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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why does she love what we hate most in the world, the Spaniardsand the English?"
2.  The lackeys followed.
3.  "An illustrious persons sends you; an illustrious person awaitsyou. The recompense will exceed your expectations; that is all Ipromise you."
4.  "My faith," said D'Artagnan to Athos, "you had a triumphantidea! As you said, we have acquired glory, and were enabledto carry on a conversation of the highest importance.""Which we can resume now without anybody suspecting us, for,with the help of God, we shall henceforth pass forcardinalists."
5.  "Oh, my God!" murmured Felton.
6.  "The devil! What's to be done?"


1.  "That's it!" said D'Artagnan, "I had forgotten that he was only aMusketeer for a time."
2.  D'Artagnan came forward and stammered out a few words ofgratitude which soon expired under the gloomy looks of thecardinal.
3.  At that moment the countenance of Mme. Bonacieux became livid; a fearfulagony pervaded her frame, and she sank panting into the arms of Porthosand Aramis.
4.  "Yes, the priest."
5.  "In the house in which the judicial inquiry was made," continuedthe impassive cardinal, "there lodges, I believe, a youngBearnais, a friend of the Musketeer."
6.  D'Artagnan took the soldier's arquebus, made him go onbefore him, and urged him toward his companion by prickinghim behind with his sword.


1.  In the meantime, Grimaud appeared in his turn behind his master,with the musketoon on his shoulder, and his head shaking. Likeone of those drunken satyrs in the pictures of Rubens. He wasmoistened before and behind with a greasy liquid which the hostrecognized as his best olive oil.
2.  The other three were occupied in opening an enormous flagon ofCollicure wine; these were the lackeys of these gentlemen.The cardinal was, as we have said, in very low spirits; andnothing when he was in that state of mind increased hisdepression so much as gaiety in others. Besides, he had anotherstrange fancy, which was always to believe that the causes of hissadness created the gaiety of others. Making a sign to LaHoudiniere and Cahusac to stop, he alighted from his horse, andwent toward these suspected merry companions, hoping, by means ofthe sand which deadened the sound of his steps and of the hedgewhich concealed his approach, to catch some words of thisconversation which appeared so interesting. At ten paces fromthe hedge he recognized the talkative Gascon; and as he hadalready perceived that these men were Musketeers, he did notdoubt that the three others were those called the Inseparables;that is to say, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.
3.  "I say that love is a lottery in which he who wins, wins death!You are very fortunate to have lost, believe me, my dearD'Artagnan. And if I have any counsel to give, it is, alwayslose!"
4.  On her side the lady, who from time to time blushed, darted withthe rapidity of lightning a glance toward the inconstant Porthos;and then immediately the eyes of Porthos wandered anxiously. Itwas plain that this mode of proceeding piqued the lady in theblack hood, for she bit her lips till they bled, scratched theend of her nose, and could not sit still in her seat.Porthos, seeing this, retwisted his mustache, elongated hisimperial a second time, and began to make signals to a beautifullady who was near the choir, and who not only was a beautifullady, but still further, no doubt, a great lady--for she hadbehind her a Negro boy who had brought the cushion on which sheknelt, and a female servant who held the emblazoned bag in whichwas placed the book from which she read the Mass.The lady with the black hood followed through all theirwanderings the looks of Porthos, and perceived that they restedupon the lady with the velvet cushion, the little Negro, and themaid-servant.
5.   "Never."
6.  "It is, nevertheless, the only one we can give."


1.  "Yes, you. There is good and holy action to be performed,monsieur, and much money to be gained at the same time."Mme. Bonacieux knew that in talking of money to her husband, shetook him on his weak side. But a man, were he even a mercer,when he had talked for ten minutes with Cardinal Richelieu, is nolonger the same man.
2.  Besides, she had a thousand precautions to take, a thousandcounsels to give to her defender, in order that he mightavoid explanations with the count before witnesses. Allthis was answered by an expression of D'Artagnan's."Tomorrow," said he, "you will be avenged, or I shall bedead."
3.  "Only grazed a little," replied D'Artagnan; "my fingers werecaught between two stones--that of the wall and that of myring--and the skin was broken."
4、  "Well; now will you return with me?"
5、  "He shall not come in before I am gone," said he; "and when I amgone, you can open to him."




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      "I was worn out with fatigue. Sleeplessness inflamed my eyes; Ihad not dared to sleep a single instant. The light of dayreassured me; I went and threw myself on the bed, without partingwith the emancipating knife, which I concealed under my pillow."When I awoke, a fresh meal was served.

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      "Good!" cried D'Artagnan, "I will be there ten minutes beforetwelve." And he set off running as if the devil possessed him,hoping that he might yet find the stranger, whose slow pace couldnot have carried him far.

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      It might have been said that between this man and his inferiorsspoken language did not exist, or had become useless.At length Milady could hold out no longer; she broke the silence."In the name of heaven, sir," cried she, "what means all that ispassing? Put an end to my doubts; I have courage enough for anydanger I can foresee, for every misfortune which I understand.Where am I, and why am I here? If I am free, why these bars andthese doors? If I am a prisoner, what crime have I committed?""You are here in the apartment destined for you, madame. Ireceived orders to go and take charge of you on the sea, and toconduct you to this castle. This order I believe I haveaccomplished with all the exactness of a soldier, but also withthe courtesy of a gentleman. There terminates, at least to thepresent moment, the duty I had to fulfill toward you; the restconcerns another person."

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    {  "To London."

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      "Nothing, nothing, only shut the window. Go to bed, or at leastlie down in your clothes. As soon as I have done I will knock onone of the panes of glass. But will you be able to follow me?""Oh, yes!"}

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      "I had a large hat," said Aramis.

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      "It is not Madame Bonacieux about whom I am anxious," criedD'Artagnan, "but the queen, whom the king abandons, whom thecardinal persecutes, and who sees the heads of all her friendsfall, one after the other."

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       D'Artagnan refused; but thinking the opportunity a good one,dream of his life had been to become a Musketeer. The threefriends were likewise greatly delighted.

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    {  "But not until two o'clock," said D'Artagnan, with the samecalmness.

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      My Dear Child, Hold yourself ready. OUR FRIEND will see you soon,and he will only see you to release you from that imprisonment in whichyour safety required you should be concealed. Prepare, then, for yourdeparture, and never despair of us.