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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And will you go?" asked Kitty.
2.  Porthos drew his sword from the scabbard, and made passes atthe wall, springing back from time to time, and makingcontortions like a dancer.
3.  "Stand on one side, D'Artagnan, stand on one side," cried Athos."I am going to fire!"
4.  "This is the second or third time, monsieur, that you haverepeated that name, and yet I have told you that I do not knowhim."
5.  "You will do me honor, monsieur," said D'Artagnan."Well, then, off to the nearest goldsmith's, and sell thatdiamond for the highest price you can get from him. However muchof a Jew he may be, he will give you at least eight hundredpistoles. Pistoles have no name, young man, and that ring has aterrible one, which may betray him who wears it.""Sell this ring, a ring which comes from my sovereign? Never!"said D'Artagnan.
6.  "I should do her justice by sending her to Tyburn," said Buckingham."This lady is infamous."


1.  "I listen to your Eminence with greatest attention," replieda female voice which made the Musketeer start.
2.  "Oh, D'Artagnan, my beloved D'Artagnan! You have come, then, at last!You have not deceived me! It is indeed thee!"
3.  "You may perceive, madame, by my uniform, that I am an officer inthe English navy," replied the young man.
4.  "To Calais," said D'Artagnan; "that is the most direct line toLondon."
5.  "Nor me either," said Athos.
6.  An expression of unspeakable joy lightened the countenance ofMilady; but this expression was fleeting as the reflection oflightning. Without appearing to have heard the dialogue, ofwhich she had not lost a word, she began again, giving to hervoice all the charm, all the power, all the seduction the demonhad bestowed upon it:


1.  "And what do you believe?' His voice was stifled by sobs."I believe everything," said Athos biting his lips till the blood sprangto avoid sighing.
2.  "You are right; only let me know where to find you that I may not runneedlessly about the neighborhood."
3.  "No, sire."
4.  "You?" asked Milady.
5.   "You do not guess?"
6.  He however kept a good countenance, holding his hat in hishand and awaiting the good pleasure of his Eminence, withouttoo much assurance, but also without too much humility."Monsieur," said the cardinal, "are you a D'Artagnan fromBearn?"


1.  "Oh, my God!" murmured Felton.
2.  The two men in black rose, bowed to Aramis and D'Artagnan, andadvanced toward the door. Bazin, who had been standing listeningto all this controversy with a pious jubilation, sprang towardthem, took the breviary of the curate and the missal of theJesuit, and walked respectfully before them to clear their way.Aramis conducted them to the foot of the stairs, and themimmediately came up again to D'Artagnan, whose senses were stillin a state of confusion.
3.  "But," said he whom D'Artagnan thus provoked, "it appears to methat this place is badly chosen, and that we should be betterbehind the Abbey St. Germain or in the Pre-aux-Clercs.""What you say is full of sense," replied D'Artagnan; "butunfortunately I have very little time to spare, having anappointment at twelve precisely. On guard, then, monsieur, onguard!"
4、  Left alone, the cardinal seated himself again and wrote a letter,which he secured with his special seal. Then he rang. Theofficer entered for the fourth time.
5、  "Ah, ah!" cried one of the Guards, "will you persist in saying,most discreet Aramis, that you are not on good terms with Madamede Bois-Tracy, when that gracious lady has the kindness to lendyou one of her handkerchiefs?"




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      "That does not prevent," replied Milady, softening her smile so as togive it an angelic expression, "my being alone or being persecuted.""Hear me," said the novice; "we must trust in heaven. There alwayscomes a moment when the good you have done pleads your cause before God;and see, perhaps it is a happiness for you, humble and powerless as Iam, that you have met with me, for if I leave this place, well-I havepowerful friends, who, after having exerted themselves on my account,may also exert themselves for you."

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      >From this phrase, "D'Artagnan awakened Planchet," the reader mustnot suppose it was night, or that day was hardly come. No, ithad just struck four. Planchet, two hours before, had asked hismaster for some dinner, and he had answered him with the proverb,"He who sleeps, dines." And Planchet dined by sleeping.A man was introduced of simple mien, who had the appearance of atradesman. Planchet, by way of dessert, would have liked to hearthe conversation; but the citizen declared to D'Artagnan thatwhat he had to say being important and confidential, he desiredto be left alone with him.

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       M. de Treville was not at his hotel. His company was on guard atthe Louvre; he was at the Louvre with his company.It was necessary to reach M. de Treville; it was important thathe should be informed of what was passing. D'Artagnan resolvedto try and enter the Louvre. His costume of Guardsman in thecompany of M. Dessessart ought to be his passport.He therefore went down the Rue des Petits Augustins, and came upto the quay, in order to take the New Bridge. He had at first anidea of crossing by the ferry; but on gaining the riverside, hehad mechanically put his hand into his pocket, and perceived thathe had not wherewithal to pay his passage.

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      D'Artagnan went out, but at the door his heart almost failedhim, and he felt inclined to return. Then the noble andsevere countenance of Athos crossed his mind; if he made thecompact with the cardinal which he required, Athos would nomore give him his hand--Athos would renounce him.It was this fear that restrained him, so powerful is theinfluence of a truly great character on all that surroundsit.

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    {  Then D'Artagnan, as the reader, from whom we have not concealedthe state of his fortune, very well knows--D'Artagnan was not amillionaire; he hoped to become one someday, but the time whichin his own mind he fixed upon for this happy change was still fardistant. In the meanwhile, how disheartening to see the womanone loves long for those thousands of nothings which constitute awoman's happiness, and be unable to give her those thousands ofnothings. At least, when the woman is rich and the lover is notthat which he cannot offer she offers to herself; and although itis generally with her husband's money that she procures herselfthis indulgence, the gratitude for it seldom reverts to him.Then D'Artagnan, disposed to become the most tender of lovers,was at the same time a very devoted friend, In the midst of hisamorous projects for the mercer's wife, he did not forget hisfriends. The pretty Mme. Bonacieux was just the woman to walkwith in the Plain St. Denis or in the fair of St. Germain, incompany with Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, to whom D'Artagnan hadoften remarked this. Then one could enjoy charming littledinners, where one touches on one side the hand of a friend, andon the other the foot of a mistress. Besides, on pressingoccasions, in extreme difficulties, D'Artagnan would become thepreserver of his friends.

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      "The same password?"}

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      "You did not see her? Ah, very well," replied the cardinal,quickly. "You did well to defend the honor of a woman; andas I am going to the Red Dovecot myself, I shall know if youhave told me the truth."

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       "Oh, the Red Duke! Bravo! Bravo! The Red Duke!" cried Porthos,clapping his hands and nodding his head. "The Red Duke iscapital. I'll circulate that saying, be assured, my dear fellow.Who says this Aramis is not a wit? What a misfortune it is youdid not follow your first vocation; what a delicious abbe youwould have made!"

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    {  "You have my word," said he; "for the second time I give youyour life."

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      "Holloa, there!" cried he; "what do you want, you strumpet?What's your business here, you hussy?"