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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I will do, without a promise and voluntarily, all that I can doto serve the king and be agreeable to the queen. Dispose of me,then, as a friend."
2.  "Her lover."
3.  "I do not like to disturb those who pray, madame," said Felton,seriously; "do not disturb yourself on my account, I beseechyou."
4.  "Constance."
5.  "They are firing at the corpses," replied Athos.
6.  "My own service!" said D'Artagnan.


1.  "The woman who was here--the woman with the embroideredhandkerchief."
2.  The next day, when Felton entered Milady's apartment he found herstanding, mounted upon a chair, holding in her hands a cord madeby means of torn cambric handkerchiefs, twisted into a kind ofrope one with another, and tied at the ends. At the noise Feltonmade in entering, Milady leaped lightly to the ground, and triedto conceal behind her the improvised cord she held in her hand.The young man was more pale than usual, and his eyes, reddened bywant of sleep, denoted that he had passed a feverish night.Nevertheless, his brow was armed with a severity more austerethan ever.
3.  "You?"
4.  "Silence!" said Mme. Bonacieux, starting.
5.  There was no further question, therefore, about Marie Michon among thefour Musketeers, who besides had what they wanted: that was, the orderto withdraw Mme. Bonacieux from the convent of the Carmelites ofBethune. It was true that this order would not be of great use to themwhile they were in camp at La Rochelle; that is to say, at the other enof France. Therefore D'Artagnan was going to ask leave of absence of M.de Treville, confiding to him candidly the importance of his departure,when the news was transmitted to him as well as to his three friendsthat the king was about to set out for Paris with an escort of twentyMusketeers, and that they formed part of the escort.Their joy was great. The lackeys were sent on before with the baggage,and they set out on the morning of the sixteenth.The cardinal accompanied his Majesty from Surgeres to Mauzes; and therethe king and his minister took leave of each other with greatdemonstrations of friendship.
6.  "Much money to be gained?" said Bonacieux, protruding his lip."Yes, much."


1.  "Yes, sire."
2.  "Well, this time," said the cardinal, "it is not necessaryto steal his confidence, but to present yourself frankly andloyally as a negotiator."
3.  "It is surely not one of my friends?" replied D'Artagnan,affecting hesitation in order to make her believe himignorant.
4.  "You are rich, then?" said Aramis.
5.   The three friends burst into laughter.
6.  D'Artagnan, however, stupefied, cast down, annihilated by allthat happened, stood, with crossed arms, before the Musketeer andMme. Bonacieux.


1.  But the stranger knew not the headstrong personage he had to dowith; D'Artagnan was not the man ever to cry for quarter. Thefight was therefore prolonged for some seconds; but at lengthD'Artagnan dropped his sword, which was broken in two pieces bythe blow of a stick. Another blow full upon his forehead at thesame moment brought him to the ground, covered with blood andalmost fainting.
2.  "You at last?" cried D'Artagnan.
3.  "I should do her justice by sending her to Tyburn," said Buckingham."This lady is infamous."
4、  "To ask me if I want money."
5、  "Yes," said Milady, "Lord de Winter; and now you can understandit all, can you not? Buckingham remained nearly a year absent.A week before his return Lord de Winter died, leaving me his soleheir. Whence came the blow? God who knows all, knows withoutdoubt; but as for me, I accuse nobody."




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      The king looked at the cardinal as if to interrogate him; but hehad not time to address any question to him--a cry of admirationburst from every mouth. If the king appeared to be the firstgentleman of his kingdom, the queen was without doubt the mostbeautiful woman in France.

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      All the city was agitated by an extraordinary movement. Fourlarge vessels, recently built, had just been launched. At theend of the jetty, his clothes richly laced with gold, glittering,as was customary with him, with diamonds and precious stones, hishat ornamented with a white feather which drooped upon hisshoulder, Buckingham was seen surrounded by a staff almost asbrilliant as himself.

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       Then he explained to him the cause of his visit, and the service herequired of him. But scarcely had he expressed his request when theunknown, who remained standing before the Musketeer, drew back withsigns of terror, and refused. Then Athos took from his pocket a smallpaper, on which two lines were written, accompanied by a signature anda seal, and presented them to him who had made too prematurely thesesigns of repugnance. The tall man had scarcely read these lines, seenthe signature, and recognized the seal, when he bowed to denote that hehad no longer any objection to make, and that he was ready to obey.Athos required no more. He arose, bowed, went out, returned by the sameway he came, re-entered the hotel, and went to his apartment.At daybreak D'Artagnan entered the chamber, and demanded what was to bedone.

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      "Do you know this ring?" said D'Artagnan.

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    {  Grimaud and his basket were far in advance, out of the rangeof the balls.

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      "My mistress above all," repeated he, mechanically; "and why herrather than another?"}

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      "From Tours!" cried Aramis. "A thousand pardons, gentlemen;but no doubt this man brings me the news I expected." Andrising also, he went off at a quick pace. There remainedAthos and D'Artagnan.

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      "You are sure there is nobody there?" said the stranger."I will answer for it," said Bonacieux.

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       "My chaise broke down coming into Lilliers."

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    {  "Your pardon?" said Richelieu, surprised.

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      "All this will not advance your outfit," said Athos; "for ifI am not mistaken, you have left the best of your apparelwith Milady, and she will certainly not have the politenessto return it to you. Fortunately, you have the sapphire.""The jewel is yours, my dear Athos! Did you not tell me itwas a family jewel?"