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1.   "I am sorry," said I, "but the matter cannot be delayed. Mr.Sherlock Holmes-"
2.   So saying, she wept bitterly, and all her slaves wept with her.
3. 慕华尚测CEO刘颖认为国家宏观政策的扶持倾向和互联网+教育领域的发展日趋成熟成为主要的助推手。
4.   Maius, that sat with so benign a cheer,* *countenance Her to behold it seemed faerie; Queen Esther never look'd with such an eye On Assuere, so meek a look had she; I may you not devise all her beauty; But thus much of her beauty tell I may, That she was hike the bright morrow of May Full filled of all beauty and pleasance. This January is ravish'd in a trance, At every time he looked in her face; But in his heart he gan her to menace, That he that night in armes would her strain Harder than ever Paris did Helene. But natheless yet had he great pity That thilke night offende her must he, And thought, "Alas, O tender creature, Now woulde God ye mighte well endure All my courage, it is so sharp and keen; I am aghast* ye shall it not sustene. *afraid But God forbid that I did all my might. Now woulde God that it were waxen night, And that the night would lasten evermo'. I would that all this people were y-go."* *gone away And finally he did all his labour, As he best mighte, saving his honour, To haste them from the meat in subtle wise.
5. 致良知四合院便是这类学说的传播者。
6. 蔚来在招股说明书中明确提到计划每年推出一款新车,当时确定2020年要推出的是公司的第一款纯电动轿车ET7。


1. We stopped for lunch in quite a sizable town, and here, rolling slowly through the streets, we saw more of the population. They had come out to look at us everywhere we had passed, but here were more; and when we went in to eat, in a big garden place with little shaded tables among the trees and flowers, many eyes were upon us. And everywhere, open country, village, or city-- only women. Old women and young women and a great majority who seemed neither young nor old, but just women; young girls, also, though these, and the children, seeming to be in groups by themselves generally, were less in evidence. We caught many glimpses of girls and children in what seemed to be schools or in playgrounds, and so far as we could judge there were no boys. We all looked, carefully. Everyone gazed at us politely, kindly, and with eager interest. No one was impertinent. We could catch quite a bit of the talk now, and all they said seemed pleasant enough.
2. (完)点击进入专题:新浪小圆桌就等你来说。
3.   The mender of roads went home, with the dust going on before him according to the set of the wind, and was soon at the fountain, squeezing himself in among the lean kine brought there to drink, and appearing even to whisper to them in his whispering to all the village. When the village had taken its poor supper, it did not creep to bed, as it usually did, but came out of doors again, and remained there. A curious contagion of whispering was upon it, and also, when it gathered together at the fountain in the dark, another curious contagion of looking expectantly at the sky in one direction only. Monsieur Gabelle, chief functionary of the place, became uneasy; went out on his house-top alone, and looked in that direction too; glanced down from behind his chimneys at the darkening faces by the fountain below, and sent word to the sacristan who kept the keys of the church, that there might be need to ring the tocsin by-and-by.
4. 封城之后,我也有点小担心。
5.   `Yes, thank you.'
6.   "It is a great honor to me," returned Monte Cristo, "to bethus, on the first day of my arrival in Paris, brought incontact with a man whose merit equals his reputation, and towhom fortune has for once been equitable, but has she notstill on the plains of Metidja, or in the mountains ofAtlas, a marshal's staff to offer you?"


1.   'Yes. Why hasn't she come out to the gate, and what have we come in here for? Oh, Peggotty!' My eyes were full, and I felt as if I were going to tumble down.
2. 当晚,马鞍山市公安局花山区分局介入。
3. 最后,我们这些未曾经历过孩子被拐的人,可以的话,尽己所能,帮助那些受害的家庭,不要笑话那些转发人贩信息、寻人信息的人。
4.   "There was on board my ship," he replied, "a merchant of Bagdad named Sindbad. One day he and several of my other passengers landed upon what we supposed to be an island, but which was really an enormous whale floating asleep upon the waves. No sooner did it feel upon its back the heat of the fire which had been kindled, than it plunged into the depths of the sea. Several of the people who were upon it perished in the waters, and among others this unlucky Sindbad. This merchandise is his, but I have resolved to dispose of it for the benefit of his family if I should ever chance to meet with them."
5. 甚至窦骁女友的女友邓紫棋都去评论区嘱咐窦骁:对她好点。
6. 不锈钢就像食材里的骨头,硬度很高,因此加工也非常困难,何况精密切削。


1. 想一想再看
2. 一声召集令,我们义无返顾,驰援武汉的每一个日日夜夜,都将给我们烙下一生难忘的记忆。
3. 后来,点单的人还给我打赏了。
4.   The garden was a wide enclosure, surrounded with walls so high asto exclude every glimpse of prospect; a covered verandah ran downone side, and broad walks bordered a middle space divided intoscores of little beds: these beds were assigned as gardens for thepupils to cultivate, and each bed had an owner. When full of flowersthey would doubtless look pretty; but now, at the latter end ofJanuary, all was wintry blight and brown decay. I shuddered as I stoodand looked round me: it was an inclement day for outdoor exercise; notpositively rainy, but darkened by a drizzling yellow fog; all underfoot was still soaking wet with the floods of yesterday. Thestronger among the girls ran about and engaged in active games, butsundry pale and thin ones herded together for shelter and warmth inthe verandah; and amongst these, as the dense mist penetrated to theirshivering frames, I heard frequently the sound of a hollow cough.
5.   Therewith his manly sorrow to behold It might have made a heart of stone to rue; And Pandare wept as he to water wo'ld, <41> And saide, "Woe-begone* be heartes true," *in woeful plight And procur'd* his niece ever new and new, *urged "For love of Godde, make *of him an end,* *put him out of pain* Or slay us both at ones, ere we wend."* *go
6. 快手赞助《声临其境》主打每个声音都值得被记录。


1. 上午开门,对到店顾客营业。
2. 因为我当时除了发热,没有出现任何症状。
3. 治疗:第六天,体检各项指标达到正常人水平21日晚上7点多,邓琳琳入住郴州市第二人民医院隔离病房。

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    Despite the surge of private wealth in China, the country’s billionaires have not yet cracked the top ranks of global rich lists. Hurun estimates that Mr Wang, China’s richest man and head of the Wanda group, ranks 26th globally.

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