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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I never saw anybody do better than you did then, Cad," he addedruefully, as he leaned an elbow on the table; "I thought you andI were going to get along fine those days."
2.  On the second floor were the managerial offices, to which, aftersome inquiry, she was now directed. There she found other girlsahead of her, applicants like herself, but with more of thatself-satisfied and independent air which experience of the citylends; girls who scrutinised her in a painful manner. After await of perhaps three-quarters of an hour, she was called inturn.
3.  "I'll lay my hand to whatever I can get," he said, now that hesaw her brighten up. "I can get something."
4.  "No, I didn't want to ask," said Carrie. "I guess they paytwelve or fourteen dollars a week."
5.  At last Carrie's turn came. It was because of her extremeanxiety to do all that was required that brought on the trouble.
6.  "I don't know," said Hanson, and went over to the baby, hisforehead slightly wrinkled.


1.  "Manager of the company or the house?" asked the smartly dressedindividual who took care of the tickets. He was favourablyimpressed by Carrie's looks.
2.  "Will you go over and get some canned peaches?" she askedHurstwood, laying down a two-dollar bill.
3.  There was an air about her which showed plainer than any wordsthat she was both weary and disappointed.
4.  Minnie looked serious.
5.  "Miss Madenda," said Quincel.
6.  "Well, I don't," he said, stubbornly, yet nervous and alert forwhat should come next. The finality of the woman's manner tookaway his feeling of superiority in battle.


1.  Thus, ever, the voice of success.Still, she could not keep her secret. She tried to be calm andindifferent, but it was a palpable sham.
2.  All day and all night it snowed, and the city began to sufferfrom a general blockade of traffic. Great attention was given tothe details of the storm by the newspapers, which played up thedistress of the poor in large type.
3.  "Won't you let me tell you----"
4.  "She's too nervous," said Drouet, feeling in the mildness of theremark that he was lying for once.
5.   Reluctantly Drouet gave up the bright table and followed. He sawher to the elevator and, standing there, said:
6.  He arose from his chair and went and looked out into the street.The long drizzle had begun. Pedestrians had turned up collars,and trousers at the bottom. Hands were hidden in the pockets ofthe umbrellaless; umbrellas were up. The street looked like asea of round black cloth roofs, twisting, bobbing, moving.Trucks and vans were rattling in a noisy line and everywhere menwere shielding themselves as best they could. He scarcelynoticed the picture. He was forever confronting his wife,demanding of her to change her attitude toward him before heworked her bodily harm.


1.  "Well, you can go out to the flat then, that's all right. Youdon't need to stay in the room. Just take it and leave yourthings there."
2.  On this occasion the lodge sent a carriage. Drouet rode with heras far as the door, and then went about the neighbouring stores,looking for some good cigars. The little actress marchednervously into her dressing-room and began that painfullyanticipated matter of make-up which was to transform her, asimple maiden, to Laura, The Belle of Society.
3.  She looked the picture of despair.
4、  Hurstwood had come out of his own home that morning feeling muchof the same old annoyance. At his store he had idled, therebeing no need to write. He had come away to this place with thelightness of heart which characterises those who put wearinessbehind. Now, in the shade of this cool, green bush, he lookedabout him with the fancy of the lover. He heard the carts golumbering by upon the neighbouring streets, but they were faroff, and only buzzed upon his ear. The hum of the surroundingcity was faint, the clang of an occasional bell was as music. Helooked and dreamed a new dream of pleasure which concerned hispresent fixed condition not at all. He got back in fancy to theold Hurstwood, who was neither married nor fixed in a solidposition for life. He remembered the light spirit in which heonce looked after the girls--how he had danced, escorted themhome, hung over their gates. He almost wished he was back thereagain--here in this pleasant scene he felt as if he were whollyfree.
5、  "Will you marry me?" she asked, forgetting how.




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      Carrie put out her hand, smiling, if for nothing more than theman's exuberant good-nature. Though older, he was but slightlychanged. The same fine clothes, the same stocky body, the samerosy countenance.

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      Curiously, this stirred Hurstwood to further effort.

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       "It seems an awful lot to pay for rent," he said.

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      The latter made progress along Thirteenth and across FourteenthStreet to Union Square.

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    {  He looked rather determined now, in a desolate sort of way, andCarrie felt very sorry. Something of the old Hurstwood was here--the least shadow of what was once shrewd and pleasant strength.Outside, it was cloudy and blowing a few flakes of snow.

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      "Won't you let me get you a berth in the sleeper?"}

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      Carrie looked, and observed the grace commended.

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      Naturally, being about the house, he noticed the way Carrie didthings. She was far from perfect in household methods andeconomy, and her little deviations on this score first caught hiseye. Not, however, before her regular demand for her allowancebecame a grievous thing. Sitting around as he did, the weeksseemed to pass very quickly. Every Tuesday Carrie asked for hermoney.

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       Hurstwood was perfectly indifferent. He took it for granted thatit would be worthless. All he cared for was to have it endurableenough to allow for pretension and congratulation afterward.

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    {  The manager's wife would have questioned farther, but she saw noopportunity. She was for the moment wholly at sea, anxious tothink for herself, and wondering what new deception was thiswhich caused him to give out that she was ill when she was not.Another case of her company not wanted, and excuses being made.She resolved to find out more.

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      "Come down and meet me to morrow," he said, "and we'll go to thematinee. Will you?"