ofCaderousse's reason vanishing before the last glass of wine.
5.   "On the contrary, I esteem them, but will not have them."
6.  "What precaution?"


1.  An instant after, the boat, rowed by two men, advancedrapidly towards him. Dantes let go of the timber, which henow thought to be useless, and swam vigorously to meet them.But he had reckoned too much upon his strength, and then herealized how serviceable the timber had been to him. Hisarms became stiff, his legs lost their flexibility, and hewas almost breathless.
2.  "It is quite frightful, but deeply interesting," said theyoung lady, motionless with attention. "I thought, I mustconfess, that these tales, were inventions of the MiddleAges."
3.  Mercedes let them fall, and sighed. A magnificent peach washanging against an adjoining wall, ripened by the sameartificial heat. Mercedes drew near, and plucked the fruit."Take this peach, then," she said. The count again refused."What, again?" she exclaimed, in so plaintive an accent thatit seemed to stifle a sob; "really, you pain me."
4、  "And what I have suffered," said the young girl, "you shallnever know, my lord." Monte Cristo smiled. "By my father'stomb," said he, extending his hand over the head of theyoung girl, "I swear to you, Haidee, that if any misfortunehappens, it will not be to me."
5、  "Monsieur," replied the banker, drawing himself up with ahaughty air, "the extent of my resources has never yet beenquestioned."




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      "So that what we presumed to be merely the betrothal feastturns out to be the actual wedding dinner!" said Danglars.

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      "No, take it away; I can see in the dark."

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       "No," replied Andrea, dryly, "no, I cannot."

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      "But have you not come from Auteuil here?"

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    {  "Oh, that goes for nothing," said Gaetano. "If you can guessthe position of the island in the darkness, you will seethat the fire cannot be seen from the side or from Pianosa,but only from the sea."

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      "Why," said Dantes, "if in two or three days you hail anyfishing-boat, desire them to come here to me. I will paytwenty-five piastres for my passage back to Leghorn. If youdo not come across one, return for me." The patron shook hishead.}

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      "Monsieur Morrel!" exclaimed a voice on the stairs. --"Monsieur Morrel!"

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      "And after dinner?"

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       "Prophets of evil are not in favor at the court, father."

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    {  Having given this vent to his ill-humor, the baron becamemore calm; Mademoiselle Danglars had that morning requestedan interview with her father, and had fixed on the gildeddrawing-room as the spot. The singularity of this step, andabove all its formality, had not a little surprised thebanker, who had immediately obeyed his daughter by repairingfirst to the drawing-room. Etienne soon returned from hiserrand. "Mademoiselle's lady's maid says, sir, thatmademoiselle is finishing her toilette, and will be hereshortly."

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      "Sir," said Villefort, "upon my word, you overcome me. Ireally never heard a person speak as you do."