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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Fine. But aren't you a success! Dear, oh! All the paperstalking about you. I should think you would be just too proud tobreathe. I was almost afraid to come back here this afternoon."
2.  "What of it?" he said, angering. "I didn't know she was coming,did I?"
3.  Carrie was delighted. She began to feel that she had a place inthe world. People recognised ability.
4.  "It must be if you envy her so much," put in Hurstwood.
5.  "Is your wife at home?" she inquired.
6.  "Oh a million or more," said Hurstwood.


1.  "It's hell these days, ain't it?" said the man. "A poor manain't nowhere. You could starve, by God, right in the streets,and there ain't most no one would help you."
2.  "There doesn't seem to be any place. Shaughnessy doesn't wantto."
3.  Her words were not convincing at all. They were the result of afeeble thought that something ought to be said. He paid noattention to them whatever.
4.  A light appeared through the transom overhead. It sent a thrillof possibility through the watchers. There was a murmur ofrecognition. At last the bars grated inside and the crowdpricked up its ears. Footsteps shuffled within and it murmuredagain. Some one called: "Slow up there, now," and then the dooropened. It was push and jam for a minute, with grim, beastsilence to prove its quality, and then it melted inward, likelogs floating, and disappeared. There were wet hats and wetshoulders, a cold, shrunken, disgruntled mass, pouring in betweenbleak walls. It was just six o'clock and there was supper inevery hurrying pedestrian's face. And yet no supper was providedhere--nothing but beds.
5.  "No; frown," he said. "Frown as you did before."
6.  "Isn't your name Mason?" asked the manager.


1.  "Let's go over and look at the jackets," he said.
2.  Once in the sunlit street, with labourers tramping by in eitherdirection, the horse-cars passing crowded to the rails with thesmall clerks and floor help in the great wholesale houses, andmen and women generally coming out of doors and passing about theneighbourhood, Carrie felt slightly reassured. In the sunshineof the morning, beneath the wide, blue heavens, with a fresh windastir, what fears, except the most desperate, can find aharbourage? In the night, or the gloomy chambers of the day,fears and misgivings wax strong, but out in the sunlight thereis, for a time, cessation even of the terror of death.
3.  Hurstwood, warmed and excited, gazed steadily ahead. It was anastonishing experience for him. He had read of these things, butthe reality seemed something altogether new. He was no coward inspirit. The fact that he had suffered this much now ratheroperated to arouse a stolid determination to stick it out. Hedid not recur in thought to New York or the flat. This one tripseemed a consuming thing.
4.  Chapter XXI
5.   Chapter XXIV
6.  At about that hour, Minnie was soundly sleeping, after a longevening of troubled thought. She had her elbow in an awkwardposition under her side. The muscles so held irritated a fewnerves, and now a vague scene floated in on the drowsy mind. Shefancied she and Carrie were somewhere beside an old coal-mine.She could see the tall runway and the heap of earth and coal castout. There was a deep pit, into which they were looking; theycould see the curious wet stones far down where the walldisappeared in vague shadows. An old basket, used fordescending, was hanging there, fastened by a worn rope.


1.  "Just think of that!" said Jessica.
2.  "They cut me," he said, foolishly, fishing for his handkerchief.
3.  Carrie looked into her pretty face, with its large blue eyes, andsaw little beads of moisture.
4、  When Drouet came the next night, she was very much satisfied withher day's study.
5、  "I don't know what you are talking about," said Carrie. Could itbe he would refer so rudely to Hurstwood's flight with her?




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      Now, when Carrie heard Drouet's laudatory opinion of her dramaticability, her body tingled with satisfaction. Like the flamewhich welds the loosened particles into a solid mass, his wordsunited those floating wisps of feeling which she had felt, butnever believed, concerning her possible ability, and made theminto a gaudy shred of hope. Like all human beings, she had atouch of vanity. She felt that she could do things if she onlyhad a chance. How often had she looked at the well-dressedactresses on the stage and wondered how she would look, howdelightful she would feel if only she were in their place. Theglamour, the tense situation, the fine clothes, the applause,these had lured her until she felt that she, too, could act--thatshe, too, could compel acknowledgment of power. Now she was toldthat she really could--that little things she had done about thehouse had made even him feel her power. It was a delightfulsensation while it lasted.

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      "Why don't you get yourself one of those nice serge skirtsthey're selling at Lord & Taylor's?" she said one day. "They'rethe circular style, and they're going to be worn from now on. Adark blue one would look so nice on you."

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       "They've never published my picture."

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      A half block away, a small girl gazed at him.

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    {  "Say, she was a little dandy, I tell you," went on Drouetconfidentially, and trying to impress his friend.

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      They walked north on Wabash to Adams Street and then west. Thelights in the stores were already shining out in gushes of goldenhue. The arc lights were sputtering overhead, and high up werethe lighted windows of the tall office buildings. The chill windwhipped in and out in gusty breaths. Homeward bound, the sixo'clock throng bumped and jostled. Light overcoats were turned upabout the ears, hats were pulled down. Little shop-girls wentfluttering by in pairs and fours, chattering, laughing. It was aspectacle of warm-blooded humanity.}

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      Below stairs, he halted in the lobby to look for a barber shop.For the moment, he was in fine feather. His recent victory overCarrie seemed to atone for much he had endured during the lastfew days. Life seemed worth fighting for. This eastward flightfrom all things customary and attached seemed as if it might havehappiness in store. The storm showed a rainbow at the end ofwhich might be a pot of gold.

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       "It's lovely out to-day," she remarked.

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    {  Carrie came away wearily, somewhat more abashed for her pains.

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      "He couldn't hurt you," she returned. "You might have some funwith him."