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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well," said Hurstwood as he rode away, "she likes me all right;that I know."
2.  Carrie was very indifferent to the suggestion. These were thingswhich she did not like at all.
3.  "He's here in New York, I guess," she said. "I haven't seen himfor some time."
4.  This was new reasoning for Hurstwood. In the old days the worldhad seemed to be getting along well enough. He had been wont tosee similar things in the "Daily News," in Chicago, but they didnot hold his attention. Now, these things were like grey cloudshovering along the horizon of a clear day. They threatened tocover and obscure his life with chilly greyness. He tried toshake them off, to forget and brace up. Sometimes he said tohimself, mentally:
5.  "Supposing I do lay it on the top," he said, "and go away,they'll know who took it. I'm the last to close up. Besides,other things will happen."
6.  Carrie looked out through the window into the busy street. Thereit was, the admirable, great city, so fine when you are not poor.An elegant coach, with a prancing pair of bays, passed by,carrying in its upholstered depths a young lady.


1.  "And they have to work so hard!" was her only comment.
2.  "Because," answered Carrie, "I never did."
3.  Carrie felt deeply grateful for this. She almost loved Lola forthe sympathy and praise she extended. It was so helpful to her--so almost necessary.
4.  "She asks only in return," said Carrie, scarcely hearing thesmall, scheduled reply of her lover, and putting herself evenmore in harmony with the plaintive melody now issuing from theorchestra, "that when you look upon her your eyes shall speakdevotion; that when you address her your voice shall be gentle,loving, and kind; that you shall not despise her because shecannot understand all at once your vigorous thoughts andambitious designs; for, when misfortune and evil have defeatedyour greatest purposes, her love remains to console you. Youlook to the trees," she continued, while Hurstwood restrained hisfeelings only by the grimmest repression, "for strength andgrandeur; do not despise the flowers because their fragrance isall they have to give. Remember," she concluded, tenderly, "loveis all a woman has to give," and she laid a strange, sweet accenton the all, "but it is the only thing which God permits us tocarry beyond the grave."
5.  "Did you ever see Jefferson?" he questioned, as he leaned towardCarrie in the box.
6.  "I see," he said. "Do you live here in the city?"


1.  The flare of the gas-jets, the open trunks, suggestive of traveland display, the scattered contents of the make-up box--rouge,pearl powder, whiting, burnt cork, India ink, pencils for theeye-lids, wigs, scissors, looking-glasses, drapery--in short, allthe nameless paraphernalia of disguise, have a remarkableatmosphere of their own. Since her arrival in the city manythings had influenced her, but always in a far-removed manner.This new atmosphere was more friendly. It was wholly unlike thegreat brilliant mansions which waved her coldly away, permittingher only awe and distant wonder. This took her by the handkindly, as one who says, "My dear, come in." It opened for her asif for its own. She had wondered at the greatness of the namesupon the bill-boards, the marvel of the long notices in thepapers, the beauty of the dresses upon the stage, the atmosphereof carriages, flowers, refinement. Here was no illusion. Herewas an open door to see all of that. She had come upon it as onewho stumbles upon a secret passage and, behold, she was in thechamber of diamonds and delight!
2.  Suddenly, he found that the money was still in his hands. Therewere twenty dollars in all, as she had said. Now he walked back,leaving the lights ablaze, and feeling as if the flat were empty.
3.  He sidled around, dressing and fidgeting before he arranged tomake his next remark.
4.  The afternoon was as grey as lead and cold. It was blowing up adisagreeable winter wind. He visited a place far up on the eastside, near Sixty-ninth Street, and it was five o'clock, andgrowing dim, when he reached there. A portly German kept thisplace.
5.   She unloosed her hair after a time, and let it hang in loosebrown waves. Her mind was going over the events of the evening.
6.  Some time in the second year of their residence in Seventy-eighthStreet the flat across the hall from Carrie became vacant, andinto it moved a very handsome young woman and her husband, withboth of whom Carrie afterwards became acquainted. This wasbrought about solely by the arrangement of the flats, which wereunited in one place, as it were, by the dumb-waiter. This usefulelevator, by which fuel, groceries, and the like were sent upfrom the basement, and garbage and waste sent down, was used byboth residents of one floor; that is, a small door opened into itfrom each flat.


1.  "I'll not argue with you," she replied with determination. "Iwant the ticket and that's all there is to it."
2.  "You wait here," he said to Carrie, when they reached thewaiting-room, "while I get the tickets."
3.  The moment he realised that the safe was locked for a surety, thesweat burst out upon his brow and he trembled violently. Helooked about him and decided instantly. There was no delayingnow.
4、  Then he thought of Carrie. With what speed must he get her, ifhe got her at all. She would have to come along. He jumped intothe nearest cab standing by.
5、  "All right," said Drouet, creaking off in his good shoes towardthe elevator. The old butterfly was as light on the wing asever.




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      "This is Northwest Chicago," said Drouet. "This is the ChicagoRiver," and he pointed to a little muddy creek, crowded with thehuge masted wanderers from far-off waters nosing the black-postedbanks. With a puff, a clang, and a clatter of rails it was gone."Chicago is getting to be a great town," he went on. "It's awonder. You'll find lots to see here."

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      Carrie thrilled to be taken so seriously. For the moment,loneliness deserted her. Here was praise which was keen andanalytical.

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       The short gentleman turned about towards Carrie, and she aroseand came forward.

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      On the second floor were the managerial offices, to which, aftersome inquiry, she was now directed. There she found other girlsahead of her, applicants like herself, but with more of thatself-satisfied and independent air which experience of the citylends; girls who scrutinised her in a painful manner. After await of perhaps three-quarters of an hour, she was called inturn.

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    {  "I don't want to get out," said Hurstwood. "When I get readythere'll be nothing to stop me for."

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      "Ain't you afraid you'll hurt yourself?" he asked.}

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      "He couldn't hurt you," she returned. "You might have some funwith him."

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      She was now one of a group of oriental beauties who, in thesecond act of the comic opera, were paraded by the vizier beforethe new potentate as the treasures of his harem. There was noword assigned to any of them, but on the evening when Hurstwoodwas housing himself in the loft of the street-car barn, theleading comedian and star, feeling exceedingly facetious, said ina profound voice, which created a ripple of laughter:

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       "Honest to God, mister, I'm without a place to sleep."

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    {  "Well, we will," he said, "just as soon as I get this little dealof mine closed up."

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