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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "As you please, sir," said Caderousse, who, anxious not tolose the present opportunity of finding a customer for oneof the few bottles of Cahors still remaining in hispossession, hastily raised a trap-door in the floor of theapartment they were in, which served both as parlor andkitchen. Upon issuing forth from his subterranean retreat atthe expiration of five minutes, he found the abbe seatedupon a wooden stool, leaning his elbow on a table, whileMargotin, whose animosity seemed appeased by the unusualcommand of the traveller for refreshments, had crept up tohim, and had established himself very comfortably betweenhis knees, his long, skinny neck resting on his lap, whilehis dim eye was fixed earnestly on the traveller's face.
2.  "Ah!" said Franz, "then you are a smuggler occasionally,Gaetano?"
3.  "He was a Catalan."
4.  "Follow me, then," said the abbe, as he re-entered thesubterranean passage, in which he soon disappeared, followedby Dantes.
5.  "Capital? -- yes -- I understand -- every one would likecapital."
6.  "I must calculate our chances; I will give you the signal."


1.  "Madame," replied Monte Cristo gravely, and gazing earnestlyon the two liquid pearls that trickled down Julie's cheeks,"had Lord Wilmore seen what I now see, he would becomeattached to life, for the tears you shed would reconcile himto mankind;" and he held out his hand to Julie, who gave himhers, carried away by the look and accent of the count."But," continued she, "Lord Wilmore had a family or friends,he must have known some one, can we not -- "
2.  "Nevertheless, it is quite true; still, I agree with you inthinking that my present ignorance of the first city inEurope is a reproach to me in every way, and calls forimmediate correction; but, in all probability, I should haveperformed so important, so necessary a duty, as that ofmaking myself acquainted with the wonders and beauties ofyour justly celebrated capital, had I known any person whowould have introduced me into the fashionable world, butunfortunately I possessed no acquaintance there, and, ofnecessity, was compelled to abandon the idea."
3.  "Has your bed been moved since you have been a prisoner?"
4.  "You think to reassure me when you say that, Maximilian."
5.  Chapter 112The Departure.
6.  "I know him?"


1.  "It is the face of the Count of Monte Cristo!" exclaimed theprocureur, with a haggard expression.
2.  "But melancholy," interrupted Master Edward, snatching thefeathers out of the tail of a splendid parroquet that wasscreaming on its gilded perch, in order to make a plume forhis hat. Madame de Villefort merely cried, -- "Be still,Edward!" She then added, -- "This young madcap is, however,very nearly right, and merely re-echoes what he has heard mesay with pain a hundred times; for Mademoiselle de Villefortis, in spite of all we can do to rouse her, of a melancholydisposition and taciturn habit, which frequently injure theeffect of her beauty. But what detains her? Go, Edward, andsee."
3.  "Yes," was the unanimous answer.
4.  "I think I have discovered my father."
5.   "And what would you do, my dear diplomatist," repliedMorcerf, with a slight degree of irony in his voice, "if youdid nothing? What? private secretary to a minister, plungedat once into European cabals and Parisian intrigues; havingkings, and, better still, queens, to protect, parties tounite, elections to direct; making more use of your cabinetwith your pen and your telegraph than Napoleon did of hisbattle-fields with his sword and his victories; possessingfive and twenty thousand francs a year, besides your place;a horse, for which Chateau-Renaud offered you four hundredlouis, and which you would not part with; a tailor who neverdisappoints you; with the opera, the jockey-club, and otherdiversions, can you not amuse yourself? Well, I will amuseyou."
6.  No one had the slightest suspicion; and when next day,taking a fowling-piece, powder, and shot, Dantes declaredhis intention to go and kill some of the wild goats thatwere seen springing from rock to rock, his wish wasconstrued into a love of sport, or a desire for solitude.However, Jacopo insisted on following him, and Dantes didnot oppose this, fearing if he did so that he might incurdistrust. Scarcely, however, had they gone a quarter of aleague when, having killed a kid, he begged Jacopo to takeit to his comrades, and request them to cook it, and whenready to let him know by firing a gun. This and some driedfruits and a flask of Monte Pulciano, was the bill of fare.Dantes went on, looking from time to time behind and aroundabout him. Having reached the summit of a rock, he saw, athousand feet beneath him, his companions, whom Jacopo hadrejoined, and who were all busy preparing the repast whichEdmond's skill as a marksman had augmented with a capitaldish.


1.  * Elisabeth de Rossan, Marquise de Ganges, was one of thefamous women of the court of Louis XIV. where she was knownas "La Belle Provencale." She was the widow of the Marquisede Castellane when she married de Ganges, and having themisfortune to excite the enmity of her new brothers-in-law,was forced by them to take poison; and they finished her offwith pistol and dagger. -- Ed.
2.  "What? you have been to sea?"
3.  "I perceive its utter impossibility; and I consider itimpious to attempt that which the Almighty evidently doesnot approve."
4、  "Yes," replied M. de Boville; "I myself had occasion to seethis man in 1816 or 1817, and we could only go into hisdungeon with a file of soldiers. That man made a deepimpression on me; I shall never forget his countenance!" TheEnglishman smiled imperceptibly.
5、  "It is more than ever a settled thing," said Lucien, -- and,considering that this remark was all that he was at thattime called upon to make, he adjusted the glass to his eye,and biting the top of his gold headed cane, began to makethe tour of the apartment, examining the arms and thepictures.




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      "On the contrary," said the count, "after this time you mustlive with me -- you must not leave me, and in a week weshall have left France behind us."

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      "Will M. Danglars be there?"

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       "But," cried Dantes, "it was a hundred and forty francs Iowed Caderousse."

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      "Can all this force be summoned on my account?" thought he.

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    {  "The story will be very long, excellency."

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      "Why, what nonsense are you telling us?" saidChateau-Renaud.}

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      "I give you my word of honor, sir," said Dantes; "but whatis the matter? You are ill -- shall I ring for assistance?-- shall I call?"

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      "Then give me a letter to him, and tell him to sell outwithout an instant's delay, perhaps even now I shall arrivetoo late."

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       Having arrived before the Pont du Gard, the horse stopped,but whether for his own pleasure or that of his rider wouldhave been difficult to say. However that might have been,the priest, dismounting, led his steed by the bridle insearch of some place to which he could secure him. Availinghimself of a handle that projected from a half-fallen door,he tied the animal safely and having drawn a red cottonhandkerchief, from his pocket, wiped away the perspirationthat streamed from his brow, then, advancing to the door,struck thrice with the end of his iron-shod stick. At thisunusual sound, a huge black dog came rushing to meet thedaring assailant of his ordinarily tranquil abode, snarlingand displaying his sharp white teeth with a determinedhostility that abundantly proved how little he wasaccustomed to society. At that moment a heavy footstep washeard descending the wooden staircase that led from theupper floor, and, with many bows and courteous smiles, minehost of the Pont du Gard besought his guest to enter.

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    {  "Well," replied Mercedes, sighing, "go, Albert; I will notmake you a slave to your filial piety." Albert pretended hedid not hear, bowed to his mother, and quitted her. Scarcelyhad he shut her door, when Mercedes called a confidentialservant, and ordered him to follow Albert wherever he shouldgo that evening, and to come and tell her immediately whathe observed. Then she rang for her lady's maid, and, weak asshe was, she dressed, in order to be ready for whatevermight happen. The footman's mission was an easy one. Albertwent to his room, and dressed with unusual care. At tenminutes to eight Beauchamp arrived; he had seenChateau-Renaud, who had promised to be in the orchestrabefore the curtain was raised. Both got into Albert's coupe;and, as the young man had no reason to conceal where he wasgoing, he called aloud, "To the opera." In his impatience hearrived before the beginning of the performance.

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