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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The strain of the situation was too much for her, however. Shemade one more vain effort and then burst into tears.
2.  "What!" said Carrie, lighting the gas and searching for herclothes.
3.  "You must not say that," she said, weakly.
4.  "I remember Mrs. Hurstwood when she was travelling once with youover to St. Joe--" and here the newcomer launched off in atrivial recollection, which was terminated by the arrival of morefriends.
5.  "What's your number?" said Mrs. Vance.
6.  He turned to his eating again, the thought that it was a burdento have her here dwelling in his mind. She would have to gohome, that was all. Once she was away, there would be no morecoming back in the spring.


1.  "You couldn't get out until the train stops again," saidHurstwood. "It won't be very long until we reach anotherstation. You can get out then if you want to. I won't stop you.All I want you to do is to listen a moment. You'll let me tellyou, won't you?"
2.  Hurstwood winced the least bit. The real thing was slightlyworse than the thoughts of it had been.
4.  "Yes," returned Carrie.
5.  "How soon would I get a place?" she asked.
6.  "Do you think he will?" she asked.


1.  "Yes, sir," said Miss Maitland.
2.  Carrie reached home in high good spirits, which she couldscarcely conceal. The possession of the money involved a numberof points which perplexed her seriously. How should she buy anyclothes when Minnie knew that she had no money? She had nosooner entered the flat than this point was settled for her. Itcould not be done. She could think of no way of explaining.
3.  "Oh, I've got some," said Lola. "I've got twenty-five dollars,if you need it."
4.  "With some relatives," she answered.
5.   "About three years ago," said Carrie.
6.  "Oh, I don't play," ventured Carrie.


2.  "When?" she asked, with assumed indifference.
3.  Cold as it was, these officers were hot and mad. Hurstwoodworked with the conductor, lifting stone after stone and warminghimself by the work.
4、  "I said you called twice," she wrote. "He didn't seem to mind.I will try and be at Throop Street if nothing interferes. I seemto be getting very bad. It's wrong to act as I do, I know."
5、  "Then you do care for him?" said Drouet, stopping completely andexperiencing a rush of feeling.




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      "Have you?" she said, with assumed airiness, but still excited bythe conviction which the tone of his voice carried.

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      "Will you do that?" he asked.

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       In the lapse of another half-hour it became apparent to Carriethat it was quite a run to wherever he was taking her, anyhow.

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      He moved away, forgetting almost all about it the moment Mr.Quincel had ceased talking. He had not even thought to ask thetime or place.

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    {  It was a portion of the stock room which gave no idea of thegeneral character of the place, and Carrie could form no opinionof the nature of the work.

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      At last the final day came. When it actually arrived, Hurstwood,who had got his mind into such a state where a thunderclap andraging storm would have seemed highly appropriate, was ratherrelieved to find that it was a plain, ordinary day. The sunshone, the temperature was pleasant. He felt, as he came to thebreakfast table, that it wasn't so terrible, after all.}

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      It was not long before the imbibing began to tell. Stories beganto crop up--those ever-enduring, droll stories which form themajor portion of the conversation among American men under suchcircumstances.

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      "Who was it?" asked Carrie.

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       "Thank you," returned the manager, and, tipping his hat slightly,went away.

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    {  "I said you called twice," she wrote. "He didn't seem to mind.I will try and be at Throop Street if nothing interferes. I seemto be getting very bad. It's wrong to act as I do, I know."

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      "Can't we save?" said Carrie.