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1. 除媒体公开发表图片外,图及视频均为受访者提供)点击进入专题:聚焦新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情。
2. I did my best, keenly interested as I have always been in sociology and social psychology, to reconstruct in my mind the real position of these ancient women. There were some five or six hundred of them, and they were harem-bred; yet for the few preceding generations they had been reared in the atmosphere of such heroic struggle that the stock must have been toughened somewhat. Left alone in that terrific orphanhood, they had clung together, supporting one another and their little sisters, and developing unknown powers in the stress of new necessity. To this pain-hardened and work-strengthened group, who had lost not only the love and care of parents, but the hope of ever having children of their own, there now dawned the new hope.
3. 近日,ICPARK主导的集成电路产业基金——芯创基金正式成立。
4. 石墨板电堆、金属板电堆(图源:锋源)除了整车厂以外,锋源还会给物流平台和政府提供解决方案。
5.   Then Ulysses answered, "Madam wife of Ulysses, you need not deferyour tournament, for Ulysses will return ere ever they can stringthe bow, handle it how they will, and send their arrows through theiron."
6. 由于法制部门比较专业,小伙伴们乍一听夏勇的名字,可能会感到陌生。


1. 在这个用户为王的时代,得用户者得市场,金山的盈利模式也就这么逐渐形成了,一方面,用户等于流量,金山的广告收入快速增长,2014年到2016年,广告营收占比从28.62%增长至45.08%。
2. Figures released by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), suggest that when population is taken into account, South Korea is now the world's largest market for cosmetic procedures.
3. 一些企业家,则将它当做维系社会关系、达成企业合作的平台。
4.   With a shrill cry of anger a man rose from a reclining chairbeside the fire. I saw a great yellow face, coarse-grained and greasy,with heavy, double-chin, and two sullen, menacing gray eyes whichglared at me from under tufted and sandy brows. A high bald head had asmall velvet smoking-cap poised coquettishly upon one side of its pinkcurve. The skull was of enormous capacity, and yet as I looked downI saw to my amazement that the figure of the man was small andfrail, twisted in the shoulders and back like one who has sufferedfrom rickets in his childhood.
5. 市民们提出的思路则更开阔。
6. 但人就是细菌的携带者,在我们的皮肤上、鼻腔和口腔内都存在细菌,一旦把口罩佩戴在脸上,口罩就沾染上细菌了。


1. 李长彦的鱼池,其中的锦鲤多是60公分、品相较好的壮鱼。
2. 用腾讯浏览指数搜索“英雄联盟”得出的数据显示,《英雄联盟》的用户年龄中11-20岁的最多,其次是21-30岁,从这里也可以看出目前社会上主流游戏玩家的年龄分布和占比,而更加值得关注的是《英雄联盟》的男女比例,腾讯浏览指数显示女性占比不足10%,这也充分说明了《英雄联盟》是一款更加具有挑战性和上手难度的游戏,把一大部分的女性用户排除在了门外。
3. 央视领导很关心赵忠祥的病情,多次派人前来探视这位为央视工作了50多年的老员工,鼓励他战胜病情,早日康复。
4. 用户是一切的根源,这是腾讯存在的原因,也是在座所有创业公司存在的原因,只有能够持续创造用户价值的公司,才会有持续的生命力。
5. 聊到这里,李宇非常有感触地说,友友用车开创了一个全新的模式:让用户像拥有自己的车一样方便地使用分时租赁汽车。
6. 很多时候一大笔资金投下去,也不会像滴滴一样立竿见影。


1. 毕业时学校想留她在北京工作,但是她坚持要回到家乡开垦北大荒,做科研。
2.   That night the pretty little flat seemed a commonplace thing. Itwas not what the rest of the world was enjoying. She saw theservant working at dinner with an indifferent eye. In her mindwere running scenes of the play. Particularly she remembered onebeautiful actress--the sweetheart who had been wooed and won.The grace of this woman had won Carrie's heart. Her dresses hadbeen all that art could suggest, her sufferings had been so real.The anguish which she had portrayed Carrie could feel. It wasdone as she was sure she could do it. There were places in whichshe could even do better. Hence she repeated the lines toherself. Oh, if she could only have such a part, how broad wouldbe her life! She, too, could act appealingly.
3. 这样一来,苹果管理层就可以密切关注其新版操作系统版本的进度,尚未准备就绪的功能则是可以更轻松地被移除。
4.   But D'Artagnan well suspected that that which was deferredwas not relinquished.
5.   This was how they talked, but they knew nothing about it; andAlcinous said, "I remember now the old prophecy of my father. Hesaid that Neptune would be angry with us for taking every one sosafely over the sea, and would one day wreck a Phaeacian ship as itwas returning from an escort, and bury our city under a high mountain.This was what my old father used to say, and now it is all comingtrue. Now therefore let us all do as I say; in the first place we mustleave off giving people escorts when they come here, and in the nextlet us sacrifice twelve picked bulls to Neptune that he may have mercyupon us, and not bury our city under the high mountain." When thepeople heard this they were afraid and got ready the bulls.
6. 线上办公期间,我们的加班时长不会计入工时统计,公司规定的调休也只能在2月份之后开始用。


1. stressful
2. 很多人误以为企业利润很低就是高性价比,这是从企业自身的维度出发,未必是真正的高性价比。
3.   But there was no little Em'ly to be seen, so I asked Mr. Peggotty where she was.

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