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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why, it does not much concern us, do you think it does?"
2.  As Edmond paused, the black and bearded head of Caderousseappeared at the door. He was a man of twenty-five or six,and held a piece of cloth, which, being a tailor, he wasabout to make into a coat-lining.
3.  "And what do you think I did? I feigned a criminal process,and employed all the most acute bloodhounds and skilfulagents in search of her. They traced her to Chalons, andthere they lost her."
4.  "Yes."
5.  "And so I did," replied Caderousse; "though once, I confess,I envied him his good fortune. But I swear to you, sir, Iswear to you, by everything a man holds dear, I have, sincethen, deeply and sincerely lamented his unhappy fate." Therewas a brief silence, during which the fixed, searching eyeof the abbe was employed in scrutinizing the agitatedfeatures of the inn-keeper.
6.  "There has been no arrest."


1.  Albert laughed.
2.  "You hear -- Major Bartolomeo Cavalcanti -- a man who ranksamongst the most ancient nobility of Italy, whose name Dantehas celebrated in the tenth canto of `The Inferno,' youremember it, do you not? Then there is his son, Andrea, acharming young man, about your own age, viscount, bearingthe same title as yourself, and who is making his entry intothe Parisian world, aided by his father's millions. Themajor will bring his son with him this evening, the contino,as we say in Italy; he confides him to my care. If he proveshimself worthy of it, I will do what I can to advance hisinterests. You will assist me in the work, will you not?"
3.  Andrea examined it carefully, to ascertain if the letter hadbeen opened, or if any indiscreet eyes had seen itscontents; but it was so carefully folded, that no one couldhave read it, and the seal was perfect. "Very well," saidhe. "Poor man, he is a worthy creature." He left the porterto ponder on these words, not knowing which most to admire,the master or the servant. "Take out the horses quickly, andcome up to me," said Andrea to his groom. In two seconds theyoung man had reached his room and burnt Caderousse'sletter. The servant entered just as he had finished. "Youare about my height, Pierre," said he.
4.  At the door he met the commissary of police, who was waitingfor him. The sight of this officer recalled Villefort fromthe third heaven to earth; he composed his face, as we havebefore described, and said, "I have read the letter, sir,and you have acted rightly in arresting this man; now informme what you have discovered concerning him and theconspiracy."
5.  "Yes," she said, "at your advice I have made the trial."
6.  "Oh, yes; oh, yes, I do indeed repent." And he struck hisbreast with his emaciated fist.


1.  "I think not," replied Chateau-Renaud.
2.  "I think that with a hundred francs a month" --
3.  "Yes -- yes: poor Captain Leclere! He was a brave and anhonest man."
4.  "I arrived an hour since."
5.   "Well," said Beauchamp. Then, seeing the young man was aboutto relapse into melancholy, "Let us go out, Albert," saidhe; "a ride in the wood in the phaeton, or on horseback,will refresh you; we will then return to breakfast, and youshall attend to your affairs, and I to mine."
6.  "Well, well! Nothing more is wanting than to arrest thecount as a vagabond, on the pretext of his being too rich."


1.  "This diamond was to have been shared among his friends.Edmond had one friend only, and thus it cannot be divided.Take the diamond, then, and sell it; it is worth fiftythousand francs, and I repeat my wish that this sum maysuffice to release you from your wretchedness."
2.  "Monsieur Morrel!" exclaimed a voice on the stairs. --"Monsieur Morrel!"
3.  "I know it, but in asking for news, I mean, have you doneanything for me?"
4、  "Bravo!" said the captain.
5、  Madame Danglars had until then, perhaps, hoped forsomething; but when she saw the careless bow of Debray, andthe glance by which it was accompanied, together with hissignificant silence, she raised her head, and withoutpassion or violence or even hesitation, ran down-stairs,disdaining to address a last farewell to one who could thuspart from her. "Bah," said Debray, when she had left, "theseare fine projects! She will remain at home, read novels, andspeculate at cards, since she can no longer do so on theBourse." Then taking up his account book, he cancelled withthe greatest care all the entries of the amounts he had justpaid away. "I have 1,060,000 francs remaining," he said."What a pity Mademoiselle de Villefort is dead! She suitedme in every respect, and I would have married her." And hecalmly waited until the twenty minutes had elapsed afterMadame Danglars' departure before he left the house. Duringthis time he occupied himself in making figures, with hiswatch by his side.




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      "On the sea."

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      "How so?" inquired the abbe. "Are these persons, then, sorich and powerful?"

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       "Why, that I should think it very amusing," replied Franz,"if it had happened to any one but poor Albert."

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      Emmanuel had scarcely uttered these words when the sound ofthe bell was heard, the well-known signal given by theporter that a visitor had arrived. Nearly at the sameinstant the door was opened and the Count of Monte Cristoappeared on the threshold. The young people uttered a cry ofjoy, while Maximilian raised his head, but let it fall againimmediately. "Maximilian," said the count, without appearingto notice the different impressions which his presenceproduced on the little circle, "I come to seek you."

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    {  "But you understand that if the young man should want a fewthousands more" --

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      "Do not let me interfere with you in anything, my friend,"said the count; "gather your strawberries, if, indeed, thereare any left."}

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      "This," replied Signor Pastrini, "that you will go out byone, but I very much doubt your returning by the other."

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      "Forgive me, sir," said Franz in a resolute tone. "I wouldnot lose this opportunity of proving to M. Noirtier howwrong it would be of him to encourage feelings of dislike tome, which I am determined to conquer, whatever they may be,by my devotion." And without listening to Villefort hearose, and followed Valentine, who was running down-stairswith the joy of a shipwrecked mariner who finds a rock tocling to. M. de Villefort followed them. Chateau-Renaud andMorcerf exchanged a third look of still increasing wonder.

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       "I am on the point of starting on a journey," replied Morreldisdainfully.

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    {  "Tell him I will come when I leave my dear grandmamma," shereplied, feeling, with true delicacy, that the person towhom she could be of the most service just then was Madamede Saint-Meran. Valentine found her grandmother in bed;silent caresses, heartwrung sobs, broken sighs, burningtears, were all that passed in this sad interview, whileMadame de Villefort, leaning on her husband's arm,maintained all outward forms of respect, at least towardsthe poor widow. She soon whispered to her husband, "I thinkit would be better for me to retire, with your permission,for the sight of me appears still to afflict yourmother-in-law." Madame de Saint-Meran heard her. "Yes, yes,"she said softly to Valentine, "let her leave; but do youstay." Madame de Villefort left, and Valentine remainedalone beside the bed, for the procureur, overcome withastonishment at the unexpected death, had followed his wife.Meanwhile, Barrois had returned for the first time to oldNoirtier, who having heard the noise in the house, had, aswe have said, sent his old servant to inquire the cause; onhis return, his quick intelligent eye interrogated themessenger. "Alas, sir," exclaimed Barrois, "a greatmisfortune has happened. Madame de Saint-Meran has arrived,and her husband is dead!"

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      "If you wish, I will inquire."