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1.   "Hear me, men of Ithaca, and I speak more particularly to thesuitors, for I see mischief brewing for them. Ulysses is not goingto be away much longer; indeed he is close at hand to deal out deathand destruction, not on them alone, but on many another of us who livein Ithaca. Let us then be wise in time, and put a stop to thiswickedness before he comes. Let the suitors do so of their own accord;it will be better for them, for I am not prophesying without dueknowledge; everything has happened to Ulysses as I foretold when theArgives set out for Troy, and he with them. I said that after goingthrough much hardship and losing all his men he should come home againin the twentieth year and that no one would know him; and now all thisis coming true."
2.   In the case of a gigantic tree covered with innumerable flowers, it may be objected that pollen could seldom be carried from tree to tree, and at most only from flower to flower on the same tree, and that flowers on the same tree can be considered as distinct individuals only in a limited sense. I believe this objection to be valid, but that nature has largely provided against it by giving to trees a strong tendency to bear flowers with separated sexes. When the sexes are separated, although the male and female flowers may be produced on the same tree, we can see that pollen must be regularly carried from flower to flower; and this will give a better chance of pollen being occasionally carried from tree to tree. That trees belonging to all Orders have their sexes more often separated than other plants, I find to be the case in this country; and at my request Dr Hooker tabulated the trees of New Zealand, and Dr Asa Gray those of the United States, and the result was as I anticipated. On the other hand, Dr Hooker has recently informed me that he finds that the rule does not hold in Australia; and I have made these few remarks on the sexes of trees simply to call attention to the subject.Turning for a very brief space to animals: on the land there are some hermaphrodites, as land-mollusca and earth-worms; but these all pair. As yet I have not found a single case of a terrestrial animal which fertilises itself. We can understand this remarkable fact, which offers so strong a contrast with terrestrial plants, on the view of an occasional cross being indispensable, by considering the medium in which terrestrial animals live, and the nature of the fertilising element; for we know of no means, analogous to the action of insects and of the wind in the case of plants, by which an occasional cross could be effected with terrestrial animals without the concurrence of two individuals. Of aquatic animals, there are many self-fertilising hermaphrodites; but here currents in the water offer an obvious means for an occasional cross. And, as in the case of flowers, I have as yet failed, after consultation with one of the highest authorities, namely, Professor Huxley, to discover a single case of an hermaphrodite animal with the organs of reproduction so perfectly enclosed within the body, that access from without and the occasional influence of a distinct individual can be shown to be physically impossible. Cirripedes long appeared to me to present a case of very great difficulty under this point of view; but I have been enabled, by a fortunate chance, elsewhere to prove that two individuals, though both are self-fertilising hermaphrodites, do sometimes cross.It must have struck most naturalists as a strange anomaly that, in the case of both animals and plants, species of the same family and even of the same genus, though agreeing closely with each other in almost their whole organisation, yet are not rarely, some of them hermaphrodites, and some of them unisexual. But if, in fact, all hermaphrodites do occasionally intercross with other individuals, the difference between hermaphrodites and unisexual species, as far as function is concerned, becomes very small.
3.   "You are wrong," replied Villefort, significantly; "it isimportant that you should be seen there."
4. 影响用户复购的因素就更多了,营销策略运用是否得当,产品上是否有对应功能引导,以及商品本身是否足够打动用户再次购买。
5. 少看朋友圈,少看转发的内容。
6. 原标题:跋山涉水,只为那至美之巅人的脆弱和坚强都超乎自己的想象,有时,我们脆弱得一句话就泪流满面。


1. 在战略发布会上,瑞幸咖啡CEO钱治亚更是喊出了布点越多越好、越密越好,不设上限的宏大口号。
2. 在毕胜看来,乐淘不建库存这件事能不能成,最重要是取决于速度,如果业务发展速度够快,盘子越大,效率越高,就可以用速度换来零库存。
3.   'Oh, don't fall back on over-modesty! I have examined Adele, andfind you have taken great pains with her: she is not bright, she hasno talents; yet in a short time she has made much improvement.'
4. 包括盾牌、头盔、防刺背心、护膝、甩棍、叉子、强光电筒等……武侯警方表示,川大华西医院的装备和防暴大队警察用的基本上没区别,这些装备都是约束性和防护性的,并不带攻击性。
5. 神官一度成为她的指望。
6.   At ten o'clock Milady began to appear restless. D'Artagnanknew what she wanted. She looked at the clock, rose,reseated herself, smiled at D'Artagnan with an air whichsaid, "You are very amiable, no doubt, but you would becharming if you would only depart."


1. 努力从组织现状实现八大特征价值的过程,就是平台型组织转型的过程。
2.   As we see that those variations which under domestication appear at any particular period of life, tend to reappear in the offspring at the same period; for instance, in the seeds of the many varieties of our culinary and agricultural plants; in the caterpillar and cocoon stages of the varieties of the silkworm; in the eggs of poultry, and in the colour of the down of their chickens; in the horns of our sheep and cattle when nearly adult; so in a state of nature, natural selection will be enabled to act on and modify organic beings at any age, by the accumulation of profitable variations at that age, and by their inheritance at a corresponding age. If it profit a plant to have its seeds more and more widely disseminated by the wind, I can see no greater difficulty in this being effected through natural selection, than in the cotton-planter increasing and improving by selection the down in the pods on his cotton-trees. Natural selection may modify and adapt the larva of an insect to a score of contingencies, wholly different from those which concern the mature insect. These modifications will no doubt affect, through the laws of correlation, the structure of the adult; and probably in the case of those insects which live only for a few hours, and which never feed, a large part of their structure is merely the correlated result of successive changes in the structure of their larvae. So, conversely, modifications in the adult will probably often affect the structure of the larva; but in all cases natural selection will ensure that modifications consequent on other modifications at a different period of life, shall not be in the least degree injurious: for if they became so, they would cause the extinction of the species.Natural selection will modify the structure of the young in relation to the parent, and of the parent in relation to the young. In social animals it will adapt the structure of each individual for the benefit of the community; if each in consequence profits by the selected change. What natural selection cannot do, is to modify the structure of one species, without giving it any advantage, for the good of another species; and though statements to this effect may be found in works of natural history, I cannot find one case which will bear investigation. A structure used only once in an animal's whole life, if of high importance to it, might be modified to any extent by natural selection; for instance, the great jaws possessed by certain insects, and used exclusively for opening the cocoon or the hard tip to the beak of nestling birds, used for breaking the egg. It has been asserted, that of the best short-beaked tumbler-pigeons more perish in the egg than are able to get out of it; so that fanciers assist in the act of hatching. Now, if nature had to make the beak of a full-grown pigeon very short for the bird's own advantage, the process of modification would be very slow, and there would be simultaneously the most rigorous selection of the young birds within the egg, which had the most powerful and hardest beaks, for all with weak beaks would inevitably perish: or, more delicate and more easily broken shells might be selected, the thickness of the shell being known to vary like every other structure.Sexual Selection
3.   Mephistopheles
4. 事发地面留有大量血迹,还有一根拐杖、一只棉鞋和一些玻璃碎片,现场周边无事故车辆。
5. 一六一三年,四川提督奏称:“蜀省一碗水地方聚集万人开矿,随逐随聚。”康熙帝命大学士与九卿会议矿事。议复后决定:(一)除云南督抚雇本地人开矿和皇商王纲明等在湖广、山西雇本地人开矿以外,其他各省未经开采之矿,仍行禁止。(二)本地贫民已开采的小矿,姑免禁止。由地方官查明姓名造册。(三)外省人不许开采,并严禁本处豪强富户设厂。这几项规定,即不准开新矿、开大矿,不准外省人游移,只许当地贫民小规模开采。但在实行中,逐渐扩大封禁范围,陆续停止整个地区的矿采。在此以前,一七一一年时已封禁湖南铅矿。此后,一七一四年,停止郴州银矿和河南全省的矿采。一七一五年,严行封禁广州所属矿场。一七一八年又停止四川全省各厂。事实上,广东、四川和河南的矿采,已全遭封禁。
6.   And taking Barrois under the arms, he dragged him into anadjoining room; but almost immediately he returned to fetchthe lemonade. Noirtier closed lids right eye. "You wantValentine, do you not? I will tell them to send her to you."Villefort returned, and d'Avrigny met him in the passage."Well, how is he now?" asked he. "Come in here," saidd'Avrigny, and he took him into the chamber where the sickman lay. "Is he still in a fit?" said the procureur.


1.   'Not at all! You're right!' said Mr. Omer. 'Well, sir, her cousin - you know it's a cousin she's going to be married to?'
2. 其无罪辩护的意见主要有两点:我认为我在和被害人发生性行为的时候,她没有反抗,还把我抱住是默认的允许。
3.   "I have."
4. 最艰难的日子过去了,黄恒萌生了退居二线的想法,在家总比不上社区前线处理更为高效。
5. 云葫芦由中合国际知识产权股份有限公司孵化,于2018年9月上线,依托SAAS平台,为创业者、个体户、事业单位、高校、有限责任公司等主体提供国际国内知识产权保护(如专利申请、商标注册、高新技术企业认证等)、公司注册、企业院校成果转化等企业服务。
6. 在西域地区则沿置西汉时的西域都护、戊己校尉等职。明帝永平十七年(公元74年),东汉政府重新控制西域后,置西域都护,统西域五十余国,为该地区最高军政长官。属官有西域副校尉、西域长史等。但有时仅置西域长史,不置都护。安帝以后均以长史行都护职,至灵帝时连任不绝。长史驻地不一,一般常驻疏勒、伊吾、柳中、于阗等地,统领各国兵民。戊己校尉也为驻西域的军政长官。始置于西汉元帝时,驻车师前王庭(今新疆吐鲁番东),掌戍守西域及屯田事务。东汉明帝永平十七年(公元74年)复置,以(耿)恭为戊己校尉,屯后王部金蒲城;谒者关宠为戊己校尉,屯前王柳中城,屯各置数百人①,与西域都护、西域长史共同主持西域防务。


1. 图片来自网络会对艺人身体提前评估吗?以艺人团队回馈为准,体检报告没硬性规定在选择嘉宾时,节目组会对其身体状况提前评估。
2.   The prince lay with his face half hidden by the coverlet. Maimoune lifted it a little and beheld the most beautiful youth she had ever seen.
3. 这位母亲名叫阿普里尔·撒丁哈,来自科罗拉多州的埃尔帕索县,她有一个女儿今年20岁,六岁时因遭遇车祸重伤留下残疾,不能说话,智力仅相当于幼儿。

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