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1.   These difficulties and objections may be classed under the following heads:-Firstly, why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? Why is not all nature in confusion instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined?
2. CTO邢宏宇负责的房产技术部、租房产品部管理工作不变。
3. 陈玲建议,小张在今后可以采取换位思考的方式来进行自我调节,能够理性地控制自我感情。
4.   Within fewe dayes after, he was informed by some of his especiallFriends, that this had never happened to him, but onely to testifie,how understanding the Florentines are, in their ancientconstitutions and customes, to embrace, love and honour, honest,discreet worthy Judges and Magistrates; Whereas on the contrary,they as much condemne miserable knaves, fooles, and dolts, who nevermerit to have any better entertainment. Wherefore, it would be bestfor him, to make no more enquiry after the parties; lest a worseinconvenience should happen to him.
5. 自高中以后,科比就没怎么变过,即便他已经离开劳尔梅里恩高中16年了。
6. 5L-超豪华舒缓套间5L的女厕简直壕到匪夷所思。


1. 而且,学生进出宿舍都要测量体温。
2. 追问3受试者如何从临床研究中获益?提及参与临床研究和临床试验,不少市民第一反应是小白鼠,认为不合伦理。
3. 过去的十年是中国移动互联网创业的黄金时代。
4. 原标题:女子杀害多年闺蜜还抢走她3周大女儿自己抚养美国得克萨斯州一名33岁的母亲布劳莎(HeidiBroussard)12月12日被家属通报失踪,一同消失的还有她年仅3周大的女儿。
5. 它与其他最近的交易如收购Heptio和Bitnami一样,今年已经完成了另外两项交易。
6. "Yes; a rat, Sahib," answered Ram Dass, also whispering. "There are many in the walls."


1. I felt as light and clean as a white feather. It took me some time to conscientiously locate my arms and legs, to feel the vivid sense of life radiate from the wakening center to the extremities.
2.   原标题:1米8高路牌砸下,女老师迎上去 不能躲,因为身后有一群孩子  就觉得好像有东西朝我这边砸过来,但是没想到是一个竖在绿化带中的路标指示牌。
3.   The gentleman is surely pleas'd to jest!
4. 但是,这样的公司如果销售成功,一定还有其他几个方面的要素让起了重要作用,第一就是公司的品牌。
5.   Miss Shepherd being the one pervading theme and vision of my life, how do I ever come to break with her? I can't conceive. And yet a coolness grows between Miss Shepherd and myself. Whispers reach me of Miss Shepherd having said she wished I wouldn't stare so, and having avowed a preference for Master Jones for Jones! a boy of no merit whatever! The gulf between me and Miss Shepherd widens. At last, one day, I meet the Misses Nettingalls' establishment out walking. Miss Shepherd makes a face as she goes by, and laughs to her companion. All is over. The devotion of a life - it seems a life, it is all the same - is at an end; Miss Shepherd comes out of the morning service, and the Royal Family know her no more.
6.   Again, as my aunt looked quite convinced, I endeavoured to look quite convinced also.


1. 他走出抢救室,看到了这辈子最刺痛他的一幕:之前还在吵闹的病人和家属,此刻集体沉默。
2. 沈洪兵说,目前,全基因组关联研究被公认为是鉴定复杂性疾病遗传易感基因的重要方法。
3. 将2005年公告发行的第五套人民币1角硬币称为2005年版第五套人民币1角硬币。
4. 换掉年纪大了的王力宏,也许只是其中一步棋。
5.   'No.'
6. "Why, it was you who were different!" she cried. "You didn't want to talk to me. I didn't know what to do. It was you who were different after I came back."


1. 现在每天接到电话,只要是医院打来的,就不用听后面了。
2.   "But when will that be?"
3. 但目前,却没有更好的办法。

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    Our first step of comparative freedom was a personally conducted tour of the country. No pentagonal bodyguard now! Only our special tutors, and we got on famously with them. Jeff said he loved Zava like an aunt--"only jollier than any aunt I ever saw"; Somel and I were as chummy as could be--the best of friends; but it was funny to watch Terry and Moadine. She was patient with him, and courteous, but it was like the patience and courtesy of some great man, say a skilled, experienced diplomat, with a schoolgirl. Her grave acquiescence with his most preposterous expression of feeling; her genial laughter, not only with, but, I often felt, at him--though impeccably polite; her innocent questions, which almost invariably led him to say more than he intended--Jeff and I found it all amusing to watch.

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