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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes; but in certain circumstances five minutes are five ages.""When one loves."
2.  D'Artagnan remained fixed to the spot, astounded and notknowing what to think. If it was Mme. Bonacieux and if shewas returning to Paris, why this fugitive rendezvous, whythis simple exchange of a glance, why this lost kiss? If,on the other side, it was not she--which was still quitepossible--for the little light that remained rendered amistake easy--might it not be the commencement of some plotagainst him through the allurement of this woman, for whomhis love was known?
3.  The first advantage had been gained by Buckingham. Arrivingunexpectedly in sight of the Isle of Re with ninety vesselsand nearly twenty thousand men, he had surprised the Comtede Toiras, who commanded for the king in the Isle, and hehad, after a bloody conflict, effected his landing.Allow us to observe in passing that in this fight perishedthe Baron de Chantal; that the Baron de Chantal left alittle orphan girl eighteen months old, and that this littlegirl was afterward Mme. de Sevigne.
4.  "Do you believe that the cardinal is as well posted as yourself,and knows that I have been to London?"
5.  "Do you hear anything?" said she.
6.  D'Artagnan alone had discovered nothing--he, ordinarily themost inventive of the four; but it must be also said thatthe very name of Milady paralyzed him.


1.  "Richelieu"
2.  "Ah, you see how it is," said Athos, becoming still paler, butyet attempting to laugh; "I was sure it was so--the hanging ofpeople is my nightmare."
3.  "But these two words would bring about my condemnation, divorce,exile!"
4.  D'Artagnan looked at Athos to know if he ought to reply tothis intruder who thus mixed unmasked in their conversation."Well," said Athos, "don't you hear Monsieur de Busigny, whodoes you the honor to ask you a question? Relate what haspassed during the night, since these gentlemen desire toknow it."
5.  At the hour appointed, Lord de Winter and the four friends repaired tothe convent; the bells tolled, the chapel was open, the grating of thechoir was closed. In the middle of the choir the body of the victim,clothed in her novitiate dress, was exposed. On each side of the choirand behind the gratings opening into the convent was assembled the wholecommunity of the Carmelites, who listened to the divine service, andmingled their chant with the chant of the priests, without seeing theprofane, or being seen by them.
6.  "What do you mean by that, monsieur?"


1.  "Because, while you were talking with him, I watched you withoutlistening to you; and, monsieur, his countenance changed colortwo or three times!"
2.  "Pledge it, then; you can borrow at least a thousand crownson it. With that sum you can extricate yourself from yourpresent difficulties; and when you are full of money again,you can redeem it, and take it back cleansed from itsancient stains, as it will have passed through the hands ofusurers."
3.  "No," said the captain, "I make but one bargain; and I haveagreed with this young man that the other five hundred shall notbe due to me till we arrive at Boulogne."
4.  "Yes, monseigneur. Now let us return to the mission withwhich you wish to charge me; and as I desire to continue tomerit the confidence of your Eminence, deign to unfold it tome in terms clear and precise, that I may not commit anerror."
5.   As he gained the top of the Rue Guenegaud, he saw two personscoming out of the Rue Dauphine whose appearance very much struckhim. Of the two persons who composed this group, one was a manand the other a woman. The woman had the outline of Mme.Bonacieux; the man resembled Aramis so much as to be mistaken forhim.
6.  No signature. Nevertheless it was plain the letter camefrom Milady. He consequently kept it as a piece ofevidence, and being in safety behind the angle of thetrench, he began to interrogate the wounded man. Heconfessed that he had undertaken with his comrade--the samewho was killed--to carry off a young woman who was to leaveParis by the Barriere de La Villette; but having stopped todrink at a cabaret, they had missed the carriage by tenminutes.


1.  "Capitally," replied M. de Busigny.
2.  The three friends uttered a cry of surprise.
3.  It could not be said that it was wine which produced thissadness; for in truth he only drank to combat this sadness, whichwine however, as we have said, rendered still darker. Thisexcess of bilious humor could not be attributed to play; forunlike Porthos, who accompanied the variations of chance withsongs or oaths, Athos when he won remained as unmoved as when helost. He had been known, in the circle of the Musketeers, to winin one night three thousand pistoles; to lose them even to thegold-embroidered belt for gala days, win all this again with theaddition of a hundred louis, without his beautiful eyebrow beingheightened or lowered half a line, without his hands losing theirpearly hue, without his conversation, which was cheerful thatevening, ceasing to be calm and agreeable.
4、  The breakfast at M. de Treville's was as gay and cheerful aspossible. D'Artagnan already wore his uniform--for beingnearly of the same size as Aramis, and as Aramis was soliberally paid by the publisher who purchased his poem as toallow him to buy everything double, he sold his friend acomplete outfit.
5、  "Come, gentlemen, come!" said D'Artagnan, aloud; "I have nomotive for defending Monsieur. I saw him today for the firsttime, and he can tell you on what occasion; he came to demand therent of my lodging. Is that not true, Monsieur Bonacieux?Answer!"




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      "It is I who no longer understand you, madame," said Felton."Or, rather, who pretend not to understand me, sir!" replied theprisoner, with a smile of incredulity.

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      D'Artagnan alone had discovered nothing--he, ordinarily themost inventive of the four; but it must be also said thatthe very name of Milady paralyzed him.

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       Meantime the young woman continued to advance, counting thehouses and windows. This was neither long nor difficult. Therewere but three hotels in this part of the street; and only twowindows looking toward the road, one of which was in a pavilionparallel to that which Aramis occupied, the other belonging toAramis himself.

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      "Perhaps," said Athos; "But at all events listen well tothis. Assassinate the Duke of Buckingham, or cause him tobe assassinated--I care very little about that! I don'tknow him. Besides, he is an Englishman. But do not touchwith the tip of your finger a single hair of D'Artagnan, whois a faithful friend whom I love and defend, or I swear toyou by the head of my father the crime which you shall haveendeavored to commit, or shall have committed, shall be thelast."

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    {  "That is well," said Mme. Bonacieux. "Now, in my turn, let megive you my instructions."

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      "Not so; I speak frankly to you. No object affects me; and Ieven feel here, at the bottom of my heart, something which speaksfor you. But in fifteen days, as you know, or as you do notknow, this fatal campaign is to open. I shall be fearfullypreoccupied with my outfit. Then I must make a journey to see myfamily, in the lower part of Brittany, to obtain the sumnecessary for my departure."}

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      "In a dungeon."

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      "You are right," said Felton, after having looked at Milady fromthe spot on which he stood without moving a step toward her. "Goand tell Lord de Winter that his prisoner has fainted--for thisevent not having been foreseen, I don't know what to do."The soldier went out to obey the orders of his officer. Feltonsat down upon an armchair which happened to be near the door, andwaited without speaking a word, without making a gesture. Miladypossessed that great art, so much studied by women, of lookingthrough her long eyelashes without appearing to open the lids.She perceived Felton, who sat with his back toward her. Shecontinued to look at him for nearly ten minutes, and in these tenminutes the immovable guardian never turned round once.She then thought that Lord de Winter would come, and by hispresence give fresh strength to her jailer. Her first trial waslost; she acted like a woman who reckons up her resources. As aresult she raised her head, opened her eyes, and sighed deeply.At this sigh Felton turned round.

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       "That is well," said Mme. Bonacieux. "Now, in my turn, let megive you my instructions."

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    {  "Well, Monsieur de Busigny, I will bet you," said Athos,"that my three companions, Messieurs Porthos, Aramis, andD'Artagnan, and myself, will go and breakfast in the bastionSt. Gervais, and we will remain there an hour, by the watch,whatever the enemy may do to dislodge us."

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      "She loves him devilishly," he murmured. Then he went out.This time Kitty was nowhere waiting for him; neither in theantechamber, nor in the corridor, nor beneath the greatdoor. It was necessary that D'Artagnan should find alonethe staircase and the little chamber. She heard him enter,but she did not raise her head. The young man went to herand took her hands; then she sobbed aloud.