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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  If Valentine could have seen the trembling step and agitatedcountenance of Franz when he quitted the chamber of M.Noirtier, even she would have been constrained to pity him.Villefort had only just given utterance to a few incoherentsentences, and then retired to his study, where he receivedabout two hours afterwards the following letter: --
2.  "Come, come," continued the count, "I see you are still thesame, -- an assassin."
3.  "My father?" inquired Valentine, uneasily.
4.  "Certainly; go on."
5.  At the banker's door Beauchamp stopped Morcerf. "Listen,"said he; "just now I told you it was of M. de Monte Cristoyou must demand an explanation."
6.  "I imagined it must be," said Morrel. Valentine looked atthe young man; they heard the street door close, then M. deVillefort locked the garden door, and returned up-stairs. Hestopped a moment in the anteroom, as if hesitating whetherto turn to his own apartment or into Madame deSaint-Meran's; Morrel concealed himself behind a door;Valentine remained motionless, grief seeming to deprive herof all fear. M. de Villefort passed on to his own room."Now," said Valentine, "you can neither go out by the frontdoor nor by the garden." Morrel looked at her withastonishment. "There is but one way left you that is safe,"said she; "it is through my grandfather's room." She rose,"Come," she added. -- "Where?" asked Maximilian.


1.  "'Tis well, Danglars -- 'tis well!" replied M. Morrel. "Youare a worthy fellow; and I had already thought of yourinterests in the event of poor Edmond having become captainof the Pharaon."
2.  Then d'Avrigny spoke. "And I, too," he exclaimed in a lowvoice, "I unite with M. Morrel in demanding justice forcrime; my blood boils at the idea of having encouraged amurderer by my cowardly concession."
3.  "And they mean -- "
4.  "Had I been so unhappy as not to believe in him until now,"said Monte Cristo, "I must believe on seeing you."Caderousse raised his clinched hands towards heaven.
5.  "What? a real father?"
6.  "Yes."


1.  "Yes," stammered the old man.
2.  "Not on your own account, surely," replied Monte Cristo;"for a man is above that sort of thing?"
3.  "Climb up," said he to Dantes. The young man obeyed, mountedon the table, and, divining the wishes of his companion,placed his back securely against the wall and held out bothhands. The stranger, whom as yet Dantes knew only by thenumber of his cell, sprang up with an agility by no means tobe expected in a person of his years, and, light and steadyon his feet as a cat or a lizard, climbed from the table tothe outstretched hands of Dantes, and from them to hisshoulders; then, bending double, for the ceiling of thedungeon prevented him from holding himself erect, he managedto slip his head between the upper bars of the window, so asto be able to command a perfect view from top to bottom.
4.  "Then," said Monte Cristo "you went to him?"
5.   "Yes," replied Noirtier.
6.  "But you were speaking of Haitians?" said Monte Cristo.


1.  "What is the use of seeing me after we have made all ourarrangements?"
2.  This last explanation was wholly lost upon Dantes, who hadalways imagined, from seeing the sun rise from behind themountains and set in the Mediterranean, that it moved, andnot the earth. A double movement of the globe he inhabited,and of which he could feel nothing, appeared to himperfectly impossible. Each word that fell from hiscompanion's lips seemed fraught with the mysteries ofscience, as worthy of digging out as the gold and diamondsin the mines of Guzerat and Golconda, which he could justrecollect having visited during a voyage made in hisearliest youth.
3.  "My friend, my dear Maximilian, do not make a hastyresolution, I entreat you."
4、  "What! M. Morrel unhappy?" exclaimed the abbe.
5、  "I only await one thing before following your advice; thatis, a minister who will hold office for six months. My dearAlbert, one word, for I must give poor Lucien a respite. Dowe breakfast or dine? I must go to the Chamber, for our lifeis not an idle one."




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      "Is there, indeed, my good fellow? Pray tell me, is itsympathy of heart?"

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      Chapter 88The Insult.

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       "Yes, count," returned the notary.

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      "Yes," said Morrel, smiling, "it was the 5th of September,the anniversary of the day on which my father wasmiraculously preserved; therefore, as far as it lies in mypower, I endeavor to celebrate it by some" --

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    {  "Help, help!" cried Mademoiselle d'Armilly, taking the bellfrom her companion's hand, and ringing it yet moreviolently. "Save me, I am pursued!" said Andrea, claspinghis hands. "For pity, for mercy's sake do not deliver meup!"

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      "What you ask is impossible, monsieur," continued he,addressing Faria.}

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      "Excuse me, excellency, but these details are necessary, andyou promised to be patient."

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      "Do you think you can help me, dear grandpapa?" saidValentine.

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    {  "I hate them? Not at all; why should I?" The countess placedherself before Monte Cristo, still holding in her hand aportion of the perfumed grapes. "Take some," she said."Madame, I never eat Muscatel grapes," replied Monte Cristo,as if the subject had not been mentioned before. Thecountess dashed the grapes into the nearest thicket, with agesture of despair. "Inflexible man!" she murmured. MonteCristo remained as unmoved as if the reproach had not beenaddressed to him. Albert at this moment ran in. "Oh,mother," he exclaimed, "such a misfortune his happened!"

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      "Why, about ten or eleven o'clock."