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1. 电话事件后的第二天即除夕早上,他决定回家拿换洗衣服,顺便买了一些青菜带回家。
2. 当没有充足的弹药,却想要突出重围,拥抱BAT的动作也难免变形。
3. 中国医师协会在声明中称。
4.   "Ah! You recognize the symptoms?"
5. 华为MatePadPro共有四种颜色,贝母白,夜阑灰,青山黛,丹霞橙,支持双向无线充电,共四个扬声器。
6. 如果你认为途中口罩污染严重,可放入垃圾袋封口处理。


1.   When I got to the top of the stairs - the house was only a story high above the ground floor - Traddles was on the landing to meet me. He was delighted to see me, and gave me welcome, with great heartiness, to his little room. It was in the front of the house, and extremely neat, though sparely furnished. It was his only room, I saw; for there was a sofa-bedstead in it, and his blacking brushes and blacking were among his books - on the top shelf, behind a dictionary. His table was covered with papers, and he was hard at work in an old coat. I looked at nothing, that I know of, but I saw everything, even to the prospect of a church upon his china inkstand, as I sat down - and this, too, was a faculty confirmed in me in the old Micawber times. Various ingenious arrangements he had made, for the disguise of his chest of drawers, and the accommodation of his boots, his shaving-glass, and so forth, particularly impressed themselves upon me, as evidences of the same Traddles who used to make models of elephants' dens in writing-paper to put flies in; and to comfort himself under ill usage, with the memorable works of art I have so often mentioned.
2. 自行车比赛中的兴奋剂问题不比田径少,甚至还要严重。国际奥委会对自行车比赛场上的兴奋剂事件非常重视,2007年5月成立了纪律委员会。该委员会由丹尼斯o奥斯瓦尔德领导,成员还有杜比卡(SergeiBubka)和林德伯格,专职检查与已经曝光的德国电信车队(Telekom)丑闻相关的事件,将对德国弗莱堡大学的相关医生进行调查。国际反兴奋剂组织与国际自行车联合会(UCI)之间的嫌隙由来已久,而庞德与前国际自行车联合会主席维尔布鲁根(Verbruggen)在任期间尤甚。维尔布鲁根说:"庞德让人以为,每个自行车选手都服用了药物。"事实是,自行车比赛的负面消息一直不断。在环法比赛中,曾经有超过50位选手遭受调查的牵连。国际反兴奋剂联盟在2005年曝光了480名自行车选手药检呈阳性,比棒球几乎多100人,比足球和田径多150人。尽管罪恶在这个圈子蔓延,但环法自行车比赛7届冠军得主兰斯o阿姆斯特朗(LanceArmstrong)对英国《周日泰晤士报》的诽谤诉讼却胜诉了。在曲棍球联合会的支持下,兰斯o阿姆斯特朗公开抨击庞德,要求他辞职。因为迪科曾经批评这项运动,指责有将近三分之一的美国冰球联合会选手使用违禁药物,而美国冰球联合会的药检系统让人质疑。
3.   'I cannot tell; Aunt Reed says if I have any, they must be abeggarly set: I should not like to go a-begging.'
4. Ellador told me a lot about it. She took me to see the children, the growing girls, the special teachers. She picked out books for me to read. She always seemed to understand just what I wanted to know, and how to give it to me.
5. 创始人项天是高级工程师,中科大物理学院微电子专业副研究员。
6. 06让用户在第一次体验中能够感知产品价值起源于1930年的雀巢咖啡,从idea到被研发出来,历时长达7年之久。


1.   "How do they account for it?"
2.   `From London?'
3. 7时3分许,被困在起火房间里的人还能通过打电话与外界联系,但最后都没能救出来。
4.   'From
5. 正常人的解决方式就是换一根,但是我一定要把整根削到没有了,一边削一边生气,紧接着我就哭了。
6. 解释在于,土耳其征服者与从前统治过巴尔干各国的拜占庭皇帝、法兰克贵族、威尼斯贵族及保加利亚和塞尔维亚的君主相比,是有能力的、仁慈的。土耳其的行政管理严格而公正,税收很轻,非穆斯林在一定程度上享有基督教欧洲所空前未有的信仰自由。然而,18、19世纪期间,这种形势急剧地改变了。这一时期中,由于土耳其的势力和实力已衰落,出现了普遍的腐败和敲诈勒索;这种情况又驱使此时身受压迫、心怀怨恨的巴尔干基督教徒拿起武器进行自卫。当时,由于各种原因,巴尔干诸民族正受到来自西方的种种影响,并为这些影响所唤起。


1.   'Can you understand her when she runs on so fast?' asked Mrs.Fairfax.
2.   Aramis darted at D'Artagnan one of those looks which inform a manthat he has acquired a mortal enemy. Then, resuming his mildair, "You are deceived, gentlemen," said he, "this handkerchiefis not mine, and I cannot fancy why Monsieur has taken it intohis head to offer it to me rather than to one of you; and as aproof of what I say, here is mine in my pocket."
3. 经证实,该杂志主编与论文作者是师生关系。
4. 在动态排查过程中,入户人员实行挂图排查,检索人员范围,按照平面图标注的位置,采取分组入户的形式,对村居图中的重点人、重点户实行上门工作点对点,尤其是对疫情认识不足的户,反复进行疫情形势宣讲、普及个人防护知识,实现摸排工作的快、准、全。
5. 展开全文艾媒咨询数据显示,截至2019年6月,在线音频市场喜马拉雅以7319.2万的月活量处于行业第一,而荔枝以3226.8万的月活量位居行业第二。
6.   When I had all this folk behold, And found me *loose, and not y-hold,* *at liberty and unrestrained* And I had mused longe while Upon these walles of beryle, That shone lighter than any glass, And made *well more* than it was *much greater To seemen ev'rything, y-wis, As kindly* thing of Fame it is; <48> *natural I gan forth roam until I fand* *found The castle-gate on my right hand, Which all so well y-carven was, That never such another n'as;* *was not And yet it was by Adventure* *chance Y-wrought, and not by *subtile cure.* *careful art* It needeth not you more to tell, To make you too longe dwell, Of these gates' flourishings, Nor of compasses,* nor carvings, *devices Nor how they had in masonries, As corbets, <49> full of imageries. But, Lord! so fair it was to shew, For it was all with gold behew.* *coloured But in I went, and that anon; There met I crying many a one "A largess! largess! <50> hold up well! God save the Lady of this pell,* *palace Our owen gentle Lady Fame, And them that will to have name Of us!" Thus heard I cryen all, And fast they came out of the hall, And shooke *nobles and sterlings,* *coins <51> And some y-crowned were as kings, With crownes wrought fall of lozenges; And many ribands, and many fringes, Were on their clothes truely Then at the last espied I That pursuivantes and herauds,* *heralds That cry riche folke's lauds,* *praises They weren all; and ev'ry man Of them, as I you telle can, Had on him throwen a vesture Which that men call a coat-armure, <52> Embroidered wondrously rich, As though there were *naught y-lich;* *nothing like it* But naught will I, so may I thrive, *Be aboute to descrive* *concern myself with describing* All these armes that there were, That they thus on their coates bare, For it to me were impossible; Men might make of them a bible Twenty foote thick, I trow. For, certain, whoso coulde know Might there all the armes see'n Of famous folk that have been In Afric', Europe, and Asie, Since first began the chivalry.


1. 同时对于一部分属猴的他们而言,下半年投资理财方面畅通无阻,收益超出预期,同时要注意,在身体健康方面不能马虎,要劳逸结合,相信不积跬步,无以至千里,经过一番努力,日后家财不漏福禄多。
2.   Hence, also, we can see that when a plant or animal is placed in a new country amongst new competitors, though the climate may be exactly the same as in its former home, yet the conditions of its life will generally be changed in an essential manner. If we wished to increase its average numbers in its new home, we should have to modify it in a different way to what we should have done in its native country; for we should have to give it some advantage over a different set of competitors or enemies.
3.   'There's a sheet of letter-paper,' he returned. 'Did you ever buy a sheet of letter-paper?'

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      But the Sultan did not wait to hear that his orders had been carried out before going on foot, followed by his whole court to the door of the great mosque, and drawing the Sultana with his own hand out of the narrow prison where she had spent so many years, "Madam," he cried, embracing her with tears in his eyes, "I have come to ask your pardon for the injustice I have done you, and to repair it as far as I may. I have already begun by punishing the authors of this abominable crime, and I hope you will forgive me when I introduce you to our children, who are the most charming and accomplished creatures in the whole world. Come with me, and take back your position and all the honour that is due to you."

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      An elegant carriage waited below, and as it was drawn by twoexcellent horses, they were soon at the Place Royale.Milady Clarik received D'Artagnan ceremoniously. Her hotelwas remarkably sumptuous, and while the most part of theEnglish had quit, or were about to quit, France on accountof the war, Milady had just been laying out much money uponher residence; which proved that the general measure whichdrove the English from France did not affect her."You see," said Lord de Winter, presenting D'Artagnan to hissister, "a young gentleman who has held my life in hishands, and who has not abused his advantage, although wehave been twice enemies, although it was I who insulted him,and although I am an Englishman. Thank him, then, madame,if you have any affection for me."

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      Mrs Bolton also kept a cherishing eye on Connie, feeling she must extend to her her female and professional protection. She was always urging her ladyship to walk out, to drive to Uthwaite, to be in the air. For Connie had got into the habit of sitting still by the fire, pretending to read; or to sew feebly, and hardly going out at all.

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      She was nothing loth, so they went to the couch to take theirrest, whereon they were caught in the toils which cunning Vulcan hadspread for them, and could neither get up nor stir hand or foot, butfound too late that they were in a trap. Then Vulcan came up tothem, for he had turned back before reaching Lemnos, when his scoutthe sun told him what was going on. He was in a furious passion, andstood in the vestibule making a dreadful noise as he shouted to allthe gods.

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