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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It all seems very unchanged, Billy. You don't change, either. Ihope the same can be said of him?"
2.  "This is where they came through," said he, pointing to the marks ofseveral feet upon the muddy path. "Halloa! Stop a minute! Who's thisin the bush?"
3.  I don't think that any of my adventures with Mr. Sherlock Holmesopened quite so abruptly, or so dramatically, as that which Iassociate with The Three Gables. I had not seen Holmes for some daysand had no idea of the new channel into which his activities hadbeen directed. He was in a chatty mood that morning, however, andhad just settled me into the well-worn low armchair on one side of thefire, while he had curled down with his pipe in his mouth upon theopposite chair, when our visitor arrived. If I had said that a madbull had arrived it would give a clearer impression of what occurred.The door had flown open and a huge negro had burst into the room. Hewould have been a comic figure if he had not been terrific, for he wasdressed in a very loud gray check suit with a flowing
4.  "Well, well, you may see for yourself. If not, there's no harm done.Of course, we always have the optician clue to fall back upon, but Itake a short cut when I can get it. Ah, here is the good Mrs.Marker! Let us enjoy five minutes of instructive conversation withher."
5.  "Thank you for this information," said he. "May I see your father ifI call tomorrow?"
6.  "Well, I don't like it, but I suppose it must be," said I. "Whendo we start?"


1.  The quick eye of my companion had noted some change in her manner.She coloured and hesitated.
2.  I had never seen my friend's face so grim or his brow so dark asit was when we turned from the scene of this investigation. We hadwalked several times up and down the lawn, neither Miss Stoner normyself liking to break in upon his thoughts before he roused himselffrom his reverie.
3.  "You will observe," said Holmes, laying down the volume, "thatthe sudden breaking up of the society was coincident with thedisappearance of Openshaw from America with their papers. It maywell have been cause and effect. It is no wonder that he and hisfamily have some of the more implacable spirits upon their track.You can understand that this register and diary may implicate someof the first men in the South, and that there may be many who willnot sleep easy at night until it is recovered."
4.  "Well, well," said Holmes, "well talk about it when we've hadsomething to eat."
5.  "Extremely so. I congratulate you warmly."
6.  No, Mr. Holmes had no desire to see him, but would be glad to knowmore about his record and character.


1.  "No, my dear fellow- in my way."
2.  "He said too much."
3.  "Because I knew it was nowhere else."
4.  "You can take my word that she is innocent."
5.   The colonel waved his hand towards my friend, and the inspectorbowed.
6.  We scrambled from rock to rock, until in a few moments we had madeour way to a point from which we could see the front door of theinn. Wilder's bicycle was leaning against the wall beside it. No onewas moving about the house, nor could we catch a glimpse of anyfaces at the windows. Slowly the twilight crept down as the sun sankbehind the high towers of Holdernesse Hall. Then, in the gloom, we sawthe two side-lamps of a trap light up in the stable-yard of the inn,and shortly afterwards heard the rattle of hoofs, as it wheeled outinto the road and tore off at a furious pace in the direction ofChesterfield.


1.  "I can make neither head nor tail of it."
2.  "Possibly."
3.  "My dear Watson," said a voice, "you have not even condescended tosay good-morning.'
4、  "For God's sake, what do you think, Mr. Holmes? It may be a mereintellectual puzzle to you, but it is life and death to me! My wifea would-be murderer- my child in constant danger! Don't play withme, Mr. Holmes. It is too terribly serious."
5、  During the first week of July, my friend had been absent so oftenand so long from our lodgings that I knew he had something on hand.The fact that several rough-looking men called during that time andinquired for Captain Basil made me understand that Holmes wasworking somewhere under one of the numerous disguises and names withwhich he concealed his own formidable identity. He had at least fivesmall refuges in different parts of London, in which he was able tochange his personality. He said nothing of his business to me, andit was not my habit to force a confidence. The first positive signwhich he gave me of the direction which his investigation was takingwas an extraordinary one. He had gone out before breakfast, and Ihad sat down to mine when he strode into the room, his hat upon hishead and a huge barbed-headed spear tucked like an umbrella underhis arm.




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      "`What do you call purely nominal?'

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      "You understand the rest, then?"

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       "Nothing, as things turned out, but everything had they gone anotherway. That is how I read the matter."

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      "Not so, Watson. It had struck me even at my first perfunctoryreading as very strange, and now that I am in closer touch with thecase it is my only firm ground for hope. We must look for consistency.Where there is a want of it we must suspect deception.""I hardly follow you."

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    {  "I am a dying man," said old Turner. "I have had diabetes for years.My doctor says it is a question whether I shall live a month. Yet Iwould rather die under my own roof than in a jail."

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      "Do you mean to say that anyone holding these three papers, andwithout the seven others, could construct a Bruce-Partingtonsubmarine?"}

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      "There was no man, sir."

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      "We have known for some time that a clever gang was at work," saidthe inspector. "They have been turning out half-crowns by thethousand. We even traced them as far as Reading, but could get nofarther, for they had covered their traces in a way that showed thatthey were very old hands. But now, thanks to this lucky chance, Ithink that we have got them right enough."

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       "Well, yes. Save, perhaps, that. And yet this John Openshawseems to me to be walking amid even greater perils than did theSholtos."

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    {  "Perfectly so."

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      "Which proves, of course, that the book was dropped after thecrime was committed."