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1. 中国一群现代汽车经销商要求韩国现代汽车赔偿8-9亿元(1.2-1.35亿美元),称现代汽车削减了向他们出口的车型,导致经销商亏损严重。
2. V.对外贸易
3.   "Now," continued he, addressing Planchet, "you have eightdays to get an interview with Lord de Winter; you have eightdays to return--in all sixteen days. If, on the sixteenthday after your departure, at eight o'clock in the eveningyou are not here, no money--even if it be but five minutespast eight."
4.   WHEN that Aprilis, with his showers swoot*, *sweet The drought of March hath pierced to the root, And bathed every vein in such licour, Of which virtue engender'd is the flower; When Zephyrus eke with his swoote breath Inspired hath in every holt* and heath *grove, forest The tender croppes* and the younge sun *twigs, boughs Hath in the Ram <1> his halfe course y-run, And smalle fowles make melody, That sleepen all the night with open eye, (So pricketh them nature in their corages*); *hearts, inclinations Then longe folk to go on pilgrimages, And palmers <2> for to seeke strange strands, To *ferne hallows couth* in sundry lands; *distant saints known*<3> And specially, from every shire's end Of Engleland, to Canterbury they wend, The holy blissful Martyr for to seek, That them hath holpen*, when that they were sick. *helped
5. 但立法通过与极端案例在时间上的这种巧合,相信会让社会对立法防医闹的必要性有更切身的认同。
6. 领导还没来探望你,你怎么能回家呢?咱这是为了领导,演出小戏。


1. 12月初发布的Q3财报显示,新氧从营收、GMV、医疗机构与用户活跃可谓全线飘红,业绩亮眼。
2. 以从北京-西安为例。
3.   So I told him of my escape and of my fortunate meeting with the king's grooms, and how kindly I had been received at the palace. Very soon I began to see that I had made some impression upon him, and after the arrival of some of the other merchants, who showed great joy at once more seeing me alive, he declared that he also recognised me.
4. 当然,我们不能确定这次事件的两名女孩扫码扫出来的是微商直销还是创业,我们只能确定,这种行为对地铁乘客已经构成了骚扰。
5.   Aloft to you we would mount with glee! We wash, and free from all stain arewe, Yet barren evermore must be!
6. 当日10时许,贵州省某县红十字会工作人员程某某持相关手续到长垣紧急调拨一批医用外科口罩用于当地抗疫工作。


1. 不用处置病人的时候,我们就在值班室里躺着。
2. 大国受束缚的最明显的例子可在1962年的古巴危机中见到,这次危机的突然发生是因为美国通过空中侦察发现苏联正在古巴建造导弹基地,而且美国大部分地区不久就会在其射程之内。1962年10月22日,肯尼迪总统在一次引人注目的广播讲话中宣布,美国将采取断然措施来消除对美国的这一威胁,但是不会使赫鲁晓夫过于难堪,惹得他作出危险的反应。肯尼迪宣布实行“封锁”,禁止舰船将进攻性武器运往古巴,并要求苏联撤走战略性导弹。但是,他没有要求取消卡斯特罗政权,也没有要求拆除古巴的防预性导弹。当开往古巴的苏联船只改变航线时,当美国确信苏联油船未带进攻性武器而允许它继续前进时,很明显,这两个国家都不想打仗。最后,10月28日,赫鲁晓夫宣布,他已下令将苏联导弹撤出古巴,并在联合国观察下拆除苏联设在古巴的所有基地,作为美国结束封锁并保证不入侵古巴的回报。
4.   Again Connie looked at him. His eyes were smiling again, a little mockingly, but warm and blue, and somehow kind. She wondered at him. He was in trousers and flannel shirt and a grey tie, his hair soft and damp, his face rather pale and worn-looking. When the eyes ceased to laugh they looked as if they had suffered a great deal, still without losing their warmth. But a pallor of isolation came over him, she was not really there for him.
5.   A kind fairy, in my absence, had surely dropped the requiredsuggestion on my pillow; for as I lay down, it came quietly andnaturally to my mind:- 'Those who want situations advertise; you
6.   `Would you like to come with me to the cottage, to your Gran, dear?'


1. 在前面关于球迷的章节中已经写明,俱乐部有很大一部分收入来自于球迷的腰包。不过,在本书的这一部分中,将讲述俱乐部其他方面的收入来源,其中包括电视转播、商业赞助和股票等许多方面。同时也将分析这些方面对足球比赛所产生的影响,以及他们对球迷们来说意味着什么。但是有此之前,我们有必要先研究一下有多少资金被投入到了足球比赛之中。通过参考德勤公司已经进行的调查,我们很容易对英国足球联赛进行这方面的分析。因为在过去相近十年中,该公司的杰出的足球研究部门在格里·布恩的领导下,一直在跟踪观察着英国足球联赛的发展情况。该部门的观察研究范围是迄今为止所有商务研究机构中最为全面的,其中包括各俱乐部球队、各大联赛、相关管理机构、足球场馆、金融家以及股民等等。所有关心足球比赛的人们很认真地关注着他们的相关报告,并将其看作是反映足球界各类情况的晴雨表。该研究部门一半以上的研究工作都是以各俱乐部在1998——1999赛季的经济状况为基础的,在英超和甲级联赛中的九十二个职业足球俱乐部中,他们获得了其中八十三个俱乐部的有效账目情况。2000年8月,该部门关于1998——1999赛季英国足球俱乐部的调查报告正式出版,该项报告显示,英国足球行业的总收入上升了十分百分点,其总额达到了九亿五千一百万英镑。
2. 警方介绍,绵阳市公安局根据梓潼县公安局案件侦办情况,对接省公安厅,呈请了案件制定管辖,并牵头组织涪城、游仙、高新、平武、北川5个县分局,成立了5·11系列生产、销售不符合安全标准的食品案专案组。
3.   There was a lovely garden to Mr. Spenlow's house; and though that was not the best time of the year for seeing a garden, it was so beautifully kept, that I was quite enchanted. There was a charming lawn, there were clusters of trees, and there were perspective walks that I could just distinguish in the dark, arched over with trellis-work, on which shrubs and flowers grew in the growing season. 'Here Miss Spenlow walks by herself,' I thought. 'Dear me!'
4. 当时,尚集镇政府向村民们承诺,以年利率20%的利息给予村民回报,尚集镇政府通过许昌县公证处(记者注:许昌县几经更名,目前尚集镇隶属城乡一体化示范区管辖)对该承诺作了公证。
5. 透光观察,20元纸币可见¥20,10元纸币可见¥10。
6.   `Nay, your Ladyship. It's your Ladyship's own 'ut. It's as your Ladyship likes an' pleases, every time. Yer can turn me off at a wik's notice. It wor only...'


1.   It is worth while to reflect for a moment on the character of the new species F14, which is supposed not to have diverged much in character, but to have retained the form of (F), either unaltered or altered only in a slight degree. In this case, its affinities to the other fourteen new species will be of a curious and circuitous nature. Having descended from a form which stood between the two parent-species (A) and (I), now supposed to be extinct and unknown, it will be in some degree intermediate in character between the two groups descended from these species. But as these two groups have gone on diverging in character from the type of their parents, the new species (F14) will not be directly intermediate between them, but rather between types of the two groups; and every naturalist will be able to bring some such case before his mind.
2. n. 反映,映像,折射,沉思,影响
3.   `Now, I tell you where it is!' said Mr. Cruncher to his wife, on entering. `If, as a honest tradesman, my wenturs goes wrong tonight, I shall make sure that you've been praying again me, and I shall work you for it just the same as if I seen you do it.'

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      9. At Dunmow prevailed the custom of giving, amid much merry making, a flitch of bacon to the married pair who had lived together for a year without quarrel or regret. The same custom prevailed of old in Bretagne.

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    This so-called “playground for millionaires” is now open to everyone. The wallet-friendly hotels, guesthouses and self-catering apartments make tours affordable. With more than 100 divine islands scattered on the Indian ocean, many activities await, such as sunbathing, fishing, diving, sailing, and going on boat tours. The Seychelles islands are blessed with a warm tropical climate all year round, so you can go there whenever you want.