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1. 其实早在2018年1月23日,美图公司的年会上,吴欣鸿就已经在筹划这一战略,美图的核心产品美图秀秀,最近这几个月的社交数据有喜人的增长,每个月都在创新高。
2.   "Much obliged," said Hurstwood, softly, but the other paid nomore attention to him.
3.   `You don't get on with your account of your matrimonial intentions,' answered Carton, with a careless air; `I wish you would keep to that. As to me--will you never understand that I am incorrigible?'
4.   "Fountain nymphs," he cried, "children of Jove, if ever Ulyssesburned you thigh bones covered with fat whether of lambs or kids,grant my prayer that heaven may send him home. He would soon put anend to the swaggering threats with which such men as you go aboutinsulting people-gadding all over the town while your flocks are goingto ruin through bad shepherding."
5. 原标题:探访榆林脱逃嫌犯所在村,村主任称其取保期间仍偷东西新京报讯(记者倪兆中马新斌张建斌)12月7日,陕西省榆林市清涧县一嫌犯惠永林就医期间脱逃,逃亡期间杀害1人
6. 在千锤百炼中不断学习,不断成长,王兴才成为我们现在看到的王兴。


1. 杨华安认为,企业这一组织相较于行政系统而言,拥有更高的效率,同时总体而言,其拥有的资金、设备和技术也是地方政府难以比拟的,应该要在中国灾难治理中发挥更重要的作用。
2. 谢谢!
3.   I take the cup you kindly reach, Thanks and prosperity to each! (The crowdgather round in a circle.)
4. 2019年5月份,易网购以要在澳洲上市,需要资金流水为由发起众筹,易网购董事长曾承诺公司上市后将返还所有会员的资金。
5.   `Worth no more than that,' repeated Mr. Cruncher. `They ain't worth much, then. Whether or no, I won't be prayed agin, I tell you. I can't afford it. I'm not a going to be made unlucky by your sneaking. If you must go flopping yourself down, flop in favour of your husband and child, and not in opposition to 'em. If I had had any but a unnat'ral wife, and this poor boy had had any but a unnat'ral mother, I might have made some money last week instead of being counter-prayed and countermined and religiously circumwented into the worst of luck. B-u-u-ust me ` said Mr. Cruncher, who all this time had been putting on his clothes, `if I ain't, what with piety and one blowed thing and another, been choused this last week into as bad luck as ever a poor devil of a honest tradesman met with! Young Jerry, dress yourself, my boy, and while I clean my boots keep a eye upon your mother now and then, and if you see any signs of more flopping, give me a call. For, I tell you,' here he addressed his wife once more, `I won't be gone agin, in this manner. I am as rickety as a hackneycoach, I'm as sleepy as laudanum, my lines is strained to that degree that I shouldn't know, if it wasn't for the pain in 'em, which was me and which somebody else, yet I'm none the better for it in pocket; and it's my suspicion that you've been at it from morning to night to prevent me from being the better for it in pocket, and I won't put up with it, Aggerawayter, and what do you say now!'
6. 现在,中国游客的足迹已经遍布包括南北两极的世界每一个角落,但是从过去的十五年的数据来看,出境旅游的流向与流量还是主要集中在亚太等近程市场,对这个区域的贡献也最为明显。


1. 正因为科技进步如此迅速,不论国会还是独裁者都被来不及处理的数据压得喘不过气,现今政治人物的眼界,要比一个世纪前狭窄太多。于是,到了21世纪早期,政治已不再有宏伟愿景,政府就只剩下行政功能,维持着国家现状,却不再能够带领人民向前。政府确保教师每月拿到薪水、下水道不会堵塞,却不知道20年后国家该走向何方。
2. 8
3. 这样你就可以找到一个参照物,当这个参照物是稳定的,你可能就觉得自己不那么慌了。
4. 那时候病房还没开放,因为隔离病房污染区清洁区有很严格的要求,需要重新改造。
5. 补贴资金通过一卡(折)通等形式直接兑现到户。
6.   `Doctor Manette, look upon the prisoner. Have you ever seen him before?'


1. 愿2020能够成为中国航天文化开花结果之年。
2. 上海是这次行动的主战场,在当地警方的配合下,缉私人员在浦东一个小区里,将走私团伙头目汪某抓获。
3. I did my best, keenly interested as I have always been in sociology and social psychology, to reconstruct in my mind the real position of these ancient women. There were some five or six hundred of them, and they were harem-bred; yet for the few preceding generations they had been reared in the atmosphere of such heroic struggle that the stock must have been toughened somewhat. Left alone in that terrific orphanhood, they had clung together, supporting one another and their little sisters, and developing unknown powers in the stress of new necessity. To this pain-hardened and work-strengthened group, who had lost not only the love and care of parents, but the hope of ever having children of their own, there now dawned the new hope.
4. 有趣的是,“真诚的问候”(unfeigned regards)又重回我们的视野——人们现在可以在印度服务中心的邮件上见到这一18世纪末的流行语。而更胜一筹的是这个签名,一个周五我收到了一则消息,末尾处写到:“周末好”(weekend well)。我差点将最佳名词使动用法奖也颁给它,不料最后一刻却杀出一匹黑马,一位顾问无意中说了句:“我们能把那件事冷毛巾一下吗?”(Can we cold towel that?)
5. Sara knew they were hungry eyes the moment she saw them, and she felt a sudden sympathy.
6. With their united power and wisdom, they had studied and overcome the "diseases of childhood"--their children had none.


1. 此外,联合办公领域也有着巨大发展潜力,如今在印度,每年有3500万人涌向城市。
2. 红杉投资了一家叫森亿智能的早期创业公司。
3. 摘要:今年格外的与众不同,自从大点的活动改为人工审核,就变成了内定,这点大家都心知肚明,这几年一路跟着马云走过天猫,天猫的大环境变了,小二权力太大,想让谁上活动就让谁,要是没有路子,抢购是绝对过不去的。

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      Now be there three manners [kinds] of humility; as humility in heart, and another in the mouth, and the third in works. The humility in the heart is in four manners: the one is, when a man holdeth himself as nought worth before God of heaven; the second is, when he despiseth no other man; the third is, when he recketh not though men hold him nought worth; the fourth is, when he is not sorry of his humiliation. Also the humility of mouth is in four things: in temperate speech; in humility of speech; and when he confesseth with his own mouth that he is such as he thinketh that he is in his heart; another is, when he praiseth the bounte [goodness] of another man and nothing thereof diminisheth. Humility eke in works is in four manners: the first is, when he putteth other men before him; the second is, to choose the lowest place of all; the third is, gladly to assent to good counsel; the fourth is, to stand gladly by the award [judgment] of his sovereign, or of him that is higher in degree: certain this is a great work of humility.

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    Sara stood by the howling furious child for a few moments, and looked down at her without saying anything. Then she sat down flat on the floor beside her and waited. Except for Lottie's angry screams, the room was quite quiet. This was a new state of affairs for little Miss Legh, who was accustomed, when she screamed, to hear other people protest and implore and command and coax by turns. To lie and kick and shriek, and find the only person near you not seeming to mind in the least, attracted her attention. She opened her tight-shut streaming eyes to see who this person was. And it was only another little girl. But it was the one who owned Emily and all the nice things. And she was looking at her steadily and as if she was merely thinking. Having paused for a few seconds to find this out, Lottie thought she must begin again, but the quiet of the room and of Sara's odd, interested face made her first howl rather half-hearted.