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1.   '"- it will be never to come back, unless he brings me back a lady. This will be found at night, many hours after, instead of me. Oh, if you knew how my heart is torn. If even you, that I have wronged so much, that never can forgive me, could only know what I suffer! I am too wicked to write about myself! Oh, take comfort in thinking that I am so bad. Oh, for mercy's sake, tell uncle that I never loved him half so dear as now. Oh, don't remember how affectionate and kind you have all been to me - don't remember we were ever to be married - but try to think as if I died when I was little, and was buried somewhere. Pray Heaven that I am going away from, have compassion on my uncle! Tell him that I never loved him half so dear. Be his comfort. Love some good girl that will be what I was once to uncle, and be true to you, and worthy of you, and know no shame but me. God bless all! I'll pray for all, often, on my knees. If he don't bring me back a lady, and I don't pray for my own self, I'll pray for all. My parting love to uncle. My last tears, and my last thanks, for uncle!"'
2. 2010年最让人痴迷的东西是备受期待的iPhone,其他受关注的对象还有女演员林赛 罗韩、iPad、电视节目《欢乐合唱团》和《泽西海岸》。
3. 每个订单包含产品重量在10斤以下。
4. 2016年11月,陈旭东转向负责联想全球服务业务,联想MBG(移动业务集团)交由联想集团公司高级副总裁乔健负责。
6.   `I tell you we must...we say such spiteful things to one another, about one another, behind our backs! I'm the worst.'


1. 该公司声明称,在阿什莉没付款就离开我们商店后,我们通知了执法部门,而执法部门随后将她逮捕,而公司自此没有再参与司法程序或审判程序。
2. 如前所述,文是善的道德在外部的表现,质则是内在的善的品德。
3.   To strange conceits oft I myself must own, But impulse such as this I ne'erhave known: Nor woods, nor fields, can long our thoughts engage, Theirwings I envy not the feather'd kind; Far otherwise the pleasures of the mind,Bear us from book to book, from page to page! Then winter nights growcheerful; keen delight Warms every limb; and ah! when we unroll Some oldand precious parchment, at the sight All heaven itself descends upon the soul.Faust
4.   On this he took his leave, and Calypso went out to look for Ulysses,for she had heard Jove's message. She found him sitting upon the beachwith his eyes ever filled with tears, and dying of sheerhome-sickness; for he had got tired of Calypso, and though he wasforced to sleep with her in the cave by night, it was she, not he,that would have it so. As for the day time, he spent it on the rocksand on the sea-shore, weeping, crying aloud for his despair, andalways looking out upon the sea. Calypso then went close up to himsaid:
5. 有的号码是处在停机状态,是挂在网站工作人员名下的,这种需要去营业厅办理下过户。
6. 上述公式按照从0到100的百分比例的形式,简单地求得了当日收市价在过去5日内的全部价格范围中的相对位置。如果结果很高(超过70),,则表明当日收市价接近该价格范围的上端,而如果结果较低(小于30),则当日收市价接近该价格区间的下端。


1. 联想记忆
2.   The entrance of the Judge, and a consequent great stir and settling down in the court, stopped the dialogue. Presently, the dock became the central point of interest. Two gaolers, who had been standing there, went out, and the prisoner was brought in, and put to the bar.
3. 有些自媒体,是靠贩卖焦虑,增加点击率和关注度。
4. 摆个小摊,胜过县官;喇叭一响,不做省长。—北方民谚,1988年
5.   In the dayes of the first King of Cyprus, after the Conquest made inthe holy Land by Godfrey of Bullen, it fortuned that a Gentlewomanof Gascoignie, travelling in pilgrimage to visit the sacredSepulcher in Jerusalem, returning home againe, arrived at Cyprus,where shee was villanously abused by certaine base wretches.Complaining thereof, without any comfort or redresse, shee intended tomake her moane to the King of the Country. Whereupon it was tolde her,that therein shee should but loose her labour, because hee was sowomanish, and faint-hearted; that not onely he refused to punishwith justice the offence of others, but also suffered shamefullinjuries done to himselfe. And therefore, such as were displeased byhis negligence, might easily discharge their spleene against him,and doe him what dishonour they would.
6. competition


1. 这个获客成本相对来讲,不管比起线下还是线上,都是低的。
2. 8. Smile every time EXCEPT when my team is losing.
3. 除了以上三个规划策略,另外有关于如何做到安全复工,我有一些建议。
4. 比如,工地中有急先锋突击队等,专门帮助忙不过来的兄弟单位。
5. 目前SharingOS提供包括动态智能巴士、车辆电子租赁、共享车辆等行业应用,联通软件、硬件、AI服务。
6. 从即将发生的事情来看,列宁的要求似乎是合乎自然、合乎逻辑的。但实际上,这些要求在苏维埃内部的社会革命党人和孟什维克中,甚至在一些布尔什维克中,都引起了许多异议。尤其引起争论的是“全部政权归苏维埃”的要求。这在当时似乎是十分荒谬和不负责任的。作为马克思主义者,大多数苏维埃代表把三月革命看作是一次资产阶级的起义,并认为,在俄国经历长期经济发展之前,要进行第二次革命即社会主义革命是不可能的。因而,他们的策略是允许临时政府继续执政,同时经常督促它进行适当的改革和社会变革。


1. 真可谓是,一颗螺钉联系航天事业,小小按钮维系民族尊严。
2. 麦女士怀疑这位教授不具备相关资质,属于非法行医。
3. 工业革命不但在交通运输方面,而且在通讯联络方面引起了一场革命。以往,人们一向只有通过运货马车、驿使或船才能将一个音信送到一个遥远的地方。然而,18世纪中叶,发明了电报;作出这一发明的主委是一个英国人查尔斯·惠斯通与两个美国人塞缪尔·F·B·莫尔斯和艾尔弗雷德·维耳。1866年,人们敷设了一道横越大西洋的电缆,建立了东半球与美洲之间直接的通讯联络。

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      "When we reached it we went ashore to take in water, and dinedhard by the ships. Immediately after dinner I took a herald and one ofmy men and went straight to the house of Aeolus, where I found himfeasting with his wife and family; so we sat down as suppliants on thethreshold. They were astounded when they saw us and said, 'Ulysses,what brings you here? What god has been ill-treating you? We tookgreat pains to further you on your way home to Ithaca, or whereverit was that you wanted to go to.'

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    Out of that dark green sea of crowding forest this high- standing spur rose steeply. It ran back on either side, apparently, to the far-off white-crowned peaks in the distance, themselves probably inaccessible.

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      As she spoke she touched him with her golden wand. First she threw afair clean shirt and cloak about his shoulders; then she made himyounger and of more imposing presence; she gave him back his colour,filled out his cheeks, and let his beard become dark again. Then shewent away and Ulysses came back inside the hut. His son wasastounded when he saw him, and turned his eyes away for fear hemight be looking upon a god.

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