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1. 但如今,随着户籍制度的进一步放开,特别是2014年取消了户籍上农业和非农业的区别,这种城乡二元制的根基已经销蚀
2.   On the Intercrossing of Individuals
3. 如果16岁就结婚,就违反了《婚姻法》
4. It cannot be denied that as they sat before the blazing fire, and ate the nourishing, comfortable food, they felt a kind of rapturous awe, and looked into each other's eyes with something like doubt.
5. To which Lottie agreed quite cheerfully, and trotted out of the room and upstairs with her, without seeming even to remember that the whole of the last hour's tragedy had been caused by the fact that she had refused to be washed and brushed for lunch and Miss Minchin had been called in to use her majestic authority.
6.   (boring a hole in the edge of the table opposite to where Frosch is sitting)Give me a little wax - and make some stoppers - quick!Altmayer


1. 这次事件中当事人谢爸爸来自云南,家境贫寒,其4岁的儿子小浩在2019年4月份被确诊为患有神经母细胞瘤。
2. 据悉,泉港区是泉州市唯一没有疫情的区域,正进入严控时期。
3. 此次活动汇集中国早期创投领域最具价值的细分领域专家,精英创业者和投资人,与创业者共同探讨2020年创投新趋势。
4. 包老师就给上了1节课,老林就找到了对付老赵的方法,老赵自愿退出。
5.   "At my suggestion a couple of the county police were summoned tobe present, and I then endeavoured to raise the stone by pulling onthe cravat. I could only move it slightly, and it was with the aidof one of the constables that I succeeded at last in carrying it toone side. A black hole yawned beneath into which we all peered,while Musgrave, kneeling at the side, pushed down the lantern."A small chamber about seven feet deep and four feet square lay opento us. At one side of this was a squat, brass-bound wooden box, thelid of which was hinged upward, with this curious old-fashioned keyprojecting from the lock. It was furred outside by a thick layer ofdust, and damp and worms had eaten through the wood, so that a crop oflivid fungi was growing on the inside of it. Several discs of metal,old coins apparently, such as I hold here, were scattered over thebottom of the box, but it contained nothing else.
6. 11名医务工作者,有医生、疾控人、120急救中心工作人员、护士、医技人员、检验人员、药师等,他们每个人都默默奋斗在自己的战疫阵地。


1.   `Do you suppose,' Mr. Lorry went on, with a laughing twinkle in his bright eye, as it looked kindly at her, `that Doctor Manette has any theory of his own, preserved through all those years, relative to the cause of his being so oppressed; perhaps, even to the name of his oppressor?'
2. 原理上说除甲醛有效,不过更要有意识和方法除甲醛是戴森最近比较看重的功能,爱范儿之前也写过一篇文章批判有些用户为了除甲醛去购买带辐射危险的产品。
3. 国产第二类医疗器械产品上市前需向省级药品监督管理部门申报注册。
4. 2007年3月,呼某在天津东丽受害人暂住处预备实施强奸时,被及时赶来的受害人丈夫发现。
5.   "Can we get it right away?" she asked, meaning the room.
6. 然而,现实还有第三个层次:互为主体(intersubjective)。这种互为主体的现实,并不是因为个人的信念或感受而存在,而是依靠许多人类的沟通互动而存在。历史上有许多最重要的驱动因素,都具有互为主体的概念。比如金钱并没有客观价值,1美元不能吃、不能喝,也不能拿来穿。但只要有几十亿人都相信它的价值,你就可以拿它来买吃的、买喝的、买穿的。如果有位面包师忽然不再相信美元了,不愿意让我用这张绿色的纸换他的面包,也没什么关系,只要再走几条街,就有另一家超市可买。然而,如果超市的收银员、市场的小贩、购物商场的销售员一律拒绝接受这张纸,美元就会失去价值。当然,这些绿色的纸张还是存在,但它们已经再无用处。


1. 《人民日报》称,这样的行为是不尊重用户,不重视承诺,不敬畏法律。
2. 我们一下子泄气了……弟媳还是不停息地在努力,她希望能想个办法进去看看。
3. 今日头条对标题党的审核也很严,头条内部技术团队关于标题党分类的讨论就有十几页,他们曾经把另外一家平台的标题抓取,发现超过15%都被认定为标题党。
4. 公立医院会更严格一些,如果身体没什么毛病的话,还不一定会给你做。
5. 根据之前的人口排摸线索,当值的特保队员立即警觉起来,并在第一时间将这一情况报给居民区和街道总值班室,街道马上启动疫情防控应急预案。
6. 皇位继承文宗谋害明宗而取得帝位,在蒙古诸王中遭到非议。一三三○年三月,文宗封皇子阿刺忒纳答刺为燕王,立宫相府,由燕铁木儿总领,意在以燕王作为皇位继承人。明宗妃迈来迪,生子妥欢贴睦尔;八不沙皇后生子懿璘质班。依照前朝的惯例,他们都有继承皇位的资格。四月间,文宗皇后卜答失里与宦者拜住同谋,害死明宗皇后八不沙,以扫除立太子的障碍。八月间,御史台请立燕王为太子。文宗说:“朕子尚幼,非裕宗(真金)为燕王对比,俟燕铁木儿至,共议之。”十二月,立燕王为太子,诏告天下。不到一个月,至顺二年(一三三一年)正月,太子死。


2.   The ten young men were not present when I first entered, but came in soon after, accompanied by the old man. They greeted me kindly, and bewailed my misfortune, though, indeed, they had expected nothing less. "All that has happened to you," they said, "we also have undergone, and we should be enjoying the same happiness still, had we not opened the Golden Door while the princesses were absent. You have been no wiser than we, and have suffered the same punishment. We would gladly receive you among us, to perform such penance as we do, but we have already told you that this is impossible. Depart, therefore, from hence and go to the Court of Bagdad, where you shall meet with him that can decide your destiny." They told me the way I was to travel, and I left them.
3. 然而,有企业提出奇葩的年终考核规定、借由年终考核不合格辞退员工等引发社会关注和热议。

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      The natural result of this treatment, continued, I suppose, for some six months or more, was to make me sullen, dull, and dogged. I was not made the less so by my sense of being daily more and more shut out and alienated from my mother. I believe I should have been almost stupefied but for one circumstance.

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      'My station, Mas'r Davy,' he returned, 'ain't there no longer; and if ever a boat foundered, since there was darkness on the face of the deep, that one's gone down. But no, sir, no; I doen't mean as it should be deserted. Fur from that.'

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      'A positive fool,' said Miss Murdstone. 'Who else could compare my brother's baby with your boy? They are not at all alike. They are exactly unlike. They are utterly dissimilar in all respects. I hope they will ever remain so. I will not sit here, and hear such comparisons made.' With that she stalked out, and made the door bang after her.