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1.   Mr. Creakle, looking hard at Mr. Mell, put his hand on Tungay's shoulder, and got his feet upon the form close by, and sat upon the desk. After still looking hard at Mr. Mell from his throne, as he shook his head, and rubbed his hands, and remained in the same state of agitation, Mr. Creakle turned to Steerforth, and said:
2. 8
3. 城中村拆迁了,他们就在附近租房子。
4.   'Now,' said he, releasing his under lip from a hard bite, 'justhand me my whip; it lies there under the hedge.'
5. 之所以能做到这一点,是因为小米已经形成了自己独特的设计语言,小米内部把它叫作MILook。
6. 零点钟声敲响之前,解放军3支医疗队共450人抵达武汉,广东等省份的医疗队也开赴武汉,一时成为社交平台刷屏的消息,这些医疗支援队将迅速增强武汉抗击疫情的力量。


1. 这种(痛苦的平均年龄)可能与中年时社会关系的破裂有关,比如婚姻即将结束,女性未婚先孕……(突然间)这种社会支持不复存在了,他说。
2. 由于他先前曾仗着弟弟明道的名义,到处找人投资、借款,欠下千万元债务后就神隐,迫使明道必须出面帮哥哥处理债务,此事曾一度被众多媒体报道
3. 慧择保险从2006年起便开始从事在线保险业务,是国内最早一批获得保险网销资格的互联网保险服务平台,公司不隶属于保险公司或其他保险行业的参与者,通过分发合作保险公司的保险产品收取佣金。
4.   The shoemaker looked up as before, but without removing a hand from his work.
5. 不过刘强东认为,电子商务即将成为新的趋势,此外当时CDbest的渠道成本也越来越高,京东需要独立掌握客户来源。
6. "You DO look tired, Sara," she said; "you are quite pale."


1. 如果有1000万以上预算,看营销目的,看品牌阶段,看内容属性,策略想明白,选择一个中心化资源allin,打透。
2. 做B2B你可以大量使用皇军、也可以使用伪军,也可以皇伪结合——简单点说就是用直销还是用代理和加盟。
3. 她平时也努力学习、画画,来调整自己的情绪,所有案件细节都是交给她的律师来处理。
4.   The swineherd went back when he heard this, and Penelope said as shesaw him cross the threshold, "Why do you not bring him here,Eumaeus? Is he afraid that some one will ill-treat him, or is he shyof coming inside the house at all? Beggars should not be shamefaced."
5.   "So you didn't get it?" said Minnie, referring to Carrie's storyof the Boston Store.
6. 这些‘善意,我都铭记在心,一直想着怎么回报。


1. 这一次,通过与特劳特团队的合作,他们把这种加速方式引入更大规模的企业当中。
2. 有权势的豪商开设邸店,供客商停住和存放货物,并通过邸店操纵市场。大商人还向客商“赊卖”商行货物,定期加利息付钱。中下户商人难于摆脱大商人的控制和压迫。
3.   1924
4. 出发前,医院安排大家打了一针胸腺肽用于提高免疫力
5. 张加亮研究出的低压大电流闪充技术,与主流厂家高通、MTK等高压低电流快速充电走出了完全不一样的技术路径,效果却更好。
6. 科技植入技术已经在瑞典和欧洲起飞。


1. 12月6日,呆萝卜发布《重启公告》,宣布在12月9日百店同启。
2. 阚女士的儿子吴征原本是个小胖子,但经过一段时间的体育锻炼,身材已经非常标准。
3. "You gets used to anythin' after a bit," said Becky. "You have to, miss, if you're born a scullery maid. I'd rather have rats than cockroaches."

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    Adriana Lima, 36, came in fourth place with earnings of $10.5 million, with new mother Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ($9.5 million) and Karlie Kloss, 25, ($9 million) rounding things off in sixth and seventh places, respectively.

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      Madam Lydia (upon a pretended sicknesse) keepeth her chamber, and aswomen can hardly be exceeded in dissimulation: so, shee wanted no wit,to seeme exquisitely cunning, in all the outwarde apparances ofsicknesse. One day after dinner, shee being visited by Nicostratus,and none attending on him but Pyrrhus onely: she earnestlyentreated, that as a mitigation, to some inward afflictions whichshe felt, they would helpe to guide her into the Garden.

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      Medon caught these words of Telemachus, for he was crouching under aseat beneath which he had hidden by covering himself up with a freshlyflayed heifer's hide, so he threw off the hide, went up to Telemachus,and laid hold of his knees.

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