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1. 气象上对初雪的定义有严格标准。
2. "We are together now," urged Alima, looking proudly at Terry's stalwart nearness. (This was one of the times when they were "on," though presently "off" again.)
3.   "Old man," answered Ulysses, "she knows already, so you need nottrouble about that." On this he took his seat, and the sons ofDolius gathered round Ulysses to give him greeting and embrace him oneafter the other; then they took their seats in due order near Doliustheir father.
4. 想一想再看
5. ■交通事故趋势:小事故增多,大事故下降昨日上午,北京市交管局举办北京交警向市民报告活动。
6.   [The sins that arise of pride advisedly and habitually are deadly; those that arise by frailty unadvised suddenly, and suddenly withdraw again, though grievous, are not deadly. Pride itself springs sometimes of the goods of nature, sometimes of the goods of fortune, sometimes of the goods of grace; but the Parson, enumerating and examining all these in turn, points out how little security they possess and how little ground for pride they furnish, and goes on to enforce the remedy against pride -- which is humility or meekness, a virtue through which a man hath true knowledge of himself, and holdeth no high esteem of himself in regard of his deserts, considering ever his frailty.]


1. 不过经常连轴转的高压下,王慧文和刘琳很难平衡好工作与家庭、健康之间的关系。
2.   Then something like a bereaved affection and self-pity swept overhim.
3. 我们在疫情隔离区,根本没有见面机会,但心底很暖。
4.   "'No,' said the girl, 'but it is dreadful to be hungry.'
5.   On this she led the way, and Ulysses followed in her steps; butnot one of the Phaecians could see him as he passed through the cityin the midst of them; for the great goddess Minerva in her good willtowards him had hidden him in a thick cloud of darkness. He admiredtheir harbours, ships, places of assembly, and the lofty walls ofthe city, which, with the palisade on top of them, were very striking,and when they reached the king's house Minerva said:
6. 业内人士预估,未来一段时间内,随着更多企业开始恢复上班,远程办公的需求还会继续增长,2月10日当天,在线办公的流量有可能会登上新的顶峰


1. 提到MeToo行动,麦高恩说:“他们都是混蛋,不是冠军,一群失败者,我不喜欢他们。”
2. 显而易见,我肯定不做三四楼。
3. 还有一个40-50岁的病人,有谵妄,有时候会有妄想,情绪非常不稳定。
4.   "Nay, be not discouraged. Would it not be expecting too muchto hope to succeed at your first attempt? Why not try tofind an opening in another direction from that which has sounfortunately failed?"
5. 安全问题,是医生驿站需要考虑的首要问题。
6. 1元硬币规格调整后,直径缩小11%,便于公众携带使用。


1. 正是由于这一原则,所以在世袭王位的情况下,对国家力量的存续与发展,比在选举王位经常更换统治皇族的情况下,不知要有利多少倍。
2. (一)一般来说,交易费用的转变不会是经纪佣金的或高或低那样简单。大部分的情况是没有明显的金钱数字可以量度。我们可以做到的,是判断在不同的、可以观察到的情况下,哪个情况的某类交易费用较高,哪个较低,然后把不同的情况排列交易费用的高低。这样的排列是量度。不要说这种武断的量度不够精确。量度的精确性不是靠数字的详尽性来衡量的,而是靠不同观察者的认同性。
3. Norway, which has twice rejected European Union membership, ranks No. 10 overall. The country takes the No. 1 spot in Citizenship and the No. 2 spot in Most Transparent.
4. We found a friendly nut-tree, those large, satisfying, soft- shelled nuts we already knew so well, and filled our pockets.
5. 新媒体创业已经从早期的内容迁移,到目前形成独立的商业模式。
6. Her own lessons became things of the past. She was taught nothing, and only after long and busy days spent in running here and there at everybody's orders was she grudgingly allowed to go into the deserted schoolroom, with a pile of old books, and study alone at night.


1.   The regular entrance of thirty-five dollars a week to one who hasendured scant allowances for several years is a demoralisingthing. Carrie found her purse bursting with good green bills ofcomfortable denominations. Having no one dependent upon her, shebegan to buy pretty clothes and pleasing trinkets, to eat well,and to ornament her room. Friends were not long in gatheringabout. She met a few young men who belonged to Lola's staff.The members of the opera company made her acquaintance withoutthe formality of introduction. One of these discovered a fancyfor her. On several occasions he strolled home with her.
2.   The day of wedding came, but no wight can Telle what woman that it shoulde be; For which marvail wonder'd many a man, And saide, when they were in privity, "Will not our lord yet leave his vanity? Will he not wed? Alas, alas the while! Why will he thus himself and us beguile?"
3.   "Are we threatened with a fresh Reign of Terror?" askedanother.

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      Losovico discovered to his Mistresse Madame Beatrix, how amorouslyhe was affected to her. She cunningly sent Egano her Husband intohis garden, in all respects disguised like her selfe, while (friendly)Lodovico conferred with her in the meane while. Afterward, Lodovicopretending a lascivious allurement of his Mistresse, thereby towrong his honest Master, insted of her, beateth Egano soundly in theGarden.

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