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1.   "And now," said the Sultan. "I will go back to my capital, which I am glad to find is so near yours."
2.   44. Calypsa: Calypso, on whose island of Ogygia Ulysses was wrecked. The goddess promised the hero immortality if he remained with her; but he refused, and, after a detention of seven years, she had to let him go.
3. The babies were reared in the warmer part of the country, and gradually acclimated to the cooler heights as they grew older.
4. 截至2019年底,火山小视频日活跃用户超过5000万,在2020年刚开始,抖音的日活跃用户已突破4亿。
5. 李建宇:防护服我们其实是有的,但怕我们穿了,居民心里更恐慌。
6. 想一想再看


1.   Vaguely she knew herself that she was going to pieces in some way. Vaguely she knew she was out of connexion: she had lost touch with the substantial and vital world. Only Clifford and his books, which did not exist...which had nothing in them! Void to void. Vaguely she knew. But it was like beating her head against a stone.
2. 截至目前,已有15名党员干部因漠视侵害群众利益问题受到党纪政务处分。
3.   "I don't like the actors in our company," she told Lola one day."They're all so struck on themselves."
4. 我说他错得浅,是因为只要多想五秒,就能明白免费通行的公路,对有私车的人好处大,对无私车的人好处少;公共图书馆对邻近的居民好处大,对远地的居民好处少;免费的公园对时间成本低的老人好处大,对分秒必争的上班族好处小。政府从来不会无端端推出公共服务,让某些人无端端地得益。任何公共服务,提供什么、怎么提供、在哪里提供、从哪里拨款,都是精明算计和激烈争夺的结果。
5. 经济基础好一点的人群更容易接受,寿命也不能用价格来衡量。
6. 王华说,他也听不出来潘冬梅讲的是客家话,还是粤语。


1. 手机淘宝将设置百亿补贴为一级入口。
2. 去年12月初,该空间新一轮创业项目的筛选工作启动。
3. 第8节:华尔街惊天大变局(8)
4. 这个机器人,它观察你,记录你的购买习惯和兴趣。
5. 1月21日至2月8日期间通过携程和马蜂窝平台预定的产品和订单均支持无损退订。
6. 大量观众聚集在舞台两侧的空地上,吃着主办方免费提供的饭菜。


1. However it's framed, 2018 was a strong year for many of China's biggest domestic film studios though.
2. 而作为患者,他也并未将医护人员的服务视为理所应当,而是将他们的辛劳看在眼里,所以才想着答谢。
3. 车墩城管中队负责人率先报名,也就有了开篇的一幕。
4. 毛经理的物流公司有三辆车头、五辆挂车,配起来都是六轴大货车,专跑济南西安一线。
5. 对卢瑟福来说,这是一个终生难以忘怀的夜晚。
6. 记者从警方获悉,早上7时,上海公安部门已安排民警上岗执勤,通过指挥疏导等措施,维护本市路面和高架道路通行秩序。


1.   It was about this time that the newspapers and magazines werebeginning to pay that illustrative attention to the beauties ofthe stage which has since become fervid. The newspapers, andparticularly the Sunday newspapers, indulged in large decorativetheatrical pages, in which the faces and forms of well-knowntheatrical celebrities appeared, enclosed with artistic scrolls.The magazines also or at least one or two of the newer ones--published occasional portraits of pretty stars, and now and againphotos of scenes from various plays. Carrie watched these withgrowing interest. When would a scene from her opera appear? Whenwould some paper think her photo worth while?
2.   "What fortune?"
3.   Mephistopheles

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