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1.   In the dayes of the first King of Cyprus, after the Conquest made inthe holy Land by Godfrey of Bullen, it fortuned that a Gentlewomanof Gascoignie, travelling in pilgrimage to visit the sacredSepulcher in Jerusalem, returning home againe, arrived at Cyprus,where shee was villanously abused by certaine base wretches.Complaining thereof, without any comfort or redresse, shee intended tomake her moane to the King of the Country. Whereupon it was tolde her,that therein shee should but loose her labour, because hee was sowomanish, and faint-hearted; that not onely he refused to punishwith justice the offence of others, but also suffered shamefullinjuries done to himselfe. And therefore, such as were displeased byhis negligence, might easily discharge their spleene against him,and doe him what dishonour they would.
2.   "You are right, Athos," said D'Artagnan. "Did none of youcharge your purveyor, Godeau, to send me some wine?""No! And yet you say he has sent you some as from us?""Here is his letter," said D'Artagnan, and he presented thenote to his comrades.
3. complain
4. "Confound their grandmotherly minds!" Terry said. "Of course they can't understand a Man's World! They aren't human --they're just a pack of Fe-Fe-Females!" This was after he had to admit their parthenogenesis.
5. 春运期间,北京站将增开列车37对,除东北方向为主外,最远可至川渝。
6. 崔阳介绍,老年人轻轻跌坐一下就容易造成腰椎骨折。


1. 36氪近期接触到一家专注于老酒交易的电商平台,希望打造专业的线上交易平台来开创中高端酒品多次交易的新模式……融资披露:继DollarShaveClub之后,女性除毛及身体护理品牌「Billie」被宝洁收购,美国日化品巨头宝洁宣布计划收购美国女性除毛和身体护理DTC(Direct-to-Customer)品牌Billie,具体交易金额尚未披露。
2. 数据还显示,网红的分布和经济发展水平也有密切关系,北京、上海、广东、江苏和浙江等较发达地区是网红分布最多的五个地区。
3. 其中,京东参与了来酷科技的两轮战略投资。
4.   "I've only got the rent and thirteen dollars more," he added.
5. (3)鼓吹皇权至高无上是汉初儒学的重要思想内容皇帝是封建社会的最高统治者,但在西汉初期,由于武力有功之臣、外戚、郡王拥有强大的势力,皇权受到了很大限制。为了使皇帝不去干预郡国的事务,汉初的功臣、外戚、郡王大倡黄老无为之术.与此相反,汉初儒家人物则竭力鼓吹皇权至高无上。叔孙通等人制定朝仪就是为了明君臣之别、申忠君之义以树立皇帝的威严;而贾谊则公开反对勿动为大的道家无为思想,力倡改正朔,易服色制度以建立森严的等级秩序,并坚决主张削弱诸侯王的势力。但是,由于当时支持道家黄老的人物尚拥有强大的势力,由于道家黄老之学更有利于恢复汉初残败的社会经济。
6.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1.   'Do you say your prayers night and morning?' continued myinterrogator.
2. n. 模子,模型,类型,模式,雏型,真菌,软土
3.   "Speak, my child, speak," said D'Artagnan; "I listen.""Here? Impossible! That which I have to say is too long,and above all, too secret."
4. "In a way," I said rather lamely. "We have not so subtle and highly developed a system as you, not approaching it; but tell me more. As to the information--how do you manage? It appears that all of you know pretty much everything--is that right?"
5.   Then Eumaeus said, "You have perceived aright, as indeed yougenerally do; but let us think what will be our best course. Willyou go inside first and join the suitors, leaving me here behindyou, or will you wait here and let me go in first? But do not waitlong, or some one may you loitering about outside, and throw somethingat you. Consider this matter I pray you."
6.   It can be imagined that my close intimacy with Sherlock Holmes hadinterested me deeply in crime, and that after his disappearance Inever failed to read with care the various problems which camebefore the public. And I even attempted, more than once, for my ownprivate satisfaction, to employ his methods in their solution,though with indifferent success. There was none, however, whichappealed to me like this tragedy of Ronald Adair. As I read theevidence at the inquest, which led up to a verdict of willful murderagainst some person or persons unknown, I realized more clearly than Ihad ever done the loss which the community had sustained by thedeath of Sherlock Holmes. There were points about this strangebusiness which would, I was sure, have specially appealed to him,and the efforts of the police would have been supplemented, or moreprobably anticipated, by the trained observation and the alert mind ofthe first criminal agent in Europe. All day, as I drove upon my round,I turned over the case in my mind and found no explanation whichappeared to me to be adequate. At the risk of telling a twice-toldtale, I will recapitulate the facts as they were known to the publicat the conclusion of the inquest.


1. 下午,一个不幸的消息传来,中年男子不治身亡。
2. Then we found ourselves much in the position of the suffragette trying to get to the Parliament buildings through a triple cordon of London police.
3. 苏宁易购称,目前货源充足,开设健康商品专区,可享受正在开展的百亿补贴活动。
4. 由于每次都有成功的可能,由于侵占整个中东地区的前景,希特勒这时在地中海有了一个他原可以利用的良机。除在巴尔干半岛的胜利外,他的军队还在有才干的、精力旺盛的埃尔温·隆美尔将军的领导下在北非取得了同样给人以深刻印象的胜利。1940年12月至1941年8月间,韦维尔曾将意大利人从埃及边境赶回到的黎波里塔尼亚,取得了在北非的最初胜利。但此后,英国军队立即因为撤出一部分部队去参加希腊战役而被削弱。同时,德国人为了支持他们的意大利盟军,赶紧向北非派去了援军。英国情报机构低估了这些援军的力量,因此,当隆美尔于1941年3月31日发动进攻时,他能以破竹之势前进。不到一个月,他就占领了班加西、巴迪亚和昔兰尼加整个地区。
5. 微信公众号:产品自省本文由@Zss原创发布于人人都是产品经理,未经作者许可,禁止转载。
6.   `Yes, go on.'


1.   Death may come speedily, and with his Dart
2. 这个病例的流行病史调查十分清晰,它再次提醒市民朋友:重点地区来沪人员一定要及时主动申报。
3.   "I thought so. But how did it happen that such a greatprincess became a slave?"

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