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1.   "Instead of being ruined, my good sir, you will find that yourreputation has been enormously enhanced. Just make a few alterationsin that report which you were writing, and they will understand howhard it is to throw dust in the eyes of Inspector Lestrade.""And you don't want your name to appear?"
2. 英国之所以能率先打开中国的大门,是因为它在印度拥有强大的基地,并控制着诸海洋。英国强行挑起争端的主要目的是要除去中国设在经商道路上的无数障碍。不应忘记,英国人到19世纪中叶几乎已开始相信有一种在世界各地经商的神圣权力,并认为一些政府禁止自己的国家自由贸易是不合自然规律、应受谴责的。
3.   `Oh, but I do think we honestly like one another,' said Hammond.
4. 发热门诊和隔离病房则是一天三班倒,工作8小时,休息16小时。
5. 美国市场研究机构IDC最新发布的《中国金融云解决方案市场跟踪研究》报告首次对中国金融云服务进行了排名,前三名分别为阿里巴巴、中科软和腾讯,较晚入场的百度金融云增速最快,目前排名第四,已跻身金融云解决方案领域头部玩家。
6. 赵魁同时还发现,2013年4月5日赵父已经去世,可是在客户综合查询单上仍体现其在2013年5月17日和2013年12月2日在被告处仍有业务往来。


1. 工业和信息化部部长苗圩在开幕式上透露,目前,中国的5G网络基站已经建设了11.3万个,预计年底将达到13万个。
2. 但出门的时候要注意要戴好口罩,人和人之间建议保持一米左右的距离。
3. 2007年4月19日,湖南投资发布业绩预告公告,预计2007年第一季度业绩净利润约为1.7亿元,较上年同期增长500%以上。
4.   "Yes, that is true, reverend sir."
5. 来源可能就是捕风捉影的一张图,可能是贴吧某个粉丝的帖子或者微博上某个用户的吐槽,然后就根据这张图闭着眼去杜撰想象,瞎编几段文字,比如明星离婚了,怀孕了,出轨了……这些永远是娱乐版块的热词。
6. 艾玛对这样的言论一笑了之,幸福如人饮水,冷暖自知。


1.   Mr. Cruncher did not assist at the closing sports, hut had remained behind in the churchyard, to confer and condole with the undertakers. The place had a soothing influence on him. He procured a pipe from a neighbouring public house, and smoked it, looking in at the railings and maturely considering the spot.
2. 第二次投资的生产率提高[表XXIV]。
3. 工业革命还引起对供给机器用的原料的需要。这些原料——黄麻、橡胶、石油和各种金属——的大部分来自世界“未开化的”地区。在多数情况下,要充分地生产这些物品,就需要有大量的资本支出。这种投资如我们已知道的那样,通常导致政治控制的强加。
4. 过去多年间,供应链金融受新技术的影响相对较小,一方面,企业相关数据量规模较小,难以实现基于数据的一些应用。
5. 这些因素都造成氦气难以大量收集。
6. 第一财经保留追究侵权者法律责任的权利


1. 点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情实时更新|武汉新型肺炎全国疫情地图。
2. 董浩现场接受新京报记者采访时表示,十分心痛,赵忠祥这辈子在主持界做的贡献无人能及,有这么多观众喜欢他一生足矣。
3.   But, among all the rest by him thus warily noted, he most observedtwo Painters, of whom we have heeretofore twice discoursed, Brunoand Buffalmaco, who walked continually together, and were his neeredwelling neighbors. The matter which most of al he noted in them, was;that they lived merrily, and with much lesse care, then any else inthe Cittie beside, and verily they did so in deede. Wherefore, hedemanded of divers persons, who had good understanding of them both,of what estate and condition they were. And hearing by every one, thatthey were but poore men and Painters: he greatly mervailed, how itcould be possible for them, that they should live so jocondly, andin such poverty. It was related to him further beside, that theywere men of a quicke and ingenious apprehension, whereby heepolitikely imagined, that theyr poore condition could not so wellmaintaine them; without some courses else, albeit not publiquelyknowne unto men, yet redounding to their great commoditie and profite.In which regard, he grew exceeding desirous, by what meanes he mightbecome acquainted, and grow into familiarity with them both, or any ofthem, at the least: wherein (at the length) he prevailed, and Brunoproved to be the man.
4. 天猫目前也已经没有了乐视官方旗舰店,仅存的线上官方旗舰店只剩Letv超级电视京东自营旗舰店。
5. 魏先生一家7日在办理退房手续时,被要求缴纳5万日元罚款作为房间清洁费用,但魏先生拒绝缴纳,并联络了懂日语的朋友与酒店方面在电话中交涉。
6. 2019年6月,更是完成了高达6.34亿人民币的A轮融资。


1. 对于电商运营人员来说,通过综合分析各个区域的数据,掌握用户的需求和关注度,及时调整优化广告位,使其实现最大价值,这也是提升销量最有效的途径。
2. "When I am telling it," she would say, "it doesn't seem as if it was only made up. It seems more real than you are--more real than the schoolroom. I feel as if I were all the people in the story-- one after the other. It is queer."
3.   Genial egotist that he was, he went at once into a detailedaccount of his own career.

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