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1.   It seemed that I had not been expected so soon, the carrier being much before his usual time. It seemed, too, that Mr. and Miss Murdstone had gone out upon a visit in the neighbourhood, and would not return before night. I had never hoped for this. I had never thought it possible that we three could be together undisturbed, once more; and I felt, for the time, as if the old days were come back.
2.   `Nay, your Ladyship. It's your Ladyship's own 'ut. It's as your Ladyship likes an' pleases, every time. Yer can turn me off at a wik's notice. It wor only...'
3. 明朝建国前夕,就在江苏太仓黄渡设立市舶提举司。建国后,在广州、泉州、宁波各设市舶提举司,并规定“宁波通日本,泉州通琉球,广州通占城、暹罗、西洋诸国。”(《明史》卷八一)明廷对朝贡国颁发“勘合”一扇作为贸易许可证。来朝贡贸易时,与市舶司所存另一扇勘合相符,方许贸易。各国朝贡的船只、人数都有详细的规定。对贡品实行“给价收买”的办法。除各国王贡品以“赏赐”名义给予报酬外,番使人等附搭的商品,由官府给价收购,其他番货也允许在限期内于指定地点与民间交易。
4.   Thus the innocent Count, by his overhasty and sodaine flight, madehimselfe guilty of this foule imputation: and arriving at Callice withhis children, their poore and homely habites, hid them from beingknowne, and thence they crossed over into England, staying no whereuntill hee came to London. Before he would enter into the City, hegave divers good advertisements to his children, but especially twoprecepts above all the rest. First, with patient soules to support thepoore condition, whereto Fortune (without any offence in him orthem) had thus dejected them. Next, that they should have mostheedfull care, at no time to disclose from whence they came, orwhose children they were, because it extended to the perill of theirlives. His Sonne, being named Lewes, and now about nine yeares old,his Daughter called Violenta, and aged seaven yeares, did both observetheir fathers direction, as afterward it did sufficiently appeare. Andbecause they might live in the safer securitie, hee thought it for thebest to change their names, calling his Sonne Perotto, and hisDaughter Gianetta, for thus they might best escape unknowne.
5. "She's got more airs and graces than if she come from Buckingham Palace, that young one," said the cook, chuckling a little sometimes. "I lose my temper with her often enough, but I will say she never forgets her manners. `If you please, cook'; `Will you be so kind, cook?' `I beg your pardon, cook'; `May I trouble you, cook?' She drops 'em about the kitchen as if they was nothing."
6. IT桔子:渶策的合伙人或投资经理每个人会有分别关注的细分方向吗?甘剑平:没有,我们在一个时间段都会同时看或者研究多个细分方向。


1. 那么接下来的一个关键点就是要快速提升自己花钱的能力,而非赚钱的能力。
2. 这些通常是最好的版本。
3.   "What is the play, did you say?"
4. 其二,教育行政部门交给教师的任务要进行精简,要统筹安排。
5.   The woman, without a word, had raised her veil and dropped themantle from her chin. It was a dark, handsome, clear-cut face whichconfronted Milverton- a face with a curved nose, strong, dark eyebrowsshading hard, glittering eyes, and a straight, thin-lipped mouth setin a dangerous smile.
6. 洗把脸,深呼吸,重新出发,补个妆,充充电,心情满格。


1. 我根据这40家初创公司提供的产品或服务的类型对其进行了分类,十七家正在研究基本计算机硬件和软件(比如WaveComputing和OpenAI),包括网络安全性(例如CrowdStrike)。
2. "More like a lot of women!" I thought to myself disgustedly, and then remembered how little like "women," in our derogatory sense, they were. She was smiling at me, reading my thought.
3. 他多次表示,两次空难是由一系列的事件链造成的,而波音公司设计的软件和那个出错的传感器只是其中的一部分。
4. 一位西南地区的高铁列车长告诉界面新闻,目前铁路招聘主要通过两种渠道,一种是铁路部门直接从公办铁道院校招聘正式员工,另一种是铁路部门通过劳务公司招聘劳务派遣人员,现在大部分的乘务员都是劳务派遣的合同工。
5. 起义发动的时候,由于起义军枪械精良,有格林炮和毛瑟后膛枪,一时间占了便宜,打垮了好几股清军。俘虏了清兵,就剪下他们的辫子,让他们做苦力。但是,起义者的革命宣传做得可不怎么样,虽然后世称他们为革命起义军,但当地人依旧称他们为红头贼,仿佛这些人跟太平天国时期起事的红巾军是一回事。起义军也真的是腰缠红带,头裹红巾,还打着红旗。领头的人等,头插雉鸡翎,胸挂红绣球。起义失败之后,被清军打死的首领,身上还挂着结成花球的红绸子。尽管是革命党人发动的起义,但是参加的洪门,还是跟其他扯旗造反的农民一样,喜欢把跟戏班子学的本事,用在起义上。
6. 篮球明星科比去世,许多球迷难以接受。


1. 对于老赖这个新标签,10月3日晚间,罗永浩在个人微博下发表长文《一个老赖CEO的自白》。
2. 沈启华:我做到每一封来信必回,信里面有错别字也给他纠正。
3. 更有学识、更有批判意识的人们,虽然承认分配关系的历史发展性质,但同时却更加固执地认为,生产关系本身具有不变的、从人类本性产生出来的、因而与一切历史发展无关的性质。
4.   She then related her whole history, and at its close Haiatelnefous embraced her warmly, and assured her of her entire sympathy and affection.
5.   'Indeed he does, and you know how truly; I know how ardent you are in any pursuit you follow, and how easily you can master it. And that amazes me most in you, Steerforth- that you should be contented with such fitful uses of your powers.'
6. 他有些抱歉地对记者说,能不能一小时后再采访,他想眯一会儿。


1.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2. 原标题:韩国发现一例新型冠状病毒肺炎确诊病例新京报快讯(记者陈沁涵)据韩联社1月20日报道,韩国发现一例新型冠状病毒肺炎确诊病例,患者为中国女性,上周曾到访武汉。
3. 拔苗不能助长,水到自然渠成。

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