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1. 问:带狗狗回上海需要向海关报关吗?入境的时候是什么样的流程呢?答:物主携带宠物入境后,需要向现场海关申报。
2. 养老变坑老,超一成民办养老机构陷非法集资长沙爱之心老年公寓案发后,长沙市天心区将该案定性为以养老为名非法吸收公众存款。
3. 4、优衣库事件
4.   62. The watering of Saint Thomas: At the second milestone on the old Canterbury road.
5. 以上是政府为了公众的利益而进行的干预。但还有一类干预,为的是对无能的或无经验的个人进行保护,举例如次:它规定未成年人不受契约拘束,从而保护他们的身体和财产;它保护已婚妇人;保护身心不健全的人;多方面保护残废的贫困劳动者。
6.   The morning was no better. Hanson was just going out the door asCarrie came from her room. Minnie tried to talk with her duringbreakfast, but there was not much of interest which they couldmutually discuss. As on the previous morning, Carrie walked downtown, for she began to realise now that her four-fifty would noteven allow her car fare after she paid her board. This seemed amiserable arrangement. But the morning light swept away thefirst misgivings of the day, as morning light is ever wont to do.


1.   Explicit.
2. Up and up and up we sailed, way up at first, to get "the lay of the land" and make note of it.
3. Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have been working for a while on a drama about the 1967 police raid in Detroit, which led to one of the largest citizen uprisings in US history. Kaitlyn Dever, John Krasinski, Will Poulter, John Boyega and Jack Reynor star.
4. adj. 优雅的,精美的,俊美的
5. 如果当日的收市价大于10天前的收市价(换句话说,价格升高了),那么M为正数,把它标在零线的上方。如果当日收市价小于10天前的收市价(即价格下跌了),那么M为负数,把它标在零线的下方。
6.   `Nothing else, Sir?' came the neutral voice, like one in a dream.


1. 对于影响正常生活使用的严重问题,孙师傅则会建议业主和开发商修缮和整改。
2.   They conversed of things I had never heard of; of nations and timespast; of countries far away; of secrets of nature discovered orguessed at: they spoke of books: how many they had read! What storesof knowledge they possessed! Then they seemed so familiar withFrench names and French authors: but my amazement reached its climaxwhen Miss Temple asked Helen if she sometimes snatched a moment torecall the Latin her father had taught her, and taking a book from ashelf, bade her read and construe a page of Virgil; and Helenobeyed, my organ of veneration expanding at every sounding line. Shehad scarcely finished ere the bell announced bedtime! no delay couldbe admitted; Miss Temple embraced us both, saying, as she drew us toher heart-
3. "I wish she could talk," she said to herself. "If she could speak-- if she could speak!"
4. SpaceX计划将约1.2万颗通信卫星发射到轨道,这一项目被命名为星链。
5. 志愿消防局的公共休息室里,展示着娘子军为奥得河村赢回的奖牌和奖杯。
6. "'Twarn't for you, miss," she said hoarsely to Sara one night when she had crept into the attic--"'twarn't for you, an' the Bastille, an' bein' the prisoner in the next cell, I should die. That there does seem real now, doesn't it? The missus is more like the head jailer every day she lives. I can jest see them big keys you say she carries. The cook she's like one of the under-jailers. Tell me some more, please, miss--tell me about the subt'ranean passage we've dug under the walls."


1. 对孙正义来说,这些浮夸和肤浅的光泽,都是纯粹的投资诱饵。
2. 司马光上疏给神宗,指责王安石“不能辅陛下修祖宗之令典,乃更变乱先王之正刑”。王安石继续执政后,司马光又直接写信给王安石本人,严厉指斥:“今介甫(安石字)为政,尽变更祖宗旧法,先者后之,上者下之,右者左之,成者毁之”,“上自朝廷,下及田野,内起京师,外周四海,士吏兵农工商僧道,无一人得袭故而守常者,纷纷扰扰,莫安其居。”变更祖宗旧法,必然要冲破袭故守常、因循苟简的积习,因此,保守派提出的另一攻击是新法实行,“天下汹汹”,“人皆以为不便”,“士大夫在朝廷及四方来者,莫不非议介甫”。其实非议主要是来自士大夫中的保守派。秀州军事判宫李定来京师,说秀州实行青苗法,“民便之,无不喜者”。司马光大怒,借故大骂李定“不服母丧,禽兽之不如”。事实很清楚,所谓天下汹汹,不过是保守派用来反对变法而制造的又一个口实。
3. 起初,我们并没有着急,心想市面上这么多家政公司,请一个月嫂还不容易吗?张先生说,直到同事告诉他请月嫂一定要趁早,很多好的月嫂通常是提前半年预订时,他们才慌了神。
4. 阿消也是非常严格的,顺着网线排查出多起高校宿舍隐患。
5. 在实际执行时,运营商考虑到不同制式无线通信信号的叠加,工程施工会控制在8微瓦/平方厘米以内。
6. Miss Minchin's large, fishy smile became very flattering indeed.


1.   "Every minute she gets stronger," said Holmes, glancing at thegoverness. "But tell me, Baynes. who is this man Henderson?""Henderson," the inspector answered, "is Don Murillo, once calledthe Tiger of San Pedro."
2. 调查指出,关键的是,世界的不稳定性和冲突可能继续推动通货膨胀并影响某些城市的生活成本。
3.   O very light of eyen that be blind! O very lust* of labour and distress! *relief, pleasure O treasurer of bounty to mankind! The whom God chose to mother for humbless! From his ancill* <6> he made thee mistress *handmaid Of heav'n and earth, our *billes up to bede;* *offer up our petitions* This world awaiteth ever on thy goodness; For thou ne failedst never wight at need.

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