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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, my dear father!" exclaimed Andrea, evidently charmedwith the idea of his speedy departure.
2.  "Yes. Really I like him extremely; is there not also amatrimonial engagement contemplated for him?"
3.  "`"Excuse me, gentlemen," said the general; "you may notacknowledge Louis XVIII., but I do, as he has made me abaron and a field-marshal, and I shall never forget that forthese two titles I am indebted to his happy return toFrance."
4.  "I have already told you," answered the abbe, "that I loathethe idea of shedding blood."
5.  "If my unknown be as amiable as she is beautiful," saidAlbert, "I shall fix myself at Rome for six weeks, at least.I adore Rome, and I have always had a great taste forarchaeology."
6.  "Here, I have brought mine with me," replied Albert.


1.  "Because, for instance, you noticed on the evening of theball we gave, that M. de Monte Cristo would eat nothing inour house." Mercedes raised herself on her feverish arm. "M.de Monte Cristo!" she exclaimed; "and how is he connectedwith the question you asked me?"
2.  "I!" said Caderousse, astonished; "who told you I wasthere?"
3.  "I am, sir," said the king, much agitated; "and recently wehave had information that the Bonapartist clubs have hadmeetings in the Rue Saint-Jacques. But proceed, I beg ofyou. How did you obtain these details?"
4.  "Haidee had remained until the close of the meeting. Sheheard the count's sentence pronounced without betraying anexpression of joy or pity; then drawing her veil over herface she bowed majestically to the councillors, and leftwith that dignified step which Virgil attributes to hisgoddesses."
5.  "You are decidedly right, and we may reach the Palazzo bytwo o'clock. Signor Luigi," continued Albert, "is there anyformality to fulfil before I take leave of your excellency?"
6.  "Yes, but not against a strong dose; the poison will bechanged, and the quantity increased." He took the glass andraised it to his lips. "It is already done," he said;"brucine is no longer employed, but a simple narcotic! I canrecognize the flavor of the alcohol in which it has beendissolved. If you had taken what Madame de Villefort haspoured into your glass, Valentine -- Valentine -- you wouldhave been doomed!"


1.  "Come -- you understand me; but that with" --
2.  "You are convinced now, Edmond, are you not?" asked theabbe. "Depend upon it, I know what I say. Since the firstattack I experienced of this malady, I have continuallyreflected on it. Indeed, I expected it, for it is a familyinheritance; both my father and grandfather died of it in athird attack. The physician who prepared for me the remedy Ihave twice successfully taken, was no other than thecelebrated Cabanis, and he predicted a similar end for me."
3.  "I will offer myself as floor-polisher."
4.  "It is well. Adieu, mademoiselle. Continue to be the good,sweet girl you are at present, and I have great hopes thatheaven will reward you by giving you Emmanuel for ahusband."
5.   "So much the worse."
6.  "You are lucky; I wish I could say as much, for I do concealmyself; and then I was afraid you would not recognize me,but you did," added Caderousse with his unpleasant smile."It was very polite of you."


1.  "Well, well," said Andrea, "that isn't a bad idea."
2.  "Then," said Morrel, "I understand it all, and this scenewas premeditated."
3.  "However, your excellency," said Andrea, "in considerationof Lord Wilmore, by whom I was recommended to you -- "
4、  "That night a memorable event occurred, due, no doubt, tothe imprudence of some servant who had neglected toextinguish the lights. The Villa of San-Felice took fire inthe rooms adjoining the very apartment of the lovelyCarmela. Awakened in the night by the light of the flames,she sprang out of bed, wrapped herself in a dressing-gown,and attempted to escape by the door, but the corridor bywhich she hoped to fly was already a prey to the flames. Shethen returned to her room, calling for help as loudly as shecould, when suddenly her window, which was twenty feet fromthe ground, was opened, a young peasant jumped into thechamber, seized her in his arms, and with superhuman skilland strength conveyed her to the turf of the grass-plot,where she fainted. When she recovered, her father was by herside. All the servants surrounded her, offering herassistance. An entire wing of the villa was burnt down; butwhat of that, as long as Carmela was safe and uninjured? Herpreserver was everywhere sought for, but he did not appear;he was inquired after, but no one had seen him. Carmela wasgreatly troubled that she had not recognized him. As thecount was immensely rich, excepting the danger Carmela hadrun, -- and the marvellous manner in which she had escaped,made that appear to him rather a favor of providence than areal misfortune, -- the loss occasioned by the conflagrationwas to him but a trifle.
5、  "Up to this point," said Faria, interrupting the thread ofhis narrative, "this seems to you very meaningless, nodoubt, eh?"




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      "I shall stay here for a few days longer; we must accustomourselves to parting. I want recommendations and someinformation relative to Africa. I will join you again atMarseilles."

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      "Do you then love me?"

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       "And scratches himself for amusement," added the king.

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      "Am I to accompany you, your excellency?" cried Bertuccio.

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    {  "The certificate of your marriage with Oliva Corsinari, andthe register of your child's birth."

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      "Well, go on." Signor Pastrini turned toward Franz, whoseemed to him the more reasonable of the two; we must do himjustice, -- he had had a great many Frenchmen in his house,but had never been able to comprehend them. "Excellency,"said he gravely, addressing Franz, "if you look upon me as aliar, it is useless for me to say anything; it was for yourinterest I" --}

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      "The story begins in 1815."

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      "What is it, sir?"

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       "To make a lunatic asylum of it, similar to that founded bythe Count of Pisani at Palermo. Do you know about thatinstitution?"

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    {  "He burnt the sole evidence that could at all havecriminated me."

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      "Aw?" said Lord Wilmore, with that tone which is only knownto natives of Great Britain.