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1. “我们英国少年在当学徒以前,什么都不干,因此,他们当然需要7年这样长的时间,才能成为熟练的手艺人”。
2. 新冠肺炎感染主要是飞沫传播和接触传播两个途径,我们跟病患接触的过程中,要保质保量完成诊治任务的同时,保护好自己。
3. 据报道,脸书首席执行官扎克伯格也在这条推文下留言,表示祝贺。
4. 她说,不想在这上面花时间了,想节约更多时间做事。
5.   She peered at me over her spectacles, and then she opened adrawer and fumbled among its contents for a long time, so long that myhopes began to falter. At last, having held a document before herglasses for nearly five minutes, she presented it across thecounter, accompanying the act by another inquisitive and mistrustfulglance- it was for J. E.
6.   They had got me by this time into the apartment indicated by Mrs.Reed, and had thrust me upon a stool: my impulse was to rise from itlike a spring; their two pair of hands arrested me instantly.


1. 《太玄》在形式上对《周易》经的因循可用图表表示如下:④但是,扬雄制作《太玄》,除了因、循之外,更注重革、化.《太玄》虽仿《周易》,但又不同于《周易》、其事则述,其书则作⑤,强调在继承基础上的造作精神.因此,扬雄的《太玄》是
2. 近代以来,交通运输和通信工具发达了,地球缩小了,国际竞争以民族或国家为基本单位,所以,全民族的社会整体利益至上,不能被危害。正是在这个核心价值观基础上,各地各单位的人民必须遵守全国统一的法律和政令。
3. 过去的一年可谓是百度风雨飘摇的一年,百度经历了股价滑坡、高层离职,无人车业务有意分拆的种种变动。
4.   Worthy Gentlemen, this Lady is that true and faithfull servant,wherof I moved the question to you, whom I tooke out of the coldstreet, where her parents, kindred and friends (making no account atall of her) threw her forth, as a thing vile and unprofitable.Neverthelesse, such hath been my care and cost, that I have rescuedher out of deaths griping power; and, in a meere charitabledisposition, which honest affection caused me to beare her; of a body,full of terror and affrighting (as then she was) I have caused herto become thus lovely as you see. But because you may moreapparantly discerne, in what manner this occasion happened; I will layit open to you in more familiar manner. Then he began the wholehistory, from the originall of his unbeseeming affection to her (inregard she was a worthy mans wife) and consequently, how all hadhappened to the instant houre, to the no meane admiration of all thehearers, adding withall. Now Gentlemen (quoth he) if you varry notfrom your former opinion, and especially Signior NicoluccioCaccianimico: this Lady (by good right) is mine, and no man els by anyjust title, can lay any claime to her.
5. 卡拉尼什巨石阵是苏格兰最宏伟、保存最完好的新石器时代遗址之一,距今已有5000多年的历史。
6. 但刑事责任部分却不能私了,双方即便达成私了协议,约定不再追究涉事养犬村民的一切责任,在刑事责任一环也不具备法律效力。


1. When one lives in a row of houses, it is interesting to think of the things which are being done and said on the other side of the wall of the very rooms one is living in. Sara was fond of amusing herself by trying to imagine the things hidden by the wall which divided the Select Seminary from the Indian gentleman's house. She knew that the schoolroom was next to the Indian gentleman's study, and she hoped that the wall was thick so that the noise made sometimes after lesson hours would not disturb him.
2.   All good and fair! Then deathless constancy thou'lt swear; Speak of one allo'ermastering passion, Will that too issue from the heart?Faust
3. 但问及具体拍摄日期,他又称记不清楚了,很久了需要再核实。
4.   "Do you know anything of the commissionaire?"
5. 只有加紧把自己内部的结构性调整做好,使产品开发体系适应制裁环境,坚决让公司生存下来,才能有解决问题的方案。
6. 因缺少人手以及事成之后如何分钱等问题未谈妥,4人决定绑架行动暂缓。


1. “英国国王可以有同样的权利把自己的臣民赶下大海。”
2.   She moved her hand towards his lips, but he took it in his, and repeated the word.
3. 警方现场缴获的假冒伪劣口罩及原材料。
4.   "By no means. What is to me a means of livelihood is to him themerest hobby of a dilettante. He has an extraordinary faculty forfigures, and audits the books in some of the government departments.Mycroft lodges in Pall Mall, and he walks round the corner intoWhitehall every morning and back every evening. From year's end toyear's end he takes no other exercise, and is seen nowhere else,except only in the Diogenes Club, which is just opposite his rooms.""I cannot recall the name."
5. 原标题:病毒是如何在飞机上传播的?继美联航停飞部分中美航班,英国航空、维珍航空暂停往返中国所有航班,加拿大航空取消部分往返中国航班,荷兰航空暂停、减少部分往返中国航班,汉莎航空、瑞士航空、奥地利航空也在当地时间29日宣布暂停往返中国航班至2月9日。
6. 公诉机关出庭公诉意见认为。


1. “然而在美国,整个社会开始发展时,就没有形成那种对商业的动机进行质疑的传统观念。商业一直都被看作是一种很好的行业,因此当体育运动与它发生联系时,人们也不认为那是什么坏事。”
2. 第三条:如果移民同化到一定程度,就会慢慢成为东道国平等且正式的一员,这时“他们”也就成为“我们”。
3.   I departed, obeying his directions.

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      Oh, if he had only refused my request! But then, supposing he had, I should have got possession of it by force, so great was the madness that had laid hold upon me. However, far from refusing it, the dervish at once held it out, saying gracefully, "Take it, my friend, and if there is anything else I can do to make you happy you must let me know."

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      As he was returning the box to his waistcoat pocket, a loud bellrang for the servants' dinner; he knew what it was. 'That's for you,nurse,' said he; 'you can go down; I'll give Miss Jane a lecturetill you come back.'

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    "You are not kind," she said. "You are NOT kind, and it is NOT a home." And she had turned and run out of the room before Miss Minchin could stop her or do anything but stare after her with stony anger.

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      "I've been thinking it over, Mr. Holmes, and I feel that I have beenhasty in taking your remarks amiss. You are justified in gettingdown to the facts, whatever they may be, and I think the more of youfor it. I can assure you, however, that the relations between MissDunbar and me don't really touch this case."