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1.   But hearts enflamed with the same desire.
2. 石东华还强调,一个赛道的窗口期是有限的,在窗口期内的调整还可以,太晚就不行了。
3.   When a variation is of the slightest use to a being, we cannot tell how much of it to attribute to the accumulative action of natural selection, and how much to the conditions of life. Thus, it is well known to furriers that animals of the same species have thicker and better fur the more severe the climate is under which they have lived; but who can tell how much of this difference may be due to the warmest-clad individuals having been favoured and preserved during many generations, and how much to the direct action of the severe climate? for it would appear that climate has some direct action on the hair of our domestic quadrupeds.
4. "A council of war!" demanded Terry. "Come on back to bed --the bed's all right anyhow. Now then, my scientific friend, let us consider our case dispassionately."
5.   "Sir, and all of you, farewell. Make your drink-offerings and sendme on my way rejoicing, for you have fulfilled my heart's desire bygiving me an escort, and making me presents, which heaven grant that Imay turn to good account; may I find my admirable wife living in peaceamong friends, and may you whom I leave behind me give satisfaction toyour wives and children; may heaven vouchsafe you every good grace,and may no evil thing come among your people."
6.   "There it was that I heard news of Ulysses, for the king told mehe had entertained him, and shown him much hospitality while he was onhis homeward journey. He showed me also the treasure of gold, andwrought iron that Ulysses had got together. There was enough to keephis family for ten generations, so much had he left in the house ofking Pheidon. But the king said Ulysses had gone to Dodona that hemight learn Jove's mind from the god's high oak tree, and know whetherafter so long an absence he should return to Ithaca openly, or insecret. Moreover the king swore in my presence, making drink-offeringsin his own house as he did so, that the ship was by the water side,and the crew found, that should take him to his own country. He sentme off however before Ulysses returned, for there happened to be aThesprotian ship sailing for the wheat-growing island of Dulichium,and he told those in charge of her to be sure and take me safely toKing Acastus.


1. 首先,新型冠状病毒确认可以人传人,复杂的传播链路和二、三代传播对防疫工作提出挑战。
2. 旧金山预计于今年9月在唐人街的圣玛丽公园设立慰安妇纪念碑。
3. [生物工程]生物工程,是20世纪70年代初开始兴起的一门新兴的综合性应用学科,90年代诞生了基于系统论的生物工程,即系统生物工程的概念。所谓生物工程,一般认为是以生物学(特别是其中的分子生物学、微生物学、遗传学、生物化学和细胞学)的理论和技术为基础,结合化工、机械、电子计算机等现代工程技术,充分运用分子生物学的最新成就,自觉地操纵遗传物质,定向地改造生物或其功能,短期内创造出具有超远缘性状的新物种,再通过合适的生物反应器对这类“工程菌”或“工程细胞株”进行大规模的培养,以生产大量有用代谢产物或发挥它们独特生理功能一门新兴技术。生物工程是分子遗传学、微生物学、细胞生物学、生物化学、化学工程和能源学等各学科的结合,其应用范围十分广泛,包括医药、食品、农林、园艺、化工、冶金、采油、发酵罐新技术和新底物的环保等方面。许多现有的以微生物学为基础的工业,依靠基因工程、利用而得以改进,同时还缓解了环境污染等社会问···更多
4. 真实世界中的邪恶不见得是丑陋的,而有可能看起来非常美丽。关于这一点,基督教比好莱坞专业多了,所以在基督教的艺术传统中,常常把撒旦描绘得高大英俊。正因为如此,人类才难以抗拒撒旦的诱惑;也正因为如此,人类才难以抵抗法西斯主义。如果看着一面法西斯主义的镜子,反映出的景象绝不丑陋。德国在20世纪30年代看着法西斯主义的镜子,看到的就是德国真是全世界最美丽的国家。如果现在的俄罗斯人看着法西斯主义的镜子,就会看到俄罗斯是全世界最美丽的国家;以色列人看着法西斯主义的镜子,就会看到以色列是全世界最美丽的国家。接着,他们就会想要加入这个美丽的国家,迷失自我也在所不惜。
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1.   When he was come into the house, she bashfully demanded of him, ifhe was not named Antigonus of Famagosta, because she knew one like himso called? He answered that he was so named: saying moreover, Madam methinkes I should know you, but I cannot remember where I have seeneyou, wherefore I would entreat (if it might stand with your goodliking) that my memory might be quickned with better knowledge of you.The Lady perceiving him to be the man indeed, weeping incessantly, shethrew her armes about his necke, and soone after asked Antigonus(who stood as one confounded with mervaile) if he had never seeneher in Alexandria? Upon these words, Antigonus knew her immediately tobe Alathiella, daughter to the great Soldane, who was supposed (longsince) to be drowned in the Sea: and offering to do her such reverenceas became him, she would not permit him, but desired that he would beeassistant to her, and willed him also to sit downe awhile by her.
2. 年终奖个税145590元,全年工资个税97080元,个税总额242670元,税后收入757330元。
3.   "In reality," observed Albert, "he seemed to me somewhateccentric; were he at Paris, and a frequenter of thetheatres, I should say he was a poor devil literally mad.This morning he made two or three exits worthy of Didier orAnthony." At this moment a fresh visitor entered, and,according to custom, Franz gave up his seat to him. Thiscircumstance had, moreover, the effect of changing theconversation; an hour afterwards the two friends returned totheir hotel. Signor Pastrini had already set about procuringtheir disguises for the morrow; and he assured them thatthey would be perfectly satisfied. The next morning, at nineo'clock, he entered Franz's room, followed by a tailor, whohad eight or ten Roman peasant costumes on his arm; theyselected two exactly alike, and charged the tailor to sew oneach of their hats about twenty yards of ribbon, and toprocure them two of the long silk sashes of different colorswith which the lower orders decorate themselves onfete-days. Albert was impatient to see how he looked in hisnew dress -- a jacket and breeches of blue velvet, silkstockings with clocks, shoes with buckles, and a silkwaistcoat. This picturesque attire set him off to greatadvantage; and when he had bound the scarf around his waist,and when his hat, placed coquettishly on one side, let fallon his shoulder a stream of ribbons, Franz was forced toconfess that costume has much to do with the physicalsuperiority we accord to certain nations. The Turks used tobe so picturesque with their long and flowing robes, but arethey not now hideous with their blue frocks buttoned up tothe chin, and their red caps, which make them look like abottle of wine with a red seal? Franz complimented Albert,who looked at himself in the glass with an unequivocal smileof satisfaction. They were thus engaged when the Count ofMonte Cristo entered.
4.   A col-fox, <22> full of sly iniquity, That in the grove had wonned* yeares three, *dwelt By high imagination forecast, The same night thorough the hedges brast* *burst Into the yard, where Chanticleer the fair Was wont, and eke his wives, to repair; And in a bed of wortes* still he lay, *cabbages Till it was passed undern <23> of the day, Waiting his time on Chanticleer to fall: As gladly do these homicides all, That in awaite lie to murder men. O false murd'rer! Rouking* in thy den! *crouching, lurking O new Iscariot, new Ganilion! <24> O false dissimuler, O Greek Sinon,<25> That broughtest Troy all utterly to sorrow! O Chanticleer! accursed be the morrow That thou into thy yard flew from the beams;* *rafters Thou wert full well y-warned by thy dreams That thilke day was perilous to thee. But what that God forewot* must needes be, *foreknows After th' opinion of certain clerkes. Witness on him that any perfect clerk is, That in school is great altercation In this matter, and great disputation, And hath been of an hundred thousand men. But I ne cannot *boult it to the bren,* *examine it thoroughly <26>* As can the holy doctor Augustine, Or Boece, or the bishop Bradwardine,<27> Whether that Godde's worthy foreweeting* *foreknowledge *Straineth me needly* for to do a thing *forces me* (Needly call I simple necessity), Or elles if free choice be granted me To do that same thing, or do it not, Though God forewot* it ere that it was wrought; *knew in advance Or if *his weeting straineth never a deal,* *his knowing constrains But by necessity conditionel. not at all* I will not have to do of such mattere; My tale is of a cock, as ye may hear, That took his counsel of his wife, with sorrow, To walken in the yard upon the morrow That he had mette the dream, as I you told. Womane's counsels be full often cold;* *mischievous, unwise Womane's counsel brought us first to woe, And made Adam from Paradise to go, There as he was full merry and well at case. But, for I n'ot* to whom I might displease *know not If I counsel of women woulde blame, Pass over, for I said it in my game.* *jest Read authors, where they treat of such mattere And what they say of women ye may hear. These be the cocke's wordes, and not mine; I can no harm of no woman divine.* *conjecture, imagine Fair in the sand, to bathe* her merrily, *bask Lies Partelote, and all her sisters by, Against the sun, and Chanticleer so free Sang merrier than the mermaid in the sea; For Physiologus saith sickerly,* *certainly How that they singe well and merrily. <28> And so befell that, as he cast his eye Among the wortes,* on a butterfly, *cabbages He was ware of this fox that lay full low. Nothing *ne list him thenne* for to crow, *he had no inclination* But cried anon "Cock! cock!" and up he start, As man that was affrayed in his heart. For naturally a beast desireth flee From his contrary,* if be may it see, *enemy Though he *ne'er erst* had soon it with his eye *never before* This Chanticleer, when he gan him espy, He would have fled, but that the fox anon Said, "Gentle Sir, alas! why will ye gon? Be ye afraid of me that am your friend? Now, certes, I were worse than any fiend, If I to you would harm or villainy. I am not come your counsel to espy. But truely the cause of my coming Was only for to hearken how ye sing; For truely ye have as merry a steven,* *voice As any angel hath that is in heaven; Therewith ye have of music more feeling, Than had Boece, or any that can sing. My lord your father (God his soule bless) And eke your mother of her gentleness, Have in mnine house been, to my great ease:* *satisfaction And certes, Sir, full fain would I you please. But, for men speak of singing, I will say, So may I brooke* well mine eyen tway, *enjoy, possess, or use Save you, I hearde never man so sing As did your father in the morrowning. Certes it was of heart all that he sung. And, for to make his voice the more strong, He would *so pain him,* that with both his eyen *make such an exertion* He muste wink, so loud he woulde cryen, And standen on his tiptoes therewithal, And stretche forth his necke long and small. And eke he was of such discretion, That there was no man, in no region, That him in song or wisdom mighte pass. I have well read in Dan Burnel the Ass, <29> Among his verse, how that there was a cock That, for* a prieste's son gave him a knock *because Upon his leg, while he was young and nice,* *foolish He made him for to lose his benefice. But certain there is no comparison Betwixt the wisdom and discretion Of youre father, and his subtilty. Now singe, Sir, for sainte charity, Let see, can ye your father counterfeit?"
5. 我们的全球扩张是在2014年、2015年才开始的。
6.   "But I killed your son quite unintentionally, so I implore you to spare my life."


1. 这也是两人唯一一次走出东北。
2. Mr Crabb has taken no exposure to Hong Kong’s property market since setting up in Asia 18 months ago, because he says prices are too high and affordability too low.
3.   Martha
4. 在本案中,唐雪的防卫行为是在当时情况下制止李德湘的不法侵害所必要的,尤其是考虑到李德湘深夜持刀上门进行不法侵害的特殊背景,笔者认为,唐雪的防卫行为没有超过必要限度。
5. 《东海黄公》是汉代著名的角抵之戏,有人虎相斗的角抵表演,又是象人戏。张衡《西京赋》对此描写较详,大意是说:东海黄公能以法术伏猛虎,后来年老力衰,法术失灵,为虎所害。从上述记载看,这出《东海黄公》已具有固定完整的情节。扮演黄公者,戴绛色绸子束发的假面,有赤刀、禹步的记载,说明他手持赤金刀。在表演动作上还有一定的规定。山东临沂出土的一块汉画像石与此较为接近,图中黄公戴面具,左手执刀,右手抓住老虎的一条后腿老虎欲逃不得,张开巨口,回首望着黄公,场面紧张生动。表演的大概是黄公少时的情况。有人认为这种象人之戏已具有戏曲艺术的特点。如专门研究戏曲史的周贻白先生在所著《中国戏曲发展史纲要》中评论说:假令戏曲的必备条件,必须是从故事情节出发,然后构成剧本,再通过演员们所扮人物形象而表演出来,这才可以称为戏剧的话,那么'东海黄公'这项角抵戏,便应当成为中国戏剧形成一项独立艺术的开端。
6.   He looked at her curiously, uneasily, half-suspiciously. And she felt he wasn't telling her the real truth; he wasn't telling himself the real truth, that was it. He disliked any suggestion of a really exceptional human being. People must be more or less at his level, or below it.


1. 在剧烈的痛苦下,张军不得不妥协接受急诊治疗,入住了海淀医院安宁病房。
2. 汉森表示,美国原油增产意味着现货油价对地缘政治事件的反应不如以往那样大了。他说,目前的原油供应足够多,油价受威胁的程度不如以往,2014年将是首个出现一段时间原油供应增量超过需求增量的年头。
3. 一旦走上了良性发展的道路,SpaceX的发展势头便如脱缰的野马一般,根本停不下来。

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