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1. 不过,今天大年三十,对中国人来说意义特别,考虑到实际情况,公司准备晚上7点后,让本地员工回家团年,外地的员工,公司会组织大家一起吃团年饭。
2.   'Madam,' he pursued, 'I have a Master to serve whose kingdom is notof this world: my mission is to mortify in these girls the lusts ofthe flesh; to teach them to clothe themselves with shame-facedness andsobriety, not with braided hair and costly apparel; and each of theyoung persons before us has a string of hair twisted in plaits whichvanity itself might have woven; these, I repeat, must be cut off;think of the time wasted, of-'
3.   这样的学习和教育是否只是流于形式?该校高一(5)班与小刘、小张同寝室的学生介绍:小刘可能平时比较喜欢开玩笑,我们都觉得没什么的。
4. 这是我的梦想,也是我的追求,所以,用不着这么客气。
5. 而且,看完并没有头疼。
6.   'You have a kind aunt and cousins.'


1.   'Where is God? What is God?'
2.   "A lesson?"
3. "Neither do I--to speak the truth," admitted Sara, frankly. "But I suppose there MIGHT be good in things, even if we don't see it. There MIGHT>"--DOUBTFULLY--"B good in Miss Minchin."
4. 但一旦熟悉了之后,若宫正子感觉自己进入了崭新的世界。
5. 3.《初恋50次》
6. 匹兹堡大学的研究小组从来自皮肤的干细胞培养出MCPs,一种可以作为心血管组织驱动器的特殊细胞。他们把这些细胞放在一种可以维持老鼠心脏的3-D支架上。在20天内,新的心脏开始以每分钟40~50次的速率搏动。


1. 点击进入专题:四川内江市资中县附近发生5.2级地震。
2. The booming Internet economy now is playing an increasingly important role in supporting wealth growth in China's IT industry.
3. 比如抢票软件不会承诺购买加速包后一定能够抢到票,而往往会根据消费等级,许诺不同的抢票成功概率,总之充钱越多几率越大。
4.   Connie guessed, however, that her father had said something, and that something was in Clifford's mind. She knew that he didn't mind whether she were demi-vierge or demi-monde, so long as he didn't absolutely know, and wasn't made to see. What the eye doesn't see and the mind doesn't know, doesn't exist.
5. 美国对加拿大人生活的影响至少可以说给人以深刻印象。不应该有任何这样的想法:干涉所有加拿大人接受美国影响的自由。文化交流本身是极好的。它们扩大了消费者的选择范围,刺激了生产者的竞争。但不能否认,如果来自一个国家的物资其数量大得不成比例,那也许会窒息而不是激发我们的创造力;而且,如果没有任何比较标准、只是消极地接受,那还有可能削弱批判能力。我们现在正花费数百万元来维护一个国家的独立,而这种独立如果没有生气勃勃、颇有特色的文化生活,将只是一个空壳子。
6. 面向B端,携程的酒店管理系统E-booking已支持6种语言,携程酒店大学也在迅速出海,向外国酒店老板学员讲解中国游客喜好、培训中国市场消费习惯,提供软性服务。


1.   A loud thudding noise came from somewhere downstairs. "That isMrs. Toller in the cellar," said she. "Her husband lies snoring on thekitchen rug. Here are his keys, which are the duplicates of Mr.Rucastle's."
2. 清明节4月4日苹果新品发布会新ipad将在太空船发布宜:缅怀经典,同时借助苹果新品发布会做借势营销。
3.   Faust
4.   'What do I deduce from this?' Mrs. Micawber went on to say, still with the same air of putting a case lucidly. 'What is the conclusion, my dear Mr. Copperfield, to which I am irresistibly brought? Am I wrong in saying, it is clear that we must live?'
5.   Which mortall tongue or thought, what ere it be
6. 最高人民法院、最高人民检察院《关于办理利用信息网络实施诽谤等刑事案件适用法律若干问题的解释》第6条规定,以在信息网络上发布、删除等方式处理网络信息为由,威胁、要挟他人,索要公私财物,数额较大,或者多次实施上述行为的,以敲诈勒索罪定罪处罚。


1. 阿什莉的律师斯科特·费曼向法官请求允许她在家拘禁,以便可以去家附近的肿瘤医院接受治疗。
2. 这为埃隆·马斯克赢得了一大笔丰厚的回报。
3. 不设围墙的开放式空间布局,也惠及周边企业和居民。

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