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1.   'Has it other furniture of the same kind within?'
2. 俗乐是宴会之乐,流行音乐,皇室贵族吏民宴乐时常在宅院、广场上演奏这种乐舞,旨在娱乐。乐人往往是生活在社会底层的倡优、女乐,乐器虽时有钟、磐,但以管弦乐器为主,其舞蹈腾跳杂乱,表演轻松活泼。
3. 新氧将在2020年再扶持百位优秀青年医生达成百万收入,具体的扶持方式有口碑管理、粉丝运营、技术提升和托管服务等。
4.   "What are you doing?" asked Milady, with surprise."Pass your arms around my neck, and fear nothing.""But I shall make you lose your balance, and we shall both bedashed to pieces."
5.   'For shame! for shame!' cried the lady's-maid. 'What shockingconduct, Miss Eyre, to strike a young gentleman, your benefactress'sson! Your young master.'
6.   "You may place considerable confidence in Mr. Holmes, sir,"said the police agent loftily. "He has his own little methods,which are, if he won't mind my saying so, just a little tootheoretical and fantastic, but he has the makings of a detectivein him. It is not too much to say that once or twice, as in thatbusiness of the Sholto murder and the Agra treasure, he has beenmore nearly correct than the official force."


1.   And more pleasant to me, by many fold, Than meat, or drink, or any other thing; Thereto the arbour was so fresh and cold, The wholesome savours eke so comforting, That, as I deemed, since the beginning Of the world was [there] never seen *ere than* *before then* So pleasant a ground of none earthly man.
2. 研究护肤品成分的同时,如何让这些成分更好被皮肤吸收成了另一个研究方向。
3. 目前,刑事拘留犯罪嫌疑人26人,行政拘留违法嫌疑人45人,罚款、训诫30余人。
4. 经鉴定,纪某身体损伤构成十级伤残,后期康复费用需1万元左右。
5.   He whom we mourned as dead, Living and glorious, From the dark gravehath fled, O'er death victorious; Almost creative bliss Waits on his growingpowers; Ah! Him on earth we miss; Sorrow and grief are ours. Yearning heleft his own, Mid sore annoy; Ah! we must needs bemoan. Master, thy joy!Chorus of Angels
6. 但是,梁山泊的农民起义军,在宋江降宋后,仍然继续战斗。一一二一年,主持“括公田”的大宦宫杨戬死,宦官李彦继任其事。李彦将梁山泊租税收归西城所,又对蒲、鱼、荷、荧等行业“日计月课”榨取重税,致使“泊旁之人。无所衣食”。当地农民纷纷参加起义反抗。一一二四年蔡居厚知郓州,曾诱杀梁山泊起义农民五百人,说明农民军的战斗仍在激烈的进行。渔民张荣领导的起义军,聚集梁山泊,形成一支有船数百只的水军,坚持战斗,到金朝南侵时,又向女真奴隶主发动攻击。金朝统治河北后,梁山泊仍然是起义农民的据点。


1. 但直到奇绩创坛出现,我们才认为是真正把YC模式带到了中国。
2. 基于1月-9月的数据,一线城市已经达到了5000元。
3. I know he could not have been hungry; we had found plenty to eat and had not been sparing in helping ourselves. But they seemed somewhat impressed; and after a murmured consultation they produced from their pockets certain little packages, and with the utmost ease and accuracy tossed them into our hands.
4. 该报告指出,代理商和投资机构的涌入导致世界第二大经济体的增长方式和平台发生了额外的变化。小米科技公司的投资人和创始人雷军、360董事长周鸿祎、中国首富王健林等众多互联网大咖都大力支持流媒体的网络直播,这强烈表明了投资网红经济的巨大利润。
5. 但是切入点小是一个相对的概念,好小切入点能够包含潜在的大市场,并能够规划出打通大市场的路径。
6.   In the spell of fine weather Clifford, too, decided to go to the wood. The wind was cold, but not so tiresome, and the sunshine was like life itself, warm and full.


1. 晚上她的丈夫打电话通知她,孩子不在了。
2. 工作人员刚想问刘成现金还是刷卡,一转眼他跑得影都没了,比《功夫》里被包租婆追杀的周星驰还快。
3.   Mr. Wickfield thought I could. After a little discussion, he proposed to take my aunt to the school, that she might see it and judge for herself; also, to take her, with the same object, to two or three houses where he thought I could be boarded. My aunt embracing the proposal, we were all three going out together, when he stopped and said:
4. 办案民警告诉澎湃新闻(www.thepaper.cn),团伙成员间为快速转卖发票,建立了网上平台,每日发布购需信息。
5. 注:图中为不完全汇总从内容角度来看,经典老片自带的意义和情怀本就无需多言,经过世间的洗涤甚至印刷于教科书之上的传颂,显然自带光环,且近年来在内地院线重映的影片此前大多因客观因素未曾在大陆公映。
6. 视频来源:信阳消防官方微博。


1. 比如线上约会出现后,紧接着就出现了多个“抄袭”版本:基督教约会,穆斯林约会等等。
2. 唐朝长安,居民住在规划齐整的坊内,商业活动只限于东西两市。五代至宋,东京逐渐繁盛,不再有坊市之间的严格区分。九六五年,宋太祖诏令开封府三鼓以前的夜市不禁。商业贸易活动也放宽了时间的限制。相同行业的店铺多集中在邻近。如潘楼街南,多是真珠匹帛香药铺席。界身巷是金银彩帛交易之所,屋宇雄壮,门面广阔。据说“每一交易,动即千万”。潘楼酒店下,买卖衣物书画珍玩。东去十字街有竹竿市。马行街北,多医官药铺。东西两巷,是大小货行,手工业作坊。十字大街,每五更点灯,天明即散,叫做“鬼市”。马行街北至新封丘门大街,两边民户、铺席、诸班直军营相对。晚间有夜市至三更,到五更又再开张。“耍闹去处,通晓不绝”。
3. 《非有先生论》也是一篇优秀的散文赋。赋中开始先虚构非有先生仕于吴,进不称往古以厉主意,退不能扬君美以显其功,默然无言者三年矣.于是吴王问难他:盖怀能而不见,是不忠也;见而不行,主不明也。意者寡人殆不明乎?经一再启发,非有先生才极其感慨地回答:于戏!可乎哉?可乎哉?谈何容易!接着就以谈何容易为中心,引经据典,借古讽今,指陈邪主之行固足畏,如果不遇明王圣主,志士仁人则不想被杀戮,就须避世以全身。全文纵横捭阖,气充辞沛。在艺术风格上与《答客难》明显有别,不以嬉笑怒骂的尖利讽刺见长,而更加表现出深味仕途艰难的感慨。结尾所展示的吴王听后俯而深惟,仰而泣下文颐,痛下革弊的决心,三年之后出现海内晏然,天下大洽的太平盛况,实际是集中阐发了东方朔一生的政治理想。此赋写于武帝晚年已经国事日非,皇皇大汉无可挽回地由极盛渐入衰微之时,所以倍显沉重而耐人寻味。故而,班固称赞:朔之文辞,此二篇最善。(2)董仲舒及司马迁董仲舒(公元前179?-前104年?),广川(今河北省枣强县东北)

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      It was in the year '95 that a combination of events, into which Ineed not enter, caused Mr. Sherlock Holmes and myself to spend someweeks in one of our great university towns, and it was during thistime that the small but instructive adventure which I am about torelate befell us. It will be obvious that any details which would helpthe reader exactly to identify the college or the criminal would beinjudicious and offensive. So painful a scandal may well be allowed todie out. With due discretion the incident itself may, however, bedescribed, since it serves to illustrate some of those qualities forwhich my friend was remarkable. I will endeavour, in my statement,to avoid such terms as would serve to limit the events to anyparticular place, or give a clue as to the people concerned.We were residing at the time in furnished lodgings close to alibrary where Sherlock Holmes was pursuing some laborious researchesin early English charters- researches which led to results so strikingthat they may be the subject of one of my future narratives. Here itwas that one evening we received a visit from an acquaintance, Mr.Hilton Soames, tutor and lecturer at the College of St. Luke's. Mr.Soames was a tall, spare man, of a nervous and excitabletemperament. I had always known him to be restless in his manner,but on this particular occasion he was in such a state ofuncontrollable agitation that it was clear something very unusualhad occurred.

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      He scrutinised the reverse of these living medals some fiveminutes, then pronounced sentence. These words fell like the knellof doom-

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