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1. 另外一个,我们这些3公里的会员变成盒马的忠实会员以后,我们了解他们,他们也了解我们,我们想在三公里范围里,我们能够提供更多的服务给他们。
2. 2019年夏天,Neuralink在发布会上宣布,正在研发一台类似缝纫机的机器人,可以将超细电极植入人体大脑深处,轰动一时。
3.   Adriano, is it day, that thou dost waken me? It may be day ornight replyed Adriano, for both (in these fits) are alike to thee.Arise man for shame, and come to thine lodging. Then faining to bemuch troubled and sleepie, he arose from the hoast, and went toAdrianoes bed.
4. 因为线上的便捷性而忽略线下的复杂性,可能是互联网最容易让人忽视的危险。
5.   At once Mme. Bonacieux saw that she had gone too far, and she wasterrified at having communicated so much. She for a momentcontemplated with fright that stupid countenance, impressed withthe invincible resolution of a fool that is overcome by fear."Well, be it so!" said she. "Perhaps, when all is considered,you are right. In the long run, a man knows more about politicsthan a woman, particularly such as, like you, Monsieur Bonacieux,have conversed with the cardinal. And yet it is very hard,"added she, "that a man upon whose affection I thought I mightdepend, treats me thus unkindly and will not comply with any ofmy fancies."
6. 由上海市社会科学界联合会主管的上海易居房地产研究院智库中心研究总监严跃进告诉红星新闻记者,现实中,确有因别墅概念界定不清而打擦边球现象,有的项目既有高层建筑,也有别墅类建筑,高层项目把容积率做大,这样整个地块的容积率就会通过规划。


1.   "In like manner, if Gisippus hath married Sophronia well, it isfoolish and superfluous, to finde fault with the manner hee used inher marriage. If you mislike his course in the case, beware of himhereafter, yet thanke him because it is no worse. "Neverthelesse,you are to understand, that I sought not by fraud or deceit, (butonely by witte) any opportunitie, whereby any way to sullie thehonestie and cleere Nobilitie of your bloud, in the person ofSophronia: for although in secret I made her my wife, yet I came notas an enemie, to take her perforce, nor (like a ravisher) wrongedher virginitie, to blemish your no. titles, or despising youralliance. But fervently, enflamed by her bright beauty, and incitedalso by her unparalleld vertues, I shaped my course; knowing wellenough, that if I tooke the ordinarie way of wiving, by moving thequestion to you, I should never winne your consent, as fearing, lest Iwould take her with me to Rome, and so conveigh out of your sight, ajewell by you so much esteemed, as she is.
2. 那么几乎每年春节,他都到母校去看望老系主任金维诺先生,金先生是湖北人,前年就去世了,没想到没过两年来杨新也去世了……文物出版社出版的杨新所著《五代贯休罗汉图》杨新题跋的古画薛永年说,杨新这一辈人从事美术史研究和书画鉴定的时代是一个重要的转折的时代,首先是一个换笔的时代啊,当时还是写,后来开始有人才打字,另外古代书画研究当时还不是一个显学,美术文物市场刚刚兴起啊。
3.   `Bravo!' roared Charlie. `What do you think of Bolshevism?'
4.   Many other the like conceits mollested him, sufficient to alterhis determination: but affection was much more prevayling in him,and made him use this consultation. How now Rinuccio? Wilt dare todeny the first request, being mooved to thee by a Gentlewoman, whomthou dearly lovest, and is the onely meanes, whereby to gaineassurance of her gracious favour? Undoubtedly, were I sure to die inthe attempt, yet I will accomplish my promise. And so he went onwith courage to the grave.
5. 过去五年的野蛮增长是发展的过程。
6. 对亚洲的汇兑率下述各点是重要的,一方面,因为它们表明,当英国对亚洲的汇兑率处于不利地位时,它怎样必然从那些由亚洲输入商品、但要由英国作媒介来进行支付的国家取得补偿。另一方面,还因为威尔逊先生在这里,再一次作了愚蠢的尝试,企图把贵金属的输出对汇兑率的彭响和一般资本的输出对汇兑率的影响等同起来;在这


1. 跳水女皇郭晶晶2010年会否出嫁?
2. 英国承认了合众国的独立和各项主权。
3.   Well spoken, I admit! But one thing puzzles me, my friend; Time's short, artlong; methinks 'twere fit That you to friendly counsel should attend. A poetchoose as your ally! Let him thought's wide dominion sweep, Each good andnoble quality, Upon your honoured brow to heap; The lion's magnanimity,The fleetness of the hind, The fiery blood of Italy, The Northern's steadfastmind. Let him to you the mystery show To blend high aims and cunning low;And while youth's passions are aflame To fall in love by rule and plan! I fainwould meet with such a man; Would him Sir Microcosmus name.Faust
4. And I'll summarize here a bit as to our opportunities for learning it. I will not try to repeat the careful, detailed account I lost; I'll just say that we were kept in that fortress a good six months all told, and after that, three in a pleasant enough city where--to Terry's infinite disgust--there were only "Colonels" and little children--no young women whatever. Then we were under surveillance for three more--always with a tutor or a guard or both. But those months were pleasant because we were really getting acquainted with the girls. That was a chapter!-- or will be--I will try to do justice to it.
5. The guide stood serenely on the bank, well pleased with our excitement.
6. 原标题:新增病例无接触史?内蒙古:其多次经过确诊病例家门口新京报讯(记者康佳)2月2日,内蒙古卫健委通报了一新增新冠肺炎确诊病例,因白某无本市外出史、未接触过发热病人、未到过农贸市场、无野生动物接触史引发关注。


1. 格罗夫斯:“现在?”
2. 原来,这个世界真的有一种关系,觉得做情侣都太可惜。
3.   Therefore, ere going a step further, Pandarus prays Troilus to give him pledges of secrecy, and impresses on his mind the mischiefs that flow from vaunting in affairs of love. "Of kind,"[by his very nature] he says, no vaunter is to be believed:
4. 在环境不好的时候,千万不要丧失信心。
5. We couldn't do anything with him. He had to take his own medicine.
6.   You may imagine that I was no unmoved spectator of these proceedings; to all the others it was a thing to which they had been accustomed from their youth up; but I was so horrified that I could not help telling the king how it struck me.


1. 陈飞介绍,2017年年初,雪莉就离开真爱酒吧,具体原因不清楚。
2. 那么,为什么一次只让一枚卵子受精呢?何不一次让多枚卵子受精,这样就算三四个都有缺陷,只要有一枚良好的胚胎就行。当这种体外选择变得可接受,费用也合理时,其使用就会更为普及。毕竟基因突变的风险无处不在,所有人的DNA里都带有某些有害的突变、不理想的等位基因(allele)。有性生殖就像买彩票,只能靠运气。(有一个著名但可能是杜撰的故事,说的是诺贝尔文学奖得主阿纳托尔·法朗士和美丽而有天分的舞者伊莎多拉·邓肯1923年碰面时的情景。两人讨论着当时流行的优生运动,邓肯说:“想象一下,孩子有我的美丽、你的智力,该有多好!”而法朗士则回答:“你说得没错,但如果孩子有的是我的美丽、你的智力,又该怎么办?”)所以,何不取巧一下?同时让几个卵子受精,再挑出最好的组合。只要等到干细胞研究能让我们廉价取得无限量的人类胚胎,你就能从几百个选项中选出你最理想的宝宝,这些宝宝都带着你的DNA,保证没有遗传疾病,而且也不需要未来再做基因工程。将这个过程重复几代,最后很容易就会制造出超人类(或是令人毛骨悚然的反乌托邦)。
3.   The immediate result of this was nothing. Results from suchthings are usually long in growing. Morning brings a change offeeling. The existent condition invariably pleads for itself.It is only at odd moments that we get glimpses of the misery ofthings. The heart understands when it is confronted withcontrasts. Take them away and the ache subsides.

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