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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Monte Cristo rose, and without making any answer (for thetremulousness of his voice would have betrayed his emotion)walked up and down the apartment with a slow step.
2.  "Cucumetto departed, without losing sight of Carlini, for,doubtless, he feared lest he should strike him unawares; butnothing betrayed a hostile design on Carlini's part. He wasstanding, his arms folded, near Rita, who was stillinsensible. Cucumetto fancied for a moment the young man wasabout to take her in his arms and fly; but this matteredlittle to him now Rita had been his; and as for the money,three hundred piastres distributed among the band was sosmall a sum that he cared little about it. He continued tofollow the path to the glade; but, to his great surprise,Carlini arrived almost as soon as himself. `Let us drawlots! let us draw lots!' cried all the brigands, when theysaw the chief.
3.  This mournful appeal pierced the darkness. The door of theback-staircase opened, then the side-gate of the garden, andAli and his master were on the spot with lights.
4.  "Ah," replied Monte Cristo, "since that is the case, I willtake advantage of his presence to make my declaration."
5.  "Married?"
6.  "What are you saying to her?" said Morcerf in an undertone.


1.  "No, I had no such idea; but, knowing that all was ready forflight, I thought you might have made your escape." The deepglow of indignation suffused the cheeks of Dantes.
2.  "No, in truth; we parted at Hyeres." And, to give moreweight to his protestation, Caderousse advanced another steptowards the abbe, who remained motionless in his place, ascalm as ever, and pursuing his interrogation. "You lie,"said the Abbe Busoni, with a tone of irresistible authority.
3.  "Yes, I will take a biscuit, as you are so obliging."
4.  "No."
5.  "Wasn't his name Faria?" inquired one of the officers whoaccompanied the governor.
6.  "No; I have a cousin who has undertaken this sad office. Ishall work, doctor -- when I work I forget everything." And,indeed, no sooner had the doctor left the room, than he wasagain absorbed in study. On the doorsteps d'Avrigny met thecousin whom Villefort had mentioned, a personage asinsignificant in our story as in the world he occupied --one of those beings designed from their birth to makethemselves useful to others. He was punctual, dressed inblack, with crape around his hat, and presented himself athis cousin's with a face made up for the occasion, and whichhe could alter as might be required. At twelve o'clock themourning-coaches rolled into the paved court, and the Rue duFaubourg Saint-Honore was filled with a crowd of idlers,equally pleased to witness the festivities or the mourningof the rich, and who rush with the same avidity to a funeralprocession as to the marriage of a duchess.


1.  "So much that I wonder how a man who can cook thus cancomplain of hard living."
2.  "Fortunately, I have them, though," said Monte Cristo.
3.  "To-day is the 30th of July, 1816, -- why it is butseventeen months."
4.  "No, I did not say of poison, but we can prove what was thestate of the body; we shall discover the cause of her suddendeath, and we shall say, `Dear Villefort, if this thing hasbeen caused by negligence, watch over your servants; if fromhatred, watch your enemies.'"
5.   "No."
6.  "No, Louis XVIII."


1.  And with this raillery Andrea went out, leaving the twogirls a prey to their own feelings of shame, and to thecomments of the crowd. An hour after they stepped into theircalash, both dressed in feminine attire. The gate of thehotel had been closed to screen them from sight, but theywere forced, when the door was open, to pass through athrong of curious glances and whispering voices. Eugenieclosed her eyes; but though she could not see, she couldhear, and the sneers of the crowd reached her in thecarriage. "Oh, why is not the world a wilderness?" sheexclaimed, throwing herself into the arms of Mademoiselled'Armilly, her eyes sparkling with the same kind of ragewhich made Nero wish that the Roman world had but one neck,that he might sever it at a single blow. The next day theystopped at the Hotel de Flandre, at Brussels. The sameevening Andrea was incarcerated in the Conciergerie.
2.  "As regards the Marchesa Corsinari" --
3.  "And in what light did you view the occurrence?" inquiredMonte Cristo.
4、  "I do not."
5、  "I swear to you I will."




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      "But how shall I address the minister?"

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      "My father is not engaged in this fearful plot, is he, sir?"asked Valentine, clasping her hands.

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       "You must see that to be an utter impossibility," saidVillefort. Valentine and the old man heard thisconversation, and Noirtier fixed his eye so earnestly onValentine that she felt bound to answer to the look.

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      "Your excellency has 5,050,000 francs in your pocket; thatwill be fifty fowls at 100,000 francs apiece, and half afowl for the 50,000."

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    {  "Half the 15th of this month, half the 15th of next."

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      "I did. Madame de Saint-Meran had three successive attacks,at intervals of some minutes, each one more serious than theformer. When you arrived, Madame de Saint-Meran had alreadybeen panting for breath some minutes; she then had a fit,which I took to be simply a nervous attack, and it was onlywhen I saw her raise herself in the bed, and her limbs andneck appear stiffened, that I became really alarmed. Then Iunderstood from your countenance there was more to fear thanI had thought. This crisis past, I endeavored to catch youreye, but could not. You held her hand -- you were feelingher pulse -- and the second fit came on before you hadturned towards me. This was more terrible than the first;the same nervous movements were repeated, and the mouthcontracted and turned purple."}

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      "Excuse me," said the implacable young girl, "MonsieurAlbert claims and well deserves his share. It appears thatafter having challenged M. de Monte Cristo at the Operayesterday, he apologized on the ground to-day."

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      "Oh, your excellency, it was not yours, then."

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       "This one is, I think, a sterlet," said Chateau-Renaud.

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    {  "Come, come," said the old man, "be comforted, my poorchild; there is still hope!"

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      "Yes." A groan from Barrois, accompanied by a yawn whichseemed to crack the very jawbones, attracted the attentionof M. d'Avrigny; he left M. Noirtier, and returned to thesick man. "Barrois," said the doctor, "can you speak?"Barrois muttered a few unintelligible words. "Try and makean effort to do so, my good man." said d'Avrigny. Barroisreopened his bloodshot eyes. "Who made the lemonade?"