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1. 淘宝直播、快手、B站在2019年用直播带货模产生了许多大流量主播。
2. 品牌获取医生资源,主要是给予医生某品牌认证医生的标签,或是向医生提供系统的培训课程。
3. Even Terry grew interested in this work. "If we can keep this up, they'll be having us lecture to all the girls' schools and colleges-- how about that?" he suggested to us. "Don't know as I'd object to being an Authority to such audiences."
4. 用户增长与变现孰轻孰重?黄峥在财报会议上表示,三季度,拼多多活跃买家年度平均消费额达到1566.7元,这是一个非常健康的数字,而其一线城市的活跃买家年度平均消费额则超过了5000元
5.   "That is to say, excellency," replied Pastrini, who wasdesirous of keeping up the dignity of the capital of theChristian world in the eyes of his guest, "that there are nocarriages to be had from Sunday to Tuesday evening, but fromnow till Sunday you can have fifty if you please."
6. 维稳:社税改革步步惊心经历2018年社保税征的步步惊心之后,2019年政府不断释放降费减负的信息。


1. 现场发现6人死亡,死者为屋主区某夫妇、一儿两女和区某母亲。
2. 几十年来,0.12秒始终是奥运会上最微弱的差距。当埃尔跪下致谢,并亲吻跑道的时候,拉加特向他表示祝贺。拉加特稍后表示:"我心满意足了。我实力很强,但今天他比我更加强大。"埃尔绕场致敬,在听到扩音器传来左巴之舞的音乐时,他停下脚步跟着节奏跳起愉悦的舞蹈。此外,他接听了来自摩洛哥国王穆罕默德六世的贺电。之后,他说,他的力量来自于刚出生两个月的女儿西巴(Hiba)。但这两个月来,他仅仅看过女儿三次。
3.   "If you insist upon it I will do it," answered the dervish, "but you must remember what I told you just now--that if it touches your right eye you will become blind on the spot."
4. 失败的商人?沱沱曾说:我不想做一个以画画为生的人,这样我就会对自己热爱的东西厌倦了。
5.   "But of what sort?"
6. 但实际上我们每个科室基本上都管了病毒肺的病人,所以医护人员有一大批感染的。


1. 这是因为90后从观念上对医美没有抵触,有意愿用科技改善面貌。
2.   Several years ago I was much struck with a remark, nearly to the above effect, published by Mr Waterhouse. I infer also from an observation made by Professor Owen, with respect to the length of the arms of the ourang-outang, that he has come to a nearly similar conclusion. It is hopeless to attempt to convince any one of the truth of this proposition without giving the long array of facts which I have collected, and which cannot possibly be here introduced. I can only state my conviction that it is a rule of high generality. I am aware of several causes of error, but I hope that I have made due allowance for them. It should be understood that the rule by no means applies to any part, however unusually developed, unless it be unusually developed in comparison with the same part in closely allied species. Thus, the bat's wing is a most abnormal structure in the class mammalia; but the rule would not here apply, because there is a whole group of bats having wings; it would apply only if some one species of bat had its wings developed in some remarkable manner in comparison with the other species of the same genus. The rule applies very strongly in the case of secondary sexual characters, when displayed in any unusual manner. The term, secondary sexual characters, used by Hunter, applies to characters which are attached to one sex, but are not directly connected with the act of reproduction. The rule applies to males and females; but as females more rarely offer remarkable secondary sexual characters, it applies more rarely to them. The rule being so plainly applicable in the case of secondary sexual characters, may be due to the great variability of these characters, whether or not displayed in any unusual manner of which fact I think there can be little doubt. But that our rule is not confined to secondary sexual characters is clearly shown in the case of hermaphrodite cirripedes; and I may here add, that I particularly attended to Mr. Waterhouse's remark, whilst investigating this Order, and I am fully convinced that the rule almost invariably holds good with cirripedes. I shall, in my future work, give a list of the more remarkable cases; I will here only briefly give one, as it illustrates the rule in its largest application. The opercular valves of sessile cirripedes (rock barnacles) are, in every sense of the word, very important structures, and they differ extremely little even in different genera; but in the several species of one genus, Pyrgoma, these valves present a marvellous amount of diversification: the homologous valves in the different species being sometimes wholly unlike in shape; and the amount of variation in the individuals of several of the species is so great, that it is no exaggeration to state that the varieties differ more from each other in the characters of these important valves than do other species of distinct genera.As birds within the same country vary in a remarkably small degree, I have particularly attended to them, and the rule seems to me certainly to hold good in this class. I cannot make out that it applies to plants, and this would seriously have shaken my belief in its truth, had not the great variability in plants made it particularly difficult to compare their relative degrees of variability.
3. 而拥有16家亏损企业的美股阵营,反而仅有2家现金流为负,其中超过一半净现金流超过5亿美元,其中Oracle的净现金流甚至超过1000亿美金。
4. 目前案件还在早期阶段,苹果诉威廉姆斯一案于8月份提交,听证会定于明年1月21日举行。
5.   And then came the sixth company, And gunnen* fast on Fame to cry; *began Right verily in this mannere They saide; "Mercy, Lady dear! To telle certain as it is, We have done neither that nor this, But idle all our life hath be;* *been But natheless yet praye we That we may have as good a fame, And great renown, and knowen* name, *well-known As they that have done noble gests,* *feats. And have achieved all their quests,* *enterprises; desires As well of Love, as other thing; All* was us never brooch, nor ring, *although Nor elles aught from women sent, Nor ones in their hearte meant To make us only friendly cheer, But mighte *teem us upon bier;* *might lay us on our bier Yet let us to the people seem (by their adverse demeanour)* Such as the world may of us deem,* *judge That women loven us for wood.* *madly It shall us do as muche good, And to our heart as much avail, The counterpoise,* ease, and travail, *compensation As we had won it with labour; For that is deare bought honour, *At the regard of* our great ease. *in comparison with* *And yet* ye must us more please; *in addition* Let us be holden eke thereto Worthy, and wise, and good also, And rich, and happy unto love, For Godde's love, that sits above; Though we may not the body have Of women, yet, so God you save, Let men glue* on us the name; *fasten Sufficeth that we have the fame." "I grante," quoth she, "by my troth; Now Aeolus, withoute sloth, Take out thy trump of gold," quoth she, "And blow as they have asked me, That ev'ry man ween* them at ease, *believe Although they go in full *bad leas."* *sorry plight* This Aeolus gan it so blow, That through the world it was y-know.
6.   So saying, she wept bitterly, and all her slaves wept with her.


1. 如果你为了短期投机,而放弃了应长久努力的东西,损失将巨大。
2. 但他因为对印度食物的看法而遭到严厉抨击。
3.   For they had seen her ever virtuous, And loving Hermegild right as her life: Of this bare witness each one in that house, Save he that Hermegild slew with his knife: This gentle king had *caught a great motife* *been greatly moved Of this witness, and thought he would inquere by the evidence* Deeper into this case, the truth to lear.* *learn
4. 据史书记载,他在位23年中间,宫室苑囿车骑服御无所增益.他曾经计划建造一个露台,当得知需用百金,便说:百金,中人十家之产也,结果作罢。文帝宠幸的慎夫人在穿着上也十分节俭,衣不曳地.文帝死时还特别提倡薄葬,他说:盖天下万物之萌生,靡不有死。死者天地之理,物之自然,奚可甚哀!当今之世,咸嘉生而恶死,厚葬以破业,重服以伤生,吾甚不取。他要求自己死后所葬之处霸陵山川因其故,无有所改①。考古工作者通过调查确实证明了史书上霸陵皆瓦器,不得以金银铜锡为饰,因其山,不起坟的记载②。
5. 随即,她决定出任云锋基金董事总经理,负责云锋基金在高科技、新能源、文化产业、消费服务等领域的投资。
6. 吴畏:我正好看了一篇卢克文的文章,包括我也接触了一些投资出海项目的朋友,印度人更适合做CEO而不是创业者


1. 股市下跌没什么好惊讶的,这种事情总是一次又一次发生,就像明尼苏达州的寒冬一次又一次来临一样,只不过是很平常的事情而已。如果你生活在气候寒冷的地带,你早就习以为常,事先早就预计到会有气温下降到能结冰的时候,那么当室外温度降到低于零度时,你肯定不会恐慌地认为下一个冰河时代就要来了。而你会穿上皮大衣,在人行道上撒些盐,防止结冰,就一切搞定了,你会这样安慰自己—冬天来了,夏季还会远吗?到那时天气又会暖和起来的!
2.   Somebody said to me, 'Let us go to the theatre, Copperfield!' There was no bedroom before me, but again the jingling table covered with glasses; the lamp; Grainger on my right hand, Markham on my left, and Steerforth opposite - all sitting in a mist, and a long way off. The theatre? To be sure. The very thing. Come along! But they must excuse me if I saw everybody out first, and turned the lamp off - in case of fire.
3.   "Indeed, it is a likely ruse enough," observed Bradstreetthoughtfully. "Of course there can be no doubt as to the nature ofthis gang."

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