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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Permit me," said the notary, turning first to Villefort andthen to Valentine -- "permit me to state that the case inquestion is just one of those in which a public officer likemyself cannot proceed to act without thereby incurring adangerous responsibility. The first thing necessary torender an act valid is, that the notary should be thoroughlyconvinced that he has faithfully interpreted the will andwishes of the person dictating the act. Now I cannot be sureof the approbation or disapprobation of a client who cannotspeak, and as the object of his desire or his repugnancecannot be clearly proved to me, on account of his want ofspeech, my services here would be quite useless, and cannotbe legally exercised." The notary then prepared to retire.An imperceptible smile of triumph was expressed on the lipsof the procureur. Noirtier looked at Valentine with anexpression so full of grief, that she arrested the departureof the notary. "Sir," said she, "the language which I speakwith my grandfather may be easily learnt, and I can teachyou in a few minutes, to understand it almost as well as Ican myself. Will you tell me what you require, in order toset your conscience quite at ease on the subject?"
2.  "Or kill yourself!" said Eugenie (in a tone which a Vestalin the amphitheatre would have used, when urging thevictorious gladiator to finish his vanquished adversary).Andrea shuddered, and looked on the young girl with anexpression which proved how little he understood suchferocious honor. "Kill myself?" he cried, throwing down hisknife; "why should I do so?"
3.  "Let us start, then; we need no witnesses."
4.  "Adieu, then, until five o'clock; be punctual, and we shallarrive at twelve or one."
5.  Chapter 65A Conjugal Scene.
6.  "No, thank you."


1.  "No he will not, for he will tell you, what is very true,that perhaps there were fifty officers in the Greek armybearing the same name."
2.  "Yes."
3.  "Listen my dear count; M. de Morcerf has been my friend, orrather my acquaintance, during the last thirty years. Youknow I have made the most of my arms, though I never forgotmy origin."
4.  "The scaffold forms part of the fete."
5.  "It is no news to you," added d'Avrigny, "to tell you thatan attempt has been made to poison her?" The old man made asign that he entertained no doubt upon the subject. "Thenhow do you hope Valentine will escape?" Noirtier kept hiseyes steadfastly fixed on the same spot. D'Avrigny followedthe direction and saw that they were fixed on a bottlecontaining the mixture which he took every morning. "Ah,indeed?" said d'Avrigny, struck with a sudden thought, "hasit occurred to you" -- Noirtier did not let him finish."Yes," said he. "To prepare her system to resist poison?"
6.  "Oh!" murmured Valentine.


1.  "That seems to me as hazardous as uncertain, and convincesme that my scheme is far better than yours."
2.  "Bring them here." The waiter did as he was desired.
3.  "He entered the marshal's apartment while I was there."
4.  Caderousse, who touched the diamond, withdrew his hand. Theabbe smiled. "In exchange," he continued, "give me the redsilk purse that M. Morrel left on old Dantes' chimney-piece,and which you tell me is still in your hands." Caderousse,more and more astonished, went toward a large oakencupboard, opened it, and gave the abbe a long purse of fadedred silk, round which were two copper runners that had oncebeen gilt. The abbe took it, and in return gave Caderoussethe diamond.
5.   "Certainly there are. Haidee is a very uncommon name inFrance, but is common enough in Albania and Epirus; it is asit you said, for example, Chastity, Modesty, Innocence, --it is a kind of baptismal name, as you Parisians call it."
6.  "He sent us word this morning," replied Chateau-Renaud,"that he would meet us on the ground."


1.  "Ah, count, I shall forget it."
2.  "Luxury has everything."
3.  "Have you finished?" said Andrea, -- "do you want anythingmore? -- will you have my waistcoat or my hat? Make free,now you have begun."
4、  "Since you left Toulon what have you lived on? Answer me!"
5、  "Will you see the register at once," asked the governor, "orproceed to the other cell?"




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      Every one turned towards the procureur, who, unable to bearthe universal gaze now riveted on him alone, advancedstaggering into the midst of the tribunal, with his hairdishevelled and his face indented with the mark of hisnails. The whole assembly uttered a long murmur ofastonishment. "Father," said Benedetto, "I am asked forproofs, do you wish me to give them?"

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      "It is she!"

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       "He shall be both blind and deaf," replied the young man,with an air of determination that made his companionshudder.

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      "Thank you, Morrel." Then ringing the bell once, "Look."said he to Ali, who came immediately, "take that to mysolicitor. It is my will, Morrel. When I am dead, you willgo and examine it."

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    {  When they were gone, Morrel ventured out from under thetrees, and the moon shone upon his face, which was so paleit might have been taken for that of a ghost. "I ammanifestly protected in a most wonderful, but most terriblemanner," said he; "but Valentine, poor girl, how will shebear so much sorrow?"

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      "Yes, for you who detest those unhappy princes, Beauchamp,and are always delighted to find fault with them; but notfor me, who discover a gentleman by instinct, and who scentout an aristocratic family like a very bloodhound ofheraldry."}

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      "You're wrong. Come with us to Marseilles -- come along."

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      "Now, then, to breakfast," said Beauchamp; "for, if Iremember, you told me you only expected two persons,Albert."

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       "...ing invited to dine by his Holiness

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    {  "Monsieur," continued the prisoner, "I am the Abbe Faria,born at Rome. I was for twenty years Cardinal Spada'ssecretary; I was arrested, why, I know not, toward thebeginning of the year 1811; since then I have demanded myliberty from the Italian and French government."

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      Then they began to pass around the dusky, piquant, Arlesiansausages, and lobsters in their dazzling red cuirasses,prawns of large size and brilliant color, the echinus withits prickly outside and dainty morsel within, the clovis,esteemed by the epicures of the South as more than rivallingthe exquisite flavor of the oyster, -- all the delicacies,in fact, that are cast up by the wash of waters on the sandybeach, and styled by the grateful fishermen "fruits of thesea."