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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes!" said Dantes, and without relinquishing Mercedes handclasped in one of his own, he extended the other to theCatalan with a cordial air. But Fernand, instead ofresponding to this amiable gesture, remained mute andtrembling. Edmond then cast his eyes scrutinizingly at theagitated and embarrassed Mercedes, and then again on thegloomy and menacing Fernand. This look told him all, and hisanger waxed hot.
2.  "Indeed? Is it not a curious affair?"
3.  Louis XVIII. remounted the throne; Villefort, to whomMarseilles had become filled with remorseful memories,sought and obtained the situation of king's procureur atToulouse, and a fortnight afterwards he married Mademoisellede Saint-Meran, whose father now stood higher at court thanever.
4.  "Because," replied Franz, "you seem to me like a man who,persecuted by society, has a fearful account to settle withit."
5.  "Nay, nay, my good woman, make yourself perfectly easy, Ibeg of you. Whatever evils may befall you, they will not beoccasioned by my instrumentality, that I solemnly promiseyou."
6.  "But do you suppose I carry five hundred francs about withme? I should want a porter."


1.  "Well?"
2.  "And here is your fowl." Danglars sighed while he carved thefowl; it appeared very thin for the price it had cost. Asfor Peppino, he examined the paper attentively, put it intohis pocket, and continued eating his pease.
3.  In the morning the jailer brought him fresh provisions -- hehad already devoured those of the previous day; he ate theselistening anxiously for the sound, walking round and roundhis cell, shaking the iron bars of the loophole, restoringvigor and agility to his limbs by exercise, and so preparinghimself for his future destiny. At intervals he listened tolearn if the noise had not begun again, and grew impatientat the prudence of the prisoner, who did not guess he hadbeen disturbed by a captive as anxious for liberty ashimself.
4.  "Well, gentlemen, the reason people die so multitudinously(I like the word) at M. de Villefort's is that there is anassassin in the house!" The two young men shuddered, for thesame idea had more than once occurred to them. "And who isthe assassin;" they asked together.
5.  "Sire, it was really impossible to learn secrets which thatman concealed from all the world."
6.  "What must I do to attain such sublimity?"


1.  These last consisted of all the young people whomValentine's death had struck like a thunderbolt, and who,notwithstanding the raw chilliness of the season, could notrefrain from paying a last tribute to the memory of thebeautiful, chaste, and adorable girl, thus cut off in theflower of her youth. As they left Paris, an equipage withfour horses, at full speed, was seen to draw up suddenly; itcontained Monte Cristo. The count left the carriage andmingled in the crowd who followed on foot. Chateau-Renaudperceived him and immediately alighting from his coupe,joined him.
2.  "Oh, that is very easily arranged. I have engaged the threelower windows at the Cafe Rospoli; should I have obtainedthe requisite pardon for Peppino, the two outside windowswill be hung with yellow damasks, and the centre with white,having a large cross in red marked on it."
3.  "Did you ever hear," he replied, "of the Old Man of theMountain, who attempted to assassinate Philip Augustus?"
4.  "Rather, sir, before we sit down, I must demand youranswer."
5.   "It is not exactly that, sir," said the notary, "which makesme uneasy, but the difficulty will be in wording histhoughts and intentions, so as to be able to get hisanswers."
6.  "In person."


1.  "I have not quitted you since yesterday," returned Fernandsorrowfully.
2.  "What is his name?"
3.  Morrel examined the ledgers, opened the portfolio, andcounted the money. All his funds amounted to 6,000, or 8,000francs, his bills receivable up to the 5th to 4,000 or5,000, which, making the best of everything, gave him 14,000francs to meet debts amounting to 287,500 francs. He had noteven the means for making a possible settlement on account.However, when Morrel went down to his dinner, he appearedvery calm. This calmness was more alarming to the two womenthan the deepest dejection would have been. After dinnerMorrel usually went out and used to take his coffee at thePhocaean club, and read the Semaphore; this day he did notleave the house, but returned to his office.
4、  "I quite understand why you ask, sir," said Eugenie, makinga sign that her father might be seated, "and in fact yourtwo questions suggest fully the theme of our conversation. Iwill answer them both, and contrary to the usual method, thelast first, because it is the least difficult. I have chosenthe drawing-room, sir, as our place of meeting, in order toavoid the disagreeable impressions and influences of abanker's study. Those gilded cashbooks, drawers locked likegates of fortresses, heaps of bank-bills, come from I knownot where, and the quantities of letters from England,Holland, Spain, India, China, and Peru, have generally astrange influence on a father's mind, and make him forgetthat there is in the world an interest greater and moresacred than the good opinion of his correspondents. I have,therefore, chosen this drawing-room, where you see, smilingand happy in their magnificent frames, your portrait, mine,my mother's, and all sorts of rural landscapes and touchingpastorals. I rely much on external impressions; perhaps,with regard to you, they are immaterial, but I should be noartist if I had not some fancies."
5、  "And what I have suffered," said the young girl, "you shallnever know, my lord." Monte Cristo smiled. "By my father'stomb," said he, extending his hand over the head of theyoung girl, "I swear to you, Haidee, that if any misfortunehappens, it will not be to me."




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      "Why, it seems to me," replied Morrel, "that in deliveringM. de Morcerf, whom you did not know, you did good to yourneighbor and to society."

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      "Sire, the kindness your majesty deigns to evince towards meis a recompense which so far surpasses my utmost ambitionthat I have nothing more to ask for."

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       "Yes indeed, there it is truly," said the Italian, lookingon with astonishment.

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      "Better still, since it will afford me the pleasure ofseeing you." They shook hands. "By the way," said M. deBoville, "are you not going to the funeral of poorMademoiselle de Villefort, which I met on my road here?"

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    {  "If the marquise will deign to repeat the words I butimperfectly caught, I shall be delighted to answer," said M.de Villefort.

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      "I do not mean that for you, Blacas," continued LouisXVIII.; "for if you have discovered nothing, at least youhave had the good sense to persevere in your suspicions. Anyother than yourself would have considered the disclosure ofM. de Villefort insignificant, or else dictated by venalambition," These words were an allusion to the sentimentswhich the minister of police had uttered with so muchconfidence an hour before.}

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      "There was formerly a fireplace in my dungeon," repliedFaria, "but it was closed up long ere I became an occupantof this prison. Still, it must have been many years in use,for it was thickly covered with a coating of soot; this sootI dissolved in a portion of the wine brought to me everySunday, and I assure you a better ink cannot be desired. Forvery important notes, for which closer attention isrequired, I pricked one of my fingers, and wrote with my ownblood."

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      Madame de Morcerf entered an archway of trees with hercompanion. It led through a grove of lindens to aconservatory.

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       "That is very well before one is over forty. No, I do notdance, but I like to see others do so. Does Madame deMorcerf dance?"

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    {  "No, it is the name of the island he has purchased."

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      "Yes, to be sure; must I say Baron Danglars? I might as wellsay Count Benedetto. He was an old friend of mine and if hehad not so bad a memory he ought to invite me to yourwedding, seeing he came to mine. Yes, yes, to mine; gad, hewas not so proud then, -- he was an under-clerk to the goodM. Morrel. I have dined many times with him and the Count ofMorcerf, so you see I have some high connections and were Ito cultivate them a little, we might meet in the samedrawing-rooms."